Binary Gender: a problem?

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Dear members,

I know we are LONG due for an update! I hope everyone's been doing well. I've been incredibly busy (still have not written my Christmas thank yous!!!), but I have fortunately been getting some great help from chibi-lenne! So big thanks there! If anyone else would like to help admin or otherwise contribute to the group, please shoot me a note! More help is always welcome!!!

Anyway, I've got question that occurred to me while moving deviations from the Halloween folder back into regular folders.

Is Binary Gender Sorting a Problem in this Group?

I'm learning to be sensitive to queer and gender issues, but even aside from such concerns, there's a practical element: some costumes and clothes are just gender neutral anyway! And it occurred to me that we only have male and female folders for both female and male costumes. Our group rules state that group shots or gender-neutral clothing should be sorted into the "male" folder, simply because "male" tends to serve as the gender-neutral. So, is this a problem? If so, I've got a couple of suggestions for how to fix it.

I can't really create a poll, but if you all could weigh in with one of these answers, that'd be greatly appreciated!
:bulletgreen: No, it's not a problem. Let the sorting remain as it is.
:bulletyellow: It is a problem, change the folder names to say "Male and Gender Neutral" on the "Male" folders.
:bulletred: It is a problem, make a gender neutral folder for both costumes and clothing.

My only concern with creating more folders is that self-sorting would become more complicated. So, should I just change the folder names? Thanks for any weighing in!

Group Reminders
:bulletblue: Each member may only have ONE featured deviation.
:bulletblue: Each member may only submit ONE deviation per piece to the group EVER (though you may removed submissions and re-add if you have an updated deviation or better picture)
:bulletblue: If at any time you would to change your FEATURED deviation, please let the admins know!
:bulletblue: You are allowed to add WIPs, but I STRONGLY suggest you wait until you have a deviation of the completed piece!

Hope you all are doing well! Let me know if you have any other suggestions, concerns, or know of any neat sewing contests!
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I think a gender neutral folder would be great. I personally create a lot of gender neutral stuff. Thanks for your consideration! I am so glad that some people actually care for us non binary people. :)
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how about just one costume folder for all the costumes; so there are no gender problems at all.
Speaking as some one with gender problems.
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Hmm... Thing is, then we'd have to do that with clothing as well... and I'm just concerned that little amount of sorting would be less useful for browsing purposes.
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I would like all costumes together and all clothes together, with no gender sorting.
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Thanks for your input!
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Not a problem for me, I always put gender neutral stuff in the gender folder of the person it is intended for. Has not been a problem yet.
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Thanks for the input! :)
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Just stepping in with a note to most definitely remember the submission guidelines :) Thanks and glad I can be of help <3

Cheers and happy belated new years!
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It probably would be more "correct" and fair to add a "gender neutral" or "mixed gender" folder.
It shouldn't raise too much confusion and will allow the guys to stand alone in their own epic manliness ;)
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:D Thanks for the input!
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You might as well add a gender-neutral folder. I don't think a third option would make it any more difficult for people to choose the correct folder.
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Thanks for the input! :)
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I would say create a gender neutral folder. It isn't always easy to define clothing as male/female and it would be nice to have a folder for items that can be worn by either male or female. :)
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Great, thanks for your input!
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I'd really prefer a seperate, gender neutral folder.

Gender issues aside, a lot of costumes are just not easily sorted into this binary
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Thanks for the input! :D
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