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Canada Ehs Logo by neek-zique Canada Ehs Logo :iconneek-zique:neek-zique 5 5 Anytown Mediocres Logo by neek-zique Anytown Mediocres Logo :iconneek-zique:neek-zique 2 1
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The Final Stretch :iconneek-zique:neek-zique 5 8
Ornate Avatar 11 by neek-zique Ornate Avatar 11 :iconneek-zique:neek-zique 2 2 The Fro by neek-zique The Fro :iconneek-zique:neek-zique 0 2
Delight - Drown My Sorrow
Delight (Drown My Sorrow)
All I want in my life is to be happy
So why do bad things continue to fall on me
I try to be a good person to no avail
I never thought that my karma would fail.
So I'll drown my sorrow in my delight
For I can feel no pain
I'll keep on smiling day and night
If it makes me insane
I don't have time to be held down
By suffering and plight
And so I urge myself to drown
My sorrow in delight
People wonder how I can maintain my cool
When all the forces around me treat me so cruel
They ask me how I can manage to be so nice
So I give them this piece of advice
That I drown my sorrow in my delight
For ignorance is bliss
There is no drug to heal a bite
That cuts as deep as this
And so because no doctor knows
Just how to make things right
I take my daily overdose
Of self-prescribed delight
[instrumental bridge]
I'll drown my sorrow in my delight
Because that's who I am
I won't give up, but I won't fight
I just don't give a damn
I'll tell the world to bring it on
:iconneek-zique:neek-zique 0 8
For The Rev: Dear God by neek-zique For The Rev: Dear God :iconneek-zique:neek-zique 3 4 His Neekness, Halfrican Nobody by neek-zique His Neekness, Halfrican Nobody :iconneek-zique:neek-zique 1 14
The Day Your Luck Runs Out
You're cheating me, you're cheating you
But what's a guy supposed to do?
The sign says stop; you try to go
What we suggest, you just say no
You're tempting fate, these escapades
But little rebels have their ways
Of cheating life; of cheating death
Invincible? Don't hold your breath
If I were you
I'd be more careful with what I do
Because the day your luck runs out
Don't cry to me
That you received no warning
The day your luck runs out
Is gonna be
A bitter-tasting morning
Hear the voices in your head
Telling you to stay in bed
The day your luck runs out
You're skipping class, you're late for work
You're never home, oh what a jerk
Neglecting family and friends
With you, the drama never ends
We've told you once, we've told you twice
We've told you half a thousand times
The day will come, you won't forget
We won't be there to clean your mess
And you should know
We love to say we told you so
And on the day your luck runs out
Don't cry to me
That you received no warning
The day your luck run
:iconneek-zique:neek-zique 1 5
Marie typed the letters and numbers into the computer: IB4E-08262009-318.  Unidentifiable by any normal means, but she had made note of the first four characters after the young man had left her office.  It was easy to remember, considering its coincidence with an old grammar addage.  She hit ENTER and away the computer went retrieving the ones and zeroes from some distant database to be translated into the test results.
This was the young man who had come in two days earlier for a drug screening.  Justin was his name.  He had been a nice boy; a polite young man who had ended every sentence with, and had addressed her as "ma'am".  Too few men do that anymore, she thought.  This was a good egg.
They had talked at length—perhaps longer than they should have—about the job he was in pre-hiring for.
"In this economy," he had said, "jobs are hard to get, and harder to keep."  She had n
:iconneek-zique:neek-zique 0 0
Wearing Nothing But...
Off of work.
I go home now.
Close the door,
I'm alone now.
I take off my clothes,
And nobody knows
I'm wearing nothing but my underwear
Wife is out,
I don't fear her.
Strut my stuff
In the mirror.
Now I'm not a stud,
