Summertime! And IMPORTANT Group Reminders!

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Dear Needlers,

I hope you all had a good April! And if you haven't been wished it yet, May the Fourth be with you! ;)

Important Group Reminders:

Guys, this group needs everyone's help to keep running smoothly and that means paying attention to the group rules for submission. Please read these points to remind you about some group rules that people have been having trouble with lately. The Featured folder especially has been having a lot of problems. So please remember these notes!

:star: Needles and Thread is a sewing group, but it's focus is on things you can wear. This is why we do NOT allow plushies. If you mostly sew other kinds of items, like plushies or blankets and such, please join our sister group: Sewing-Central which is open to ALL sewn projects.

:bulletred: Every member may only have ONE feature deviation, ever. So if you've already submitted something to the featured folder, you should submit all other deviations to the regular folders.
:bulletred: Featured deviations must belong to one of the main categories of this group: clothing, costumes, purses/bags, or general accessories. While Needles and Thread allows other projects, only wearable deviations will be accepted into the feature folder.
:bulletred: You may only submit ONE deviation per piece. If you want people to see other views of your work, include links in the deviation you submit.
:bulletred: As noted above, plushies are no longer permitted in this group.


To give the group something fun for the summer, I've added a summertime folder to the group. Submit and show off your summer projects! Every kind of SEWN project will be allowed in this folder (with the exception of plushies), but must clearly be related to the season.

Have fun and Happy May!
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Good and reasonable rules!
One question, on DA I submit my pieces to the 'artisan-textiles-clothing' category, because of the neutrality (I like to leave it up to the viewer whether they find it costume or every day wear :D ), but I assume I should submit them to 'costumes' here, because it's in general not exactly viewed as every day wear?
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I'm assuming if one creates an uber awesome piece that they'd love to have in the Featured folder, but they already have something there, that they can move the prior piece to make room for the new one (I'm not intimately familiar with group foldering systems)?
Also, thank you limiting multiple views of the same piece - it's so annoying having a group inbox filled with five (or more) images of the same thing - even if they're all amazing. I'm liking the collage idea people are doing - great way to get it all in there without needing to click through repeats :)
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Yes. If someone wants to switch out their featured piece they may, but the group has to be noted.

Glad you appreciate the no-multiple views rule. :)