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Welcome to Needle-Felt-Ponies! This group is exactly what it says on the tin, it's a group for ponies that are needle felted.

What is needle felting, you ask? Needle felting is the process of taking loose wool roving and stabbing it repeatedly with a special barbed needle. The barbs on the needle catches on the wool fibers and tangles and mats it into a solid form. With patience and thousands of stabs, wonderful things can be created.

Why just ponies, you ask? Well, there are already fairly large groups dedicated to needle felting in general, and many fandom oriented groups have sections for needle felting. But needle felted ponies are a growing trend, and they have no place to call home! But now they can all be featured in one place!

There are only two rules for submitting to this group's gallery:
:bulletpurple: Has to be needle felted
:bulletpurple: And has to be related to My Little Pony in some way
That's it! We will take all needle felts that apply, no matter if it is an expert felt, or a beginner felt! But please, when you submit, try to submit to the right folder. There is a guide to what the folders each entail in this journal here:

Also, if you have multiple pictures of a single felt then please limit your submissions to just two different shots of the same felt. This prevents the gallery from being clogged up by the same piece of work.

Gallery Folders

A Little Potions Help (read description) by the-pink-dragon
Jolly Roger Needle Felt Posable Pony by the-pink-dragon
Make The Dawn Rise - Celestia by k-times-two
Vinyl Scratch Needle Felted Posable Plush by SnowFox102
Mane 6
Needle Felted Twilight Sparkle! by StarlitCutesies
Flutterbat Needle felted by Holcifio
Flutter by Maytee
Needle Felted Rainbow Dash by the-pink-dragon
Secondary Ponies
Scoot by Maytee
Spitfire 1 felting by KetikaCraft
Luna Chillin' Needle felted by Holcifio
Windy Mane Big Macintosh by Neeko48
Background Ponies
Lyra Heartstrings Posable Needle Felted Plush by SnowFox102
My little needle felting [Fiddlesticks] by fameng
Needle Felted Lyra Chubby by MaijaFeja
Vinyl Scratch by SztukaPopelniona
Fluffle Puff by SztukaPopelniona
Pebbles Posable Needle Felt by the-pink-dragon
Violet Burette Posable Needle Felt by the-pink-dragon
Fluffle Puff felty pony by Maytee
Non-Pony Characters
Discord Posable Needle Felt by the-pink-dragon
Needle felted Discord by sanr4
Needle Felted Spike by Seamarie
Parasprite Braeburn by SztukaPopelniona
Group Shots
Felt this again! by the-pink-dragon
My Little Pony_Needle felted key chains (1) by Jokura91
Posable Needle Felted Pony Trio by SnowFox102
Felt 6 by sanr4
Previous Gen
Needle Felted Posable Lily - MLP Plushie Contest by SnowFox102
Discord posable needle felt wip by the-pink-dragon
Needle Felt Armature Tutorial Part 2 by the-pink-dragon
Needle Felt Armature Tutorial Part 1 by the-pink-dragon



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Since it is the very beginning of June I figured it would be kind of cool to make a theme month. It's not a contest, but if you need inspiration to make a pony, then take this as your opportunity!

The month of June is now background pony month! Why not try felting one of the many little ponies that stand in crowds and merely witness all the crazy happenings in Equestria? Give Colgate some love! How about Lightning Bolt… ?  Why not Daisy ?

Throw yourself out there and represent the faceless masses! With cuddly wool!
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