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Welcome to the group! I'm so glad that so many of you wanted to join my little group, where needle felted ponies can call their own! I have some plans for this group, but first I will write a brief outline of the folders in the gallery for future reference.

:bulletpurple: Featured: This folder is there to show off felts the admins think are of a quality above the rest. Members can not submit here, but admins can periodically move any exceptionally awesome felts to the folder occasionally.

:bulletpurple: Mane 6: The six ponies you all know and love. Any felts of Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, or Fluttershy should be submitted here.

:bulletpurple: Secondary Ponies: These are ponies that have had speaking roles in at least two episodes. This ranges from the Princesses to the CMC to the Mayor. If the group gets larger and has more submissions then this will probably be split up into more specific folders. (For now, Derpy is included in this folder since she did have a significant part in the last roundup and since she is so popular. She'll probably get her own folder someday)

:bulletpurple: Background Ponies: These are ponies that have been on the show but are usually seen in the background and have no impact on the action in the episode. This ranges from Lyra to Carrot Top to Doctor Whooves to Nurse Redheart.

:bulletpurple: OCs: Any pony felts of OCs (pony or non pony, so long as it relates to the MLP universe) shall go in here.

:bulletpurple: Non-Pony Characters: These are characters from the show that aren't ponies. This can be pets, Fluttershy's animal friends, Discord, Iron Will, or dragons (Spike included), etc.

:bulletpurple: Group Shots: Any pictures containing more than one pony character will go here, even if it is a pony and their pet.

:bulletpurple: Previous Gens: This goes for any character from the previous generations (pony or non pony).

:bulletpurple: WIP: Work in progress. Any WIP pictures of your MLP felts can go here. We encourage WIP shots here, because posting those can get you some great advice and support on what you are working on!

:bulletpurple: Tutorials: Tutorials for felting ponies. If your tutorial is general enough to where the steps could be used to make a pony, then submit it here! If your tutorial is specific to making something from the show, like a parasprite or pony tutorial, then submit them here too! But, if they aren't for MLP, like, say, a penguin tutorial, then they don't go here.

That's it! If any new folders are added I will update this journal accordingly. If you still aren't sure where your felt should be submitted then just ask! We don't bite :3
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