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London ruins (Female version)

Updated to 1920x1080,

Thanks for all the lovely feedback :)
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"And... and I will make sure that they all know, my love. Long after the lesser creatures that scorned you are dust the children of the entire galaxy will know of The Shepard, of he courage, her strength, her nobility, her honour and her love. They will know of her sacrifices for all their futures. And... and I will never forget you... As the goddess grants me strength, I swear it!"
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This is the perfect representation of my headcanon. :D
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Beautifully tender. 
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better then dieing in the cold dark loneliness of outer space
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Nice job, this is how it should have been!

Btw I saw your (?) fanmade ending here- [link]

which used the scene above, I was wondering, do you have a moving gif image lying about of the scene shown in the video, and if so is it just with Femshep/Liara or is there one of all the variations? =)
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Love this so much <3
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Don't know why Shepard is in the London ruins at the end of the "good"shitty destroy ending, neither does Bioware(heard the DLC Ending project manager say it at a convention). Don't really care anymore either....I just love this picture!
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This is how it should have been. So bittersweet.
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I LOVE what you do! I'm a FemShep-Liara fan and it's a delight to see them together in your work, so beautiful and cute! Thanks! I'll come by from time to time! ^_^
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Good one and matches my own expectations. :)
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God, I hope they fix this. Nvm, it's called fanfic/fanpic FTW!
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Aww, after the ME3 ending, this was pure balm to my soul I needed so much. Huge thank you, neehs.
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If only ... Wonderful scene. Thanks.
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Wallpaper on my phone + iPad. This and your video are the real endings are far as I'm concerned. :)
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Just finished ME3, thanks for this, this made it all better :P
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Thanks, glad to help :D
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I need this but with garrus :P

Seriously though, this is amazing
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Thanks, and
there is a garrus version ;o
supernukunuku's avatar
Oo I didn't see it before (don't mind me I"ll be over here being oblivious)
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verry good work on this one my friend
Heartwarming and tearjerking at the same time...
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And with one single picture, you make the ending all better. Amazing.
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