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While I will still be around to check messages should anyone contact me here, I am no longer posting art. See this journal post for details.

Thank you for 19 years of love for my art and I hope to see you fine folks again on other platforms! <3

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DeviantArt made the final move to convince me to just not use it anymore. I am not deactivating, just no longer posting art here. All works have been sent to storage. I don't care that DA offers an opt-out option for whatever AI hell they're forcing onto the artists here---my farewell here is in protest of this bullshit as a whole. I will also still post the sign-up for this year's holiday card here, but it will likely be the last time I announce it on DA moving forward. You can find my curated works at (I'll be updating it soon with a way to access my older works). I will also try to be more active on Pillowfort and have recently created a Pixiv. And, despite all the nonsense going on there, Twitter will remain my main activity spot since it's (currently) where I keep up with friends and other artists. I am also currently setting up a Discord server to use as my main hub for posting works & WIPs. You can join, but there's nothing there at the moment:
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