But damn, I look good
Wearing nothing but my underwear.
Maybe I'll go out and leave my room here.
No one's here and I am just a man.
Getting late and she will be home soon here,
So I'll go down and prance while I still can.
Through the halls,
Down the stairway,
Standing tall
In every doorway.
Because I'm allowed,
I make myself proud
Wearing nothing but my underwear.
Feeling gutsy, I go step outside now,
Standing safely in our own backyard.
There is nothing that can shake my pride now
Til I hear the slamming door of my wife's car...
It was fun
While it lasted
Now I will
Be lambasted
I try to explain
I keep my words plain...
Now we're both wearing just our underwear.
Up in bed, we snuggle and get closer...
Feeling something in my underwear...
I say, "Are you horny?" She says
:iconneek-zique:neek-zique 3 10
Just Touching
Among the pleasures I desire most
Is the weight of another body on mine
Just touching
And knowing they're there
Because they want to be.
It must be nice.
:iconneek-zique:neek-zique 0 7
At the Mercy of the Radio
First and foremost, I forgot my iPod.
Shame on me.
I should have known better.
And I certainly can't drive with nothing on.
The silence would drive me crazy.
So I'm at the mercy of the radio.
Snowball's chance in Hell that anything good is playing.
Preset 5.
97.3 The Sound.
Pop rock and indie shit—they're about to play Weezer.
"Buddy Holly" is only good so many times.
Preset 4.
103.5 WGRR Oldies
Preset 6.
"Frequency 94.1"
Some noise resembling music.
A computer probably made this.
Preset 1.
96.5 "96ROCK"
Hard rock and fart jokes.
Preset 2.
97.7 MaxFM
Preset 3.
104.7 WTUE.
Dayton static.
"Slither" by Velvet Revolver
If this came up in my iPod, I'd skip it.
I want to change the station again,
But this is the best thing I've found so far.
If I change the station,
And don't find anything better,
Then I've missed part of the song,
Mediocre as it may be.
The riff becomes
:iconneek-zique:neek-zique 0 6
In the Dark
In the dark,
Nothing is impossible.
You may think you know what's there
But in the back of your mind,
You know that you don't.
You can't be sure of anything in the dark.
You see the doorway to a black room
And you assume there are four walls within
But that's no guarantee.
What lies beyond may be an endless abyss
Out of which nothing may return.
Every ghoul and ghost that ever haunted a nightmare
Every fabled creature that keeps a child awake at night
Waits for you in the dark.
Step inside.
Your assuredness will bring you in.
The darkness will welcome you and embrace you.
If it takes a liking to you, it may try to keep you forever.
We may not even hear you scream
But you will
And the darkness will smile.
Scoff if you must.
But one day you will find yourself in the dark
And you'll wonder if you're the only one there,
Knowing that you aren't alone.
Because you know that, in the dark
Nothing is impossible.
:iconneek-zique:neek-zique 0 3
Post-Mortem To-Do List
You can get rid of my bed
     I won't be sleeping there anymore
You can give my desk away
     I have no use for it
Give my clothes away
     I won't be wearing them
     Odds are some else could use them
You can sell my guitar
     Though it only has five strings
You can give someone my alarm clock
     I don't need to be up for anything
I hope you find the key to my foot locker
     Though once you open it, you might wish you hadn't
     And may want to throw the whole foot locker away
     With everything inside
Go through my dresser and keep what you want
     I have no idea what's in there
     It's probably mostly crap
     I would seldom use anything I had in there
Give my books to s
:iconneek-zique:neek-zique 2 6
Before You Reach the Clearing
Before you reach the clearing at the end of the path,
Take the time to look back
And see how far you've come,
How much you've accomplished,
And how much better things are
Because you were here.
:iconneek-zique:neek-zique 4 4

