Costume Folders Locked to Enforce the Rules

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Dear Members,

While I hate to do it, this has been a problem for a while and it has been brought to my attention that members are frustrated as well. So for the time being, the costume folders have been locked.

The Problem:

Members submitting more than one deviation showing the same piece, usually cosplays. The rules state that you may only add one deviation per piece to the group. EVER. Any other views you want people to see should be linked to in the comments section.

I understand that sometimes you want people see more than one deviation of the same work, and that  you're proud of how a piece has turned out and all the time and effort that went into it. But this is not a cosplay group, it is a group to show a variety of sewn works and for the benefit of all members, we have rules to moderate how many deviations of a single piece are added to the group.

Folder Lock

The folder being locked does not mean that you will not be able to submit. It means that ALL costume submissions will have to be approved before they are added to the group.

This unfortunately means there will be a delay between when you submit a piece and when it shows up in the group. Because I have a lot on my plate right now, that delay may be up to weeks at a time. If I can get some help moderating, it will go quicker, but if not, the delay will remain.

Will the Folder ever be Unlocked?

For the forseeable future, no. We still get plushie submissions to the group even though they were banned a long time ago. For this reason, the Misc. Projects folder still has a lock on it.

I am sorry if the decision to lock the folder upsets anyone, please feel free to make comments below or note the group. As always, I'm open to suggestions, comments, and critique. If anyone would like to help moderate the group to improve delay time, that would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Otherwise, I hope to continue to do my best to run this group. Hope you all are having a lovely November, and if in the US, hope you had a great holiday.

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Nothing but support from me, as well! I moderate a fanart group that has locks on every single folder because of category abuse, so I know what you're sacrificing for your watchers and members. Just know that your dedication is appreciated!
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I approve of these drastic measures! (I really do, I'm not being sarcastic.)
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I totally agree with your decision, and second chibi-lenne's comment about hating to see good pieces buried under several photos of the same work.

Definitely a good move for the group!
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I too applaud this decision. I've left groups because rules were disregarded and the quality of what's offered by that group suffers.
Thank you for taking a stand and running the risk of ruffling feathers.
There's plenty of places where one can spam 50 million views of their uber cute Lolita costume or their entire stock of plushies; that place is (thankfully) not this group!
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I fully agree with your decision. If it is the only way to get through to the people that submit multiple pictures of their items, it is what you have to do.

And really, if they want to have more than one pic, they could always do a collage, which you could do in a free program like Gimp. That way all of the pics are technically one and they are not submitting 2+ pics of the same item.
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The collage idea is a good solution! I hope, if people are frustrated, they see your post.
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We can hope. :) I'm starting to do collages instead of uploading multiple pics. Just easier to keep things organized that way really.
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As someone who posts predominately in the Costume folder even I appreciate this, nothing bothers me more than a piece of someone's hard work buried under several photos, beautiful or not, of the same piece over and over again.

That being said if you need help moderating I'd certainly be up for helping out. Thanks for keeping the group up and running :)
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Hey! So sorry for delay in replying, but I would LOVE some help. I'll shoot you a note. :D
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