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Stop drawing crappy ass anime and grow the fuck up!
Aparently, I am stupid.
July 3rd, that's today, and it just happens to be my 18th birthday. There's no turning back now, i have to grow up! :lol: - it's here, go nuts!
After many months of quiet plotting and tuning, Breed has returned with a massively overpacked release.

Release #22, titled "Metempsycose" is loaded to the gills with new artwork, and new artists! Some of our new members include Kolaboy, Brian Foster, Omerta ( formerly killjoy/volatile ) and C-specter who bring a fresh new group of skills into the wide array of styles and talents that have long made breed one of the best. As well, monaux makes a triumphant return to the group.

Spanning through two dozen plus skins, heavily contributed to by 883, who's mind gets picked in an interview as well this release! Nearly 100 art pieces alone, with massive contributions by KSS, Sagenlicht, Asunder and Nuvem. With well beyond 100 pieces in total, the music in this release just spans enough time to set the mood and keep your ears pleasured while the art keeps your eyes busy.

Scree, also interviewed in this release, has made the best of the delay in release to fully tear the site apart ( code wise ) and rebuild it, from top to bottom back to front! of course, we couldn't just leave any old layout ontop of a sparkly new code, so zkreso ( another brain is picked with yet another interview right here! ) polished it off with a whole new visual layout with the help of Necron, Sagenlicht and Aesqe, rounding this pack out to be a most memorable one.

Before feasting your senses to this massive installement, make sure to check out our teaser created by in-house artists Skrath and Aesqe. DivX 5.0.5 required. - get ready
That's it, im done for this season! I had my final exam today, physics. I scored a B+, so life is fucking excellent. Im gonna go get really drunk now, haha, take care! :D
The next step in the breed evolution, codenamed 'ProjectHive', