A reminder to ALL members:
Hey Everyone!! Just a bit of reminder about the Featured Folder!

Every member should submit ONE (preferably the one you are most proud of) deviation to the feature folder in the gallery.

This means every member is allowed ONLY ONE deviation in the feature gallery. Please check the feature gallery to see if you already have one in there before trying to submit another. Submitting regular items requires you to go into the group gallery and click the plus sign across from the name of that folder. For more details please revisit that blog: needles-and-thread.deviantart.…

Feature Gallery Guidelines:
:bulletred: This piece should belong in one of the major folder categories- i.e. be a piece of clothing or costume, a purse, or a bag. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

:bulletred: Unfortunately, this can not be a piece already in the group. If you want to submit something already in the group, you should message me which piece and I will move it to the feature folder.

:bulletred: If at any time you would like for your featured piece to change, just message me and we'll make it happen!

:bulletred: This gallery is currently set so deviations need to be approved before they will appear in the gallery. So don't worry when your art doesn't immediately show up! But there is no difference in the way you submit to the feature gallery.

Also please make sure that when you're submitting your works that you are submitting to the proper folders.

Chibi <3
Dear all,

I'm dreadfully sorry for my inactivity as admin, I have not forgotten about the group! This is just a quick memo that the folders about to undergo a large change. In light of responses on the last journal (from February!!! *sigh*) I will be merging have mered the costume and clothing folders into non-gendered folders.

All adult costumes and clothing will now be sorted into the same folder (still separated by category), without regard to gender. Hopefully this will make sorting easier, especially with regard to group shots and gender neutral items.

Thank you all for being a largely self-sufficient group and keeping up the excellent submissions! Please remember that if you have any contests or sewing related news, you can submit a blog to the group to keep us updated!

And if anyone else is interested in a larger admin/contributor role, please let me know!

:bulletred: Remember: Plushies are STILL NOT ALLOWED in this group! Please stop submitting them!

:bulletred: Also: ONLY ONE deviation of ANY sewn piece may be submitted to the group. Make a merged deviation or place links to other deviations in the comments section if you want people to see multiple views of your creation! THANK YOU!
Dear members,

I know we are LONG due for an update! I hope everyone's been doing well. I've been incredibly busy (still have not written my Christmas thank yous!!!), but I have fortunately been getting some great help from chibi-lenne! So big thanks there! If anyone else would like to help admin or otherwise contribute to the group, please shoot me a note! More help is always welcome!!!

Anyway, I've got question that occurred to me while moving deviations from the Halloween folder back into regular folders.

Is Binary Gender Sorting a Problem in this Group?

I'm learning to be sensitive to queer and gender issues, but even aside from such concerns, there's a practical element: some costumes and clothes are just gender neutral anyway! And it occurred to me that we only have male and female folders for both female and male costumes. Our group rules state that group shots or gender-neutral clothing should be sorted into the "male" folder, simply because "male" tends to serve as the gender-neutral. So, is this a problem? If so, I've got a couple of suggestions for how to fix it.

I can't really create a poll, but if you all could weigh in with one of these answers, that'd be greatly appreciated!
:bulletgreen: No, it's not a problem. Let the sorting remain as it is.
:bulletyellow: It is a problem, change the folder names to say "Male and Gender Neutral" on the "Male" folders.
:bulletred: It is a problem, make a gender neutral folder for both costumes and clothing.

My only concern with creating more folders is that self-sorting would become more complicated. So, should I just change the folder names? Thanks for any weighing in!

Group Reminders
:bulletblue: Each member may only have ONE featured deviation.
:bulletblue: Each member may only submit ONE deviation per piece to the group EVER (though you may removed submissions and re-add if you have an updated deviation or better picture)
:bulletblue: If at any time you would to change your FEATURED deviation, please let the admins know!
:bulletblue: You are allowed to add WIPs, but I STRONGLY suggest you wait until you have a deviation of the completed piece!

Hope you all are doing well! Let me know if you have any other suggestions, concerns, or know of any neat sewing contests!
Dear Members,

While I hate to do it, this has been a problem for a while and it has been brought to my attention that members are frustrated as well. So for the time being, the costume folders have been locked.

The Problem:

Members submitting more than one deviation showing the same piece, usually cosplays. The rules state that you may only add one deviation per piece to the group. EVER. Any other views you want people to see should be linked to in the comments section.

I understand that sometimes you want people see more than one deviation of the same work, and that  you're proud of how a piece has turned out and all the time and effort that went into it. But this is not a cosplay group, it is a group to show a variety of sewn works and for the benefit of all members, we have rules to moderate how many deviations of a single piece are added to the group.

Folder Lock

The folder being locked does not mean that you will not be able to submit. It means that ALL costume submissions will have to be approved before they are added to the group.

This unfortunately means there will be a delay between when you submit a piece and when it shows up in the group. Because I have a lot on my plate right now, that delay may be up to weeks at a time. If I can get some help moderating, it will go quicker, but if not, the delay will remain.

Will the Folder ever be Unlocked?

For the forseeable future, no. We still get plushie submissions to the group even though they were banned a long time ago. For this reason, the Misc. Projects folder still has a lock on it.

I am sorry if the decision to lock the folder upsets anyone, please feel free to make comments below or note the group. As always, I'm open to suggestions, comments, and critique. If anyone would like to help moderate the group to improve delay time, that would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Otherwise, I hope to continue to do my best to run this group. Hope you all are having a lovely November, and if in the US, hope you had a great holiday.

Dear all,

So sorry to have been absent much of late! It's been very busy adjusting to a new life and work! Please be patient with group submissions that require admin approval and know if something expires, it's not the same as a rejection. Just please resubmit!

On that note, I would LOVE some help running this group, please note me if interested!

:pumpkin:Halloween Folder Returns!

The Halloween Folder will be back in the group and is open for all your Halloween projects! Please remember that acceptable projects must still be in line with the rules and theme of the group - aka NO plushies or anything else that typically wouldn't be allowed.

:pumpkin: Instructables Costume/Project Contest

Also, Instructables.com sent me a notification the other day of a Halloween contest they're having. Contest is open for all kinds of Halloween projects, especially costume tutorials! Check it out: [link]

Shout out below if there's anything else you can think of (suggestions, complaints... ) ! Hope your fall has been going well!

Important Blog Entries

:star: ALL MEMBERS should read and be familiar with the content of these blogs:

:bulletred: Submission Guidelines needles-and-thread.deviantart.…
:bulletred: Feature Gallery Rules needles-and-thread.deviantart.…

Also, please check out and support your fellow members' stores!

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