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This group was created for all of those who like the Necron race from Warhammer 40,000.
Artwork, models, screenshots, anything at all to do with Necrons or their gods, the C'tan, can be submitted to this group, there are however a few simple rules to follow:

-Be kind to everyone who visits/posts/contributes to the group.
-NO rule34 images, if you are really unsure about your image then send a note asking first.
-Don't spam the group.

Artwork: All drawn artwork featuring Necrons will go here, can be hand-drawn, done in PhotoShop, etc
Models: All pictures of the models themselves will go here, this includes any picture with effects on them, for example,
Misc: This will feature any images of Necrons that won't suit the other galleries, such as screenshots from Dawn of War, etc.

Let's keep this as a nice friendly group.
The 2nd wave of Necron Units is right around the corner! Expected Release for it is May the 5th. The release list will include:
    Triarch Stalker – Full Plastic Kit (1 per box)
    Tomb Blade – Full Plastic Kit (3 per box)
    Canoptek Wraith – Full Plastic Kit (3 per box)
    Canoptek Spyder – Full Plastic Kit (1 per box)
    Nemesor Zahndrekh – Finecast
    Vargard Obyron – Finecast
    Illuminor Szeras – Finecast
    Destroyer Lord Upgrade Pack – Finecast Bits
    Heavy Destroyer Upgrade Pack – Finecast Bits

There have been some image leaks along with this which can all be seen on the following link:…
Will update this journal post as more is revealed or if there is a official announcement from Games Workshop themselves.

The prices for all of these kits has been estimated and seem legit, they are as follows:
Necron Triarch Stalker - UK: £29   US:$47.00
Necron Tomb Blades - UK: £25   US:$41.25
Necron Canoptek Wraiths - UK: £29   US:$47.00
Necron Canoptek Spyder - UK: £20    US:$33.00
Nemesor Zahndrekh - UK: £11   US:$19.25
Vargard Obyron - UK: £9   US:$16.00
Illuminor Szeras - UK: £13   US:$21.50
Necron Destroyer Lord Upgrade Pack - UK: £6   US:$10.00
Necron Heavy Destroyer Upgrade Pack - UK: £5   US:$8.25

The new models have all been fully announced now, all available to pre-order of the Games Workshop website. Here are links to the page to order the new stuff from and to the GW Blog with a video of the New Models:……

So what will you all be getting to add to your armies then? Post in the comments below!!
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