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I know most of you follow me for beefy dudes, but I also design cute toys & merch as a side job and I currently have an ongoing Kickstarter if you're interested!…
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I'm holding an art giveaway on Twitter:…

This is a very rare opportunity at a chance of getting art from me, as I almost never open for commissions or requests. Just follow the rules in the attached image to enter. You don't need to be following me on Twitter to participate, though if you're following me here for my art, you should probably follow me there too since I post more there these days!
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I'm leaving the signup form open until I finish drawing the card. It's slower than I anticipated, but it'll probably be done tonight, then I will close signups for the year (around Dec 11 @ 11:59pm). If you haven't signed up yet and you are interested in receiving a card (it's free and open to anyone following Bu or I), please visit the Google Form below!

If you have already signed up and selected "yes" to sending us a card back, but have not yet received our address, send me an email at or leave me a Note here! Also, please whitelist my email ( if you have a strict spam filter!!!


This year's Busiris & neekko holiday card sign-up is open!!! More info and the sign-up form is located here:

You can see all previous cards in my Holiday Card folder:…

Wow, can't believe we'll have been doing this for 10 years. So awesome!
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Does anyone have a invite code they could give me? I can trade for a Crunchyroll 48hr Premium code or a quick doodle of your OC. :P Been thinking about putting some characters on there once I have their refs done. I know there was one other OC repository website, but I don't remember the name other than their mascot is a peacock...

Many thanks, @ChiefHunter!
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Just the annual social media boost, lol.

I reserve deviantArt for more polished pieces, but you can follow WIPs, sketches, and doodles at the following:

I seemed to have lost a huge follower base as people distanced themselves from dA years back, so I really appreciate it if you could continue enjoying my art on these other platforms!
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(if you follow me on every social media I'm sorry that you're seeing this news for the umpteenth time)

My first Kickstarter:…

I know you guys follow me for buff guys, but I also design & create kawaii stuff (more than buff guys lately >_>). Please spread the word!!! My side crafting business, Pocket Sushi, is branching out into more printed/manufactured designs (because my fingers hurt) and enamel pins are expensive to produce.

Thank you so much for looking!!!! :heart:
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I was feeling very unhappy about the quality of my gallery and put a bunch of stuff into storage. If there were pieces that you enjoyed that are now hidden, sorry about that!

I tried to keep a few old ones around with the intention of showing artistic growth, but the rest went into the trash fire.

...and by trash fire I mean storage, lol. I wish the storage feature had been around when I went on a mass-deleting spree back in the day because I was paranoid of IP theft.

Anyway, carry on with your day.
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What do you want to see me draw more of? What brought you to following my gallery? Any particular favorite pieces?

Please answer... for science!
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How is everyone these days? :U Sorry I haven't been very active here--I need to draw more first, hahahaaaaaaaaaa... *quiet sobs*

Busiris and I visited Japan a few weeks ago and had a blast! You can see coverage on that at Twitter (link is an advanced search of the tweets we made while there; you may need to sift through some off-topic stuff--kinda wish we'd hashtagged our adventures--but 90% of it is Japan-related goodness). I miss it already and I wanna go back!

I bought a 72-piece Copic marker set while over there at half the price they go for in the States, so maybe once I get my office space cleared for drawing room I can get to using them and producing art again. Probably next month (July), since I have to dedicate this month to prepare for my table (selling non-illustration art) at Anthrocon, haha....

Anyway, I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

PS: I haven't starting posting there yet but here is a Patreon if you wanna bribe me to draw more, too. *winkwink*
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I'll just leave the link here, lol. I have no cute reason for it. Money me?
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Dec 19 - cards were mailed out this morning! Enjoy! :3

If you haven't received our address and want to send us a card back, let me know!


Hello, hello! It is that time of the year again! :Dc

If you are interested in signing up for a holiday card this year, please visit our Google Form:

Like last year, we are using a form to collect addresses to ensure that everything is correct and accurate and all in one place! If you are having trouble with the form, please do not hesitate to contact me here or at and I'll help you out as best as I can. <3

Previous Cards! (2008 - 2015)
Bu and Nar's Christmas '08 by neekko Bu and Nar Save Christmas by neekko A Very Bu and Nar Christmas by neekko Bu and Nar Visit Santa by neekko Wrapper's Delight by neekko Cookies for... by neekko Reindeer Games by neekko Warm Cup of Christmas by neekko
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I haven't posted art on here in a long time due to submission process tediousness, but if you would like to continue following my recent & current art, consider adding me at the below websites???

