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:star: The focus of Needles and Thread is costumes, clothing, and cloth accesories.

When groups were instituted on Deviant Art, I spent some time looking around trying to find a group that really fits this need. While there were groups for designing Costumes and Artisan Craft in general, there was no specific group for those who sew costumes and clothing. So I created "Needles and Thread" as a group for all those who like to sew what they wear!

Needles and Thread is not a group simply for the elite, the best or the brightest sewers. Needles is for all sewers of every skill level! I am thrilled to find so many deviants with great skill have chosen to become a part of this group, but do not want any deviant to feel as though they should not join because they do not feel "up to par." I encourage all members to exchange tips and tricks as well as admiration for jobs well done!

It is my hope that this club become a network to unite all those deviants who like to sew. If you like to sew, please consider joining, showing off your artwork, and sharing whatever experience you can!

Important Group Information:

If you're interested in joining, please read the following blog entries on how to be a member of this group!

:bulletgreen: How to Become a Member: needles-and-thread.deviantart.…
:bulletgreen: Submission Guidelines: needles-and-thread.deviantart.…
:bulletgreen: Submitting to the Feature Gallery: needles-and-thread.deviantart.…


Many of our members sell their creations online, please take some time to browse, and hopefully patronize their stores!

:bulletpurple: List of Members' Online Stores: needles-and-thread.deviantart.…


:star: If you'd like to help manage this group, please message me or send a note to the group

You may also message me or the group if you ever have suggestions for improving the group! I will frequently update and streamline the group when I see things that can be made better, but appreciate a regular member's point of view on what can be done to improve!



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:star: Members should feel free to suggest any helpful links or websites.

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DA Article on Photographing Cosplay and Costumes by ohnojaylo :bulletblack: news.deviantart.com/article/27…

On Historical Costuming by jeriquan :bulletblack: www.arachneattire.com/

:bulletblue: Member's Online Stores
Many of our members sell their wonderful creations online! Please refer to the list of member's stores if you are interested in purchasing items similar to those in our gallery! needles-and-thread.deviantart.…


:star: We welcome and will affiliate clubs by request.

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