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(I have heavily updated the submission guidelines and so encourage all members to read this blog!)

The purpose of Needles and Thread is to connect and advertise those deviants who like to sew. Meaning, we WANT you to contribute to gallery as much as possible!

How to Submit to the Gallery:

:bulletblue: To submit, go to the gallery folder of your choice, hit the plus sign and add your work to the gallery.

:bulletblue: Hopefully, the gallery options are obvious. Female costumes should go in the "Female Costume" gallery, male in the male and so on. Submission to the folders is not limited except to the "Feature" gallery.

:bulletblue: To submit to the Feature gallery, please read this blog entry: needles-and-thread.deviantart.…

Submission Rules
For order, there must be rules, please comply! READ these BEFORE submitting to the group!

:bulletred: Costumes, clothing, and cloth accessories are the focus of this group- submissions should reflect this.

:bulletred: This is a SEWING group, deviations submitted should have required a good deal of sewing either by hand or by machine from the DEVIANT posting.

:bulletred: Items made by someone else for you may be submitted as favorites for the group.

:bulletred: All pieces should be finished, or at least at an aesthetically pleasing point before being added to the gallery. (I.e. a completed skirt that at some point will have a matching top is completely acceptable. A skirt that is pinned together on a mannequin is not.)

:bulletred: Each member may only submit 2 deviations per week. (This is monitored by the groups settings, so no worries about oversubmitting by accident!)

:bulletred: Only 2 deviations per month (per member) may be added to the accessories folder.

:bulletred: Plushies are NOT allowed in the group.

:bulletred: Multiple shots of the same piece are not allowed in the group. Link in the comment sections of your deviation if you have more than one angle to show the piece from.

:bulletred: The "Feature" gallery will display only ONE piece per member. For more about that, please read the blog entry "Feature Gallery Submissions": needles-and-thread.deviantart.… to the other folders do NOT require approval, so ADD away!


Submission Guidelines
Not exactly rules, but important considerations for submitting.

:bulletpurple: Consider the quality of work being submitted. If you want attention for your work, submit only your BEST work.

:bulletpurple: Please also consider the nature of the deviations being contributed. I will remove (and notify the deviant) any deviation I feel is inappropriate for a wide variety of deviants to see.

:bulletpurple: Some types of acceptable items that do not have their own folder yet include doll clothing or miniatures, and quilts. For now, these belong in the "Misc Projects" folder of the gallery. With increased interest, they may gain a separate folder.

:bulletpurple: The "Misc Projects" folder should not be the main folder of any members.

:bulletpurple: Deviations showing a mixed group (male and female) of creations should be placed in the corresponding "Male" folder: either "Male Costumes" or "Male Clothing"

(I as the founder and any moderators added in the future reserve the right to move or remove any deviations that are placed incorrectly or do not comply with the rules. For deletions notice will be sent)
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