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Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus from KOTOR II.
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While I do very much like the effects you've added, this is definitely an alter of a Chris Trevas piece.

I wonder. What would Nihilus do if he finds someone who is clearly the opposite of him (a being with unending Force power and Life energy). Would he capture the Person and then hide in another Galaxy so that he can feed endlessy of the Person? Or would his hunger be neutralized?

And maybe he would shield that Person from harm and other Sith and Jedi, because he doesnt want to share that Person with others. I think he would consider that Person as his property for eternety.CURSE YOU! 
That is a very interesting theory.
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Interesting idea. 
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Darth nihilus is one of the coolest sith ever along with maul,vader,and malgus 
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This guy eats force,Revan is a great manipulator.....who is better?
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Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. Here is the original image so you get a better sense of what I did.…
My personal favorite Sith Lord. :D (Big Grin) 
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May favourite Sith Lord between Bane.
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ah yes. the devourer of worlds, Darth Nihilus the lord of hunger. indeed an example to us all of the true might of the dark side!
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The dreaded and the magnificent.
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I never know that this was my profile pic!
If the Exile hadn't won...He would have consumed Emperor Vitiate.
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He's so fucking awesome!:D
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This is amazing. :wow: It looks very professional. I love how you drew the force lightning and the lightsaber. :iconelectricityplz: :jedi: His mask looks really cool too. This is not only my favorite picture of Darth Nihilus on DeviantArt, but my favorite picture of Darth Nihilus ever! :icongrin--plz: Very, very well done. :clap: Definitely adding to favorites. :+fav:
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Wow. Just. Wow, incredible work, just wonderful, INCREIBLE!*bowing to computer until screen goes black, I wiggle mouse and continue bowning*
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Epic. I love his mask XD
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Love it. He is my favorite Sith, even though he is not in any of the movies...
I feel that they should change that.
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