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Alternate title: Attack of the School Yearbook Photo Day Backgrounds

You might remember this guy. I think I've only drawn this character like twice in the decade-plus I've had him. In short, he involuntarily absorbs energy and his muscles (temporarily) enlarge as a result. This drawing is presented with only the basic context of that there are downed electric cables. Why is he holding them? Why is his shirt so wet? Did it rain or is he really just that sweaty? Tbh, I just wanted to draw a transparent shirt.

I tried not to worry too much about rendering or accurate lighting this time even though I still feel like I spent like 12+ hours on it (it was more like 5ish over three nights). Still trying to find a coloring technique that is quick and also something I can be happy with. I think this is a step in that direction. I hope the colors aren't too dark, I always have trouble gauging that because I have sensitive eyes and always darken my screens to the lowest visibility.


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I think I'd have to go back through the gallery to refresh my memory of this character. But he's beefy and fun, so that's always a plus! :thumbsup:
Awesome job, Neeks. x3 :heart:
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You will not find anything, sadly XD