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Lao by Nedraed Lao by Nedraed
The third of TECHNOBABYLON'S three protagonists, Dr Lao is a CEL Case Officer with a background in organic computing. Taking life a lot less seriously than her dour partner Dr Regis, she seems to be the only person who can stand working with him for any length of time.

Character portraits for the game (coming early 2015) by the delightfully talented Ilyich (
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// ** CEL HRR ACTION REPORT - 03-SEP-2086 **//
// ** Classified Partition: Blue-Special **//

Centralized Government – Staff Reassignment Evaluation

D.O.B.: 25/11/2049

...Academic record <ATTACHED>
...Service record <ATTACHED>
...Anti-civil activity record <FOUND IN SE/68>

Candidate has applied to be moved from current operation category [CORPSMAN/2C] to new operational status with Centralized Government, remaining within CEL as active network. This is candidate's [FIRST] official request for reallocation.

//Operational History://
Subject first began work within CEL at 2C Grade following MSc graduation <June-2084>, assigned to low-intensity field operations within S-E Network. Lao has achieved consistently high results in standardised testing (see attachment), and has always stated an ambition to move into investigative work as a specialised case officer (SCO), though her line manager within the S-E Network has filed a number of disciplinary complaints regarding her conduct in public confidence tasks. She has been described as “impatient”, seeking to carry on cases far beyond the remit of a 2C corpsman, believing her own talents to be “wasted” on patrol duty. Whether justified or not, her line manager feels that this demonstrates an inability to work within CEL's command structure.

Nonetheless, based upon subject's academic background, testing history and city sentiment alignment, Central determined it a worthwhile investment to sponsor further training for subject, who recently received their PhD (Techno-organic systems interfacing) from the Newton Academy of Sciences.

// Addendum // - Objection from <D.Walker>
<Walker> Is Central aware of Lao's anti-civil history outside of CEL? This was essentially the reason that we didn't take her on as an SCO in the past.
<CENTRAL> Your objection is noted, Dr Walker. Based on reports from the incident filed by [REDACTED], it is apparent that her own anti-civil activity (3rd degree unauthorised network breach, civic utilities disruption, petty larceny) was itself aimed at a group posing a more considerable threat to the average welfare of the city. This, combined with her subliminal testing index, provides sufficient data to allay doubts that her loyalty lies anywhere but to the city of Newton. There is sufficient probability (88.5% +/-) that allowing her to engage in work with more experienced CEL Case Officers will enable her talents to be put to better use.


UnendingDreamer Featured By Owner Edited Sep 3, 2014   Digital Artist
Art great, words were a bit too technobaboly for me to bother reading through the.... 
  • ** CEL HRR ACTION REPORT - 03-SEP-2086 **//
  • ** Classified Partition: Blue-Special **//


If that is part of the game, I suggest a tl;dr version that can expand into more. If you ever read those old order documents they sort of do that. At the end or start they just offer two or three bullet points that sum everything up. Makes things easier for higher ups who just want a quick refresher, and will keep the players who are less interested in reading it up, more willing to at least glace to get a good picture. 

Ignore me if you wish. 
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