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Needles and Thread is always looking to add and happy to welcome new members! No matter what your skill level: if you enjoy sewing and post your work on Deviantart, we want you to join!

:bulletgreen: Like most other groups, there should be an icon on the home page that says "become a member" all you need to do is click that button and you're in! I have placed no limits on membership, you should be approved automatically, if not, please contact me and I will try to fix the problem!

:bulletgreen: Members should be interested in sharing their work and knowledge of sewing. If you are not a sewer yourself, but want to see what those who sew can do, please just add the club to your watch list!

:bulletgreen: Members are STRONGLY encouraged to submit works to the gallery! We want to see your creations!
Please read submission rules before beginning to submit!needles-and-thread.deviantart.…

:bulletgreen: ALL new members are asked to please contribute ONE piece to the "Featured" gallery folder. This piece should be one of your favorites or most well crafted. (There are no limits on the number of submissions to other gallery folders)
Please read the guidelines on submissions to this folder before submitting! needles-and-thread.deviantart.…

I really hope a large number of people will join. I know that there are many, very talented deviants who sew and think it would be great to have a connected network!
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I will try to submit,but Am in the process of getting better at sewing.
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I really, really like this group. >_<
saw it in one of the great cosplayers and I was awed that there was such a group!

You guys are even giving away vintage fabric! :dummy:
Su awesome!
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I'm so glad you like it! I'm always impressed by the members and what people submit.
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I'm excited to find a group focused on sewing! I hope this group gets lots of attention and traffic!
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Well thank you! Glad to have you a part!