Random Favourites

Learning About Community Spirit - Features
These are aLL peopLe who have infLuenced me, at one time or another, either through their art, or by something they've said.
I hope you enjoy!
In no particuLar order:
:bulletgreen: Kaofman

:bulletgreen: ESadrenaline

:bulletgreen: fotografAle

:bulletgreen: Shimmy-and-Minerva
Life. by Shimmy-and-Minerva Perhaps Some Other Aeon by Shimmy-and-Minerva
:bulletgreen: Linnzy
Westley by Linnzy Fairy on a rock by Linnzy :thumb21786100:
:bulletgreen: rainbowkittyfuk
A Visit to the Past by rainbowkittyfuk Fractal 2 Zoom 4 by rainbowkittyfuk :thumb66129231:
:bulletgreen: Gerridwen
After the Rain -close up- by Gerridwen :thumb59999839: Tampere IV by Gerridwen
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cinderella by Astarsia Capsicum 1 by Astarsia :thumb59838269:
:bulletgreen: rbeebephoto
Oakdale dawn RR 1 by rbeebephoto Fenceline by rbeebephoto AnaNick-KnF2 13 by rbeebephoto
:bulletgreen: dale427
line up by dale427 countryside by dale427 lone window by dale427
[Bullet; Green] LonesomeFaery
The Alternate Universe by LonesomeFaery
:iconchinaroses:chinaroses 33 140
Grave Dancing
Three A.M. and he sleeps,
Slipping away during ramblings
of dancing on graves.
I smiled then, all tender-hearted
and stifling the inevitable "awww".
Softly spoken secret words to fall
upon ears that hear dream alone-
But that is ok.  One of those risky secrets,
Saying things he can't hear makes it safe.
Another train going by-
Clackity-clack, the whistle blows on
and on- damn.
The engineer is pissed he's on the night
run, so let's wake up the neighborhood.
Bah.  I am awake-
A secret he cannot see as his load
clatters by
Rumbling, vibrating my bed.  I lay here
and smile.
Writing in the semi-dark uneven words
that go up and down the paper
A drunken dance that I will laugh at
during daylight.
My soul is restless and I cannot ease
When I want what lies beyond-
The horizon harbors my dreams
Always just ahead and I scream
inside wanting freedom.
The prison is mine; I made it,
built it
And I serve the sentence to free
another; duty, obligation, love.
She will fly
:iconmythicaldamienne:mythicaldamienne 7 14
LOVELIGHTS MANIFESTO by videa LOVELIGHTS MANIFESTO :iconvidea:videa 583 141 Make a Wish by crystaleyes909 Make a Wish :iconcrystaleyes909:crystaleyes909 862 198 Audioslave Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps Audioslave Stamp :icondarkdisciple-stamps:darkdisciple-stamps 146 23 CAKE by artsyfartsymarcy CAKE :iconartsyfartsymarcy:artsyfartsymarcy 146 38
Literature Gallery Update - #13
:salute: Welcome to litACTIONnews, with your reporter, er-- litNEWS! We're here live, bringing you the good word from our GDs, current contests, and other useful tidbits for your writing needs.
From the Desk of the GDs
:icongunshymartyr: - GunShyMartyr
I'd make a Tom Tucker joke but I don't think everyone would get it.
So this is our first monthly news update. We used to have LGUs, but we wanted to have a feature that we could update regularly that we could all add to separately. Consider this the new LGU, only with a fancy CSS journal as well as a news article.
We decided to go from two Literature DDs a day to one. We'll all be featuring both prose and poetry, except ^PoeticWar, who is huddling in the corner clinging to his poems. We hope this might give the one DD more exposure and attention rather than two. We'll see how it turns out.
Probably the biggest news that's happened lately is the addition of PDF uploads for literature. I know this has been a lo
:iconlitnews:litNEWS 55 31
Monthly Literature Challenge: August
Each month, I'll be debuting a new literature challenge that will run throughout the entire month.  Each month's challenge will have a different theme.  The common thread is that each challenge is designed to be fun, challenging, and to expand the writer's repertoire by introducing styles, genres, or methods of writing that most people either haven't been introduced to or don't have much practice in (for more details about what these challenges are meant to do, visit here.)
So, without further ado, let's get on with August's challenge!
Deadline: All entries must be noted to me by September 02, 12:00AM EST
Your Assignment: Write a fantasy story. "That's easy!" I hear you say. Well, there's a catch. All of the action of the story must take place in a single room. Now, no cheating. You can't go Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe on this one. I
:iconpickledeer:pickledeer 64 35
Artist Relations Newsletter - July 16, 2007
:pointr: Director of Artist Relations

The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!
:bulletgreen: If you've been sleeping for a couple of weeks you may have missed the fact that I brought on a whole slew of shiny new faces to the Artist Relations Team. They have been very busy lately so check them out and get to know them!
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 193 282
:dance: by zacthetoad :dance: :iconzacthetoad:zacthetoad 105 50 :spaz: by Bit-Master :spaz: :iconbit-master:Bit-Master 111 55
Blank That Emote Winners
Five years ago, weaponzero gave us :|. In its time here on deviantART, we've seen this emoticon grow enormous popularity and support. Over the last month, we saw nearly fifty entries into the Blank That Emote contest. You can see a full list of submissions here.
I would personally like to congratulate each and everyone who entered, all the entries had the quality, detail and originality we were looking for. In fact, we had such a hard time selecting the top three that we had to include a number of Honourable Mentions which you can see below.
Before we announce the winners and their prizes, I would personally like to say thank you to each of the judges and hope that we can again work together sometime in the future. Please personally thank the following deviants...
:pointr: :devbudgieish
:iconzacthetoad:zacthetoad 44 32
Blithering Idiom Emote Contest
Inspired by the many scores of people who have taken my "Beating a dead horse" emote literally, Blithering Idiom is a contest for emoticons that are literal interpretations of common English idiomatic expressions.
You can find a nice list of idioms here if you need some ideas.  Here's a good example of what I mean, created by zacthetoad.  This is "jumping on the bandwagon":

The rules are simple:
1. The emote must be a literal representation of the idiom
2. You must link me to your entry via note or journal comment.
3. The deadline for all entries is August 8, 2007.
You can submit as many entries as you wish, animated or static, small or large.
The prizes are not so simple:
1. 1 one-year subscription or print of equal value for first place.
2. 1 six-month sub or print of equal value for second.
3. 1 three-month sub or print of
:iconlivius:livius 114 145
:jumpingonthebandwagon: by zacthetoad :jumpingonthebandwagon: :iconzacthetoad:zacthetoad 992 140 Cute larry v2 by larryplz Cute larry v2 :iconlarryplz:larryplz 1,084 318 :tantrum: by blunaowl :tantrum: :iconblunaowl:blunaowl 200 47


Grammar Natzee by dinyctis Grammar Natzee :icondinyctis:dinyctis 9,388 2,754 DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT by tiago-xavier DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT :icontiago-xavier:tiago-xavier 2,322 474 How about... by amolerouth How about... :iconamolerouth:amolerouth 85 45 u can't touch this ... by alanc79 u can't touch this ... :iconalanc79:alanc79 319 81 Aurora by GieGie Aurora :icongiegie:GieGie 36 17



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