(mostly life tweets/rants, but also includes almost-daily art posts + WIPs)

(art posts with the rare-occasional reblog or text post)

(art in the form of photos of traditional & digital work)

See you guys there! I will still check dA regularly, but this site just doesn't feel as engaging as it used to and I also no longer have a sub to hide the bad parts, lol... you guys doin'?
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Hey, sorry that I haven’t been updating very often for many years now… It’s mostly due to time and lack of motivation, with more info on that below:

How interested would you be in supporting me on Patreon if/when I quit my day job? I ask because this job has been mentally draining for the past few years now to the point where it is a source of depression & anxiety and I keep having panic attacks and blah blah blah. And I’m not interested in finding anything better within my professional field (web development) due to diminishing personal interest & not being fond of the direction it’s going.

Anyway, here’s a few things about the potential Patreon, because I know at this point audiences expect certain things…

  • It will not be fanart or eye candy/porn-centric. Most of the art will be original IPs of the mostly non-sensual variety.

    • However, there is possibility for fanart, etc as a milestone, i.e. when the Patreon reaches $_____/month, I will draw a fanart, etc that is most requested by fans.

  • It will not be commissions-based, because I Hate Doing Commissions®.

  • It will mostly be a "If you are entertained by my art & want to continue to see more, consider supporting me through a small monthly fee. Here are some exclusive wallpapers & process videos for you for being so generous." kind of Patreon.

I ask that if you respond, respond with complete honesty. Don’t be one of those “yeah, I’d love to support you!” and when the time actually comes, not actually follow through. I don’t need that kind of disappointment, lol... I need to know if there is enough serious interest before I pursue this concept seriously.

Essentially: if there is enough interest in Patreon, I can finally leave my horrible job and have time to pursue something legitimately fun and I can finally produce art on a regular basis again.

So let me know your thoughts!

Sign up is now closed and all cards have been mailed out. Enjoy!!!


WOW, this is the 8th year straight that we're doing this. Time sure flies!!!! Okay, on to the usual deets:

What's this about?
The card is a printed Christmas-y BuNar-themed artwork by Busiris & neekko (size is roughly the same as a postcard or 4x6 inches), with a little handwritten holiday greeting by the both of us addressed to the recipient.

Does it cost anything?
Nope! It is 100% free of cost and is our gift to you. :heart:

Have you gotten a card from us before?
If you are signing up again this year, please resend your address! We always delete your address after we mail out the cards because we'll feel like creeps if we don't.

We're trying out something new this year by conducting sign-ups using a Google form! This way we can keep all participants' info in one safe & secure spot and also ensure that everyone provides the correct info. :)

Here is the sign-up form:

Please try it out, though if you're having trouble, feel free to send us a PM here as a last resort (but please try the form first!!!).

Sign-up closes Sunday, Dec. 13 Thursday, Dec. 17 @ 11:59pm EST/GMT -5.
We won't be printing out the cards until we get an exact number of participants! Cards will be sent out the next business day and, depending on where you live (local, national, or international), it will take a few days to a week or so to arrive.

Questions or Concerns?
If you have any questions, PM one of us and we'll help out as best as we can!

Previous Cards (2008 - 2014)
Bu and Nar's Christmas '08 by neekko Bu and Nar Save Christmas by neekko A Very Bu and Nar Christmas by neekko Bu and Nar Visit Santa by neekko Wrapper's Delight by neekko Cookies for... by neekko Reindeer Games by neekko
CC'd from my Tumblr:…
*deepest breaths*

Moving forward, I am dedicating the last hour or two of every weeknight to focus on drawing & creating. I really, really, really need to discipline myself in this area and the only way I can do it is by keeping a schedule. I can also only do this at night just before bed, because there are too many distractions during my waking hours and I need complete isolation & silence to focus. If this means losing a couple of hours of sleep each night, so be it.

I will also be making weekly posts of my productivity here on this blog. They will mostly be sketches, maybe occasional completed works. Although expectations and being told what to draw are my biggest irks, I sort of need this as a motivation. After all, if I have no one to show off my efforts to, why should I bother? The self-satisfaction isn’t enough, because then I could easily just do it all in my head and leave it at that (which is what I am currently doing, lol). There needs to be physical proof & witnesses.

(This course of action is very similar to how I managed to get last month’s OC headshot project done so quickly. It worked really well because I was persistent & had a goal while sharing my progress and I want to apply this method to all future art endeavors.) 

It must be done, as much as it pains me (loss of sleep & evoking my biggest fears of showing WIPs/planting the knowledge that I am currently working on art). The past several months haven’t seen me in the best mental health, due to work stress, a sickly pet, and most of all, the yearning to draw & create again. I miss drawing my OCs and developing their stories so much that daydreaming about it has affected my productivity at work and several times in the past few weeks I had considered penning my resignation letter then & there so I can finally free myself to commit full-time to doing these activities, financials be damned.

Perhaps one day I can do that, but now is not the right time. So, for now, I must make my own time. This post is somewhat serving as a contract to myself that I am obligated to give my creativity my full attention for at least an hour a day.

