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Just posting a reminder that I tend to be more vocally active on Twitter instead of dA journals now. Also, if you are a nosy person interested in keeping up with my daily activities, it and Tumblr are two good places for that. I may even post the occasional art WIP or sketch on both before posting it here, FYI. >:3

Also, hey, how's it going?! I've been receiving a steady flow of new followers and favorites despite not being as active as I used to and I'm still grateful for it! If you're new (or not), how about you introduce yourself here, confess to the world your favorite color & food, an odd hobby of yours, and tell me how you discovered my art & what made you stay? :3 I'll try to respond to everyone, but it may take some time depending on how busy I am!

Fire away!
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Busiris Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
I'M NEW HERE, Who are you? :D :heart:
Hello, I am Bu. I like things that are green and pizza/donuts, but not together. My odd hobby would be hanging with my roomie! I discovered your art by sheer happenstance and I stay because you're a Neek! x3

reafu-fu Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Food-Burgers :9!
Odd hobby-I collect pens XD!
Discovered Neekko's art-If I remember correctly I was looking at some art of Narugi in dragon form, loved the art and colour and I was hooked.
Why stay?-You seem like an alright dude, so why not :D?
FerenzaaNet Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014   General Artist
OK it's been nine and a half hours with no comments. So I'll start even though technically it is cheating because I've been following/watching for 3-odd years.

Favorite color; ranges from infrared through ultraviolet and octarine with special emphasis on ultramarine.

Favorite food; Seared Ahi Tuna over mixed greens with sesame ginger dressing and tropical mango salsa. This is a dish which we make the restaurant where I work. 

Odd Hobby: "Collecting" unlikely stuff such as automotive sales catalogs, history books and repair/parts manuals. This hoarding- er, Collecting, culminated in my being the editor of the Society of Automotive Historians Journal for over three years. Also, I managed to parlay this and other automotive journalism activities into becoming an official member of the press. Then there is my "museum" of old computers and technology...

Discovered Neekko's Art: Busiris x Narugi!  These OCs are charismatic and sexy and their interactions charming. Yes I have been to Bu's over 18 page- hot stuff.

Why stay? Neekko's excellent craft in the artwork, plus the really interesting variety of media and styles used to tell Bu and Nar stories. It's not just splash page figures with no background, the Buniverse seems fully realized. Plus, Busiris and Neekko were nice to me when I first got on dA and I don't forget such favors.
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