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Dear all,

Intermediate-Artists is having a contest to celebrate the end of summer and there are points up for grabs!

The Dog Days of Summer Contest:


For those of us up in the northern hemisphere, we are the final weeks of summer, so why not run with it as a theme?! For any medium, the challenge is to find a way to show what you think of as the dog days of summer. You could get really literal and go take a photo of some people sweating to death, or you can go wild and be very metaphorical (as long as you can explain it!)."

Read more about it here!

Group Update

In case it hasn't been obvious, I've been getting more and more busy, but am trying to keep up with the basic functions of running the group. Please keep the rules of the group in mind to help! A few reminders...

:bulletred: Plushies are NOT ALLOWED. In any way, shape, or form! Join our sister group, Sewing-Central to show off plushies.

:bulletred: You may only submit ONE DEVIATION PER PIECE. Multiple views should be linked to in the comments section.

Any Ideas for the Future of the Group?

If anyone has any ideas to keep this group up and fresh in the future, or if you'd like to be a group admin, please shoot me a note!
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