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Browsing the massive list of idioms provided by ^livius to spark ideas for the Blithering Idioms Emote Contest, I found one I could do fairly quickly (well... quicker if Animation Shop would've cooperated). Anyhoo, it's probably something other people have done before—maybe not for this contest, but in some way shape or form. :shrug: Thought I might give it a shot.

Might edit this... add something or other... :plotting:
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Neil Young, or just a random idea?
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Oh, beautiful!! I should let you know that I've used it in my journal here: [link] (I really hope you don't mind! Feel free to drop me a note if you would like me to remove it.)
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I've never seen it in action before. B-) Looks good.
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:D It's PERFECT!!! I'd love to see more little gold trinkets like this to use in the future.
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I really love how the diagonal shine streak moves down the heart. :nod:
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:D figured that was the only sure fire way to make sure it really looked gold
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Hehe, I had a similar idea, except with mine I was going to try and do the shape of a real heart, perhaps even add in a beat or something.

Nice work and a great play on words. Perhaps rather simple, but sometimes simple works. :ahoy:
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Well :o That would be far more innovative than mine. Do it! :nod:

and thankya :bow:
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Damn, that looks nice. It would have been nicer, had you made it just a wee bigger. :)

I really don't feel like doing emotes lately :hmm:
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yeah, maybe. unfortunately, i just drew it and went with it ^^; i think it might be as big as dA's :heart:

i thought you didn't do emotes? :confused: you said so here! [link] :shakefist: i remembereded, i did!
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Bah, those ain't emotes :laughing:, they're just doodles. The only proper shading I ever did was on my latest creation
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creation, eh? :paranoid:
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