  1. Every weeknight I am spending at least an hour drawing or developing my personal works (the time may occasionally be used for owed art).
  2. I will post my efforts for the week to this blog every weekend.
  3. If for some reason there is interference in my schedule, productivity is to resume as soon as I am able and breaks should be no more than two nights in a row.
  4. Words of encouragement are appreciated, but not required (they help, though!).
Effective starting Monday, September 14. Signature, stamp, handshake!

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Edit 2: $50 slot taken! May reopen if I am feeling up to doing more!

Edit: Added other commission options if chibi isn't your thing.

I thought I'd be able to live without the premium membership (mine expired like a week after they bumped the prices, boo), but these ads are killing me free dA hurts my eyes! x_x I don't really offer commissions anymore because of the stress involved, but these are small & quick enough that I am willing to make an exception!

I'll trade a drawing of your OC in chibi style (example below) for 6 months of Core ($30 value). 2 chibis if you are willing to pay for a full year ($50 value)! 

I'm offering a commission or two in exchange for either:
  • 3 months dA Core subscription ($15 value)
    1 icon
  • 6 months dA Core subscription ($30 value)
    2 icons OR 1 chibi OR 1 flat-colored (unshaded) bust
  • 1 year dA Core subscription ($50 value)
    2 chibis OR 1 shaded bust

Icons by neekko

150405-bunarcharm-sm by neekko

Bust (shaded)

I'm currently accepting a max of 2 icons, 2 chibis, or 1 bust (maybe more if I feel up to it)--first come, first served!

Please Note me before you send payment. I will work on the commissions this weekend (Aug 29 - 30) with delivery a day or so afterward. Due to the small scale, I will not be providing process shots.

  • I am only doing the commission in the styles/formats presented. Please do not ask me to draw anything else! Bribing will not work.
  • If you cannot provide an illustrated reference of your character, please do not commission me. I won't accept text descriptions.
  • For chibis, you are allowed a small prop like in the examples.
  • I may reject the offer if your character is TOO detailed/difficult to interpret in my style/any other reason.
  • I'll accept any creatures/genders/body types, but robots and armor are my weak spots and will likely be rejected.
  • OCs only--I will not draw characters that don't belong to you!
  • Final size is roughly 300x300 pixels (icon), 650x650 pixels (chibi), or 1600x1600px (bust) and will be delivered as a PNG. If you need other formats, let me know.
  • The artwork is for personal, non-commercial use only! You may use the image as an icon, website graphic, digital badge, whatever, but please do not repost the full version on any art sites or any other image sharing sites that automatically credit you as the artist.
Thanks for looking!
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    Over 12 years! :omg:

  2. What does your username mean?
    Lol, I dunno! It was a random name that I came up with when signing up for Neopets and then it kinda stuck and now I use it everywhere.

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Anxious. Thoughtful. Lazy.

  4. Are you left or right handed?

  5. What was your first deviation?
    Random Goth Girl by neekkoRandom Goth Girl
    (thumbnail is corrupted) I pretty much keep this around because it's my first, lol.

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Digital art???? *shrugs* Personal art, self-indulgent art. Define "type".

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    I don't care so much about art style as I do skill. If I could instantly master an art skill, it would be visual storytelling/comics.

  8. What was your first favourite?
    Special Needs Dragon by basalt
    I think I went through my favorites at some point and removed ones that no longer felt relevant to my interests, so I don't know if this is truly the first one. The very first of my favorites is also in storage, so this is actually the second on the list.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    Art of my characters. lol

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    Lol. Gosh, I don't know! There are so many and I refuse to favor one over the others!

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    I think most of us have moved on from dA, but the following cool peeps have yet to encounter a Neek!
    :iconixellent: :iconfelissa: :iconheysawbones: :iconkato-regama: :iconcrimsonblood-z: :iconandygassner: :iconroninfoxtail:
    Plus, all the wonderful people who take the time out of their day to enjoy and comment on my work. :3

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    Sadly, the "life impact" was a very negative altercation that's permanently crippled my social self-esteem and ability to form/speak my own thoughts, so I am not naming names.

    A more positive impact: a curious little Busiris stumbled upon my gallery 8 years ago, became a really great & supportive friend through AIM, and now we're living together???? :heart:

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    A Cintiq Companion and Manga Studio.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    My head? Lol. I don't understand this question.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    The first time I got a Daily Deviation (I think it was Fat Dragon in a Little Fort, though there may have been one before that, but my memory is foggy), haha! It was a really big, ego-inflating 15 minutes of fame. OH, and special mention goes to receiving my very first favorite on my very first deviation, because it told me that people are interested in seeing my art!

PS: I didn't even know this was an event and I thought it was just a meme that all the cool kids were doing. Where do I put the tag? Just here? #DeviantArtistQuestionnaire
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Would anyone be interested in getting their hands on these charms of our characters? :3 Busiris and I are trying to gauge interest and see if it’s worth getting more than just these samples. We may or may not charge for them (haven’t decided yet).
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