Holiday Card signups 2020!

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See Google form for full details and to sign up!

13th year we're doing this, wow!!!! Maybe I'll do something with that...

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Hi hi ~

I was looking at something and it triggered my memory that I totally signed up for this and realized that a card never came for me ~ :00000

I searched my room like a crazy person and only found the cards for previous years in various places. XDDD

I bet the USPS ate it since last holiday season was extra crazy ~ TwT

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I must have a sixth sense or something because I just checked my mail preview and I see it coming today. Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1]

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We're both glad you got it! Sorry for the delay, it's been a heck of a few months, haha.

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Thank you to you two for doing such a cool thing every year ~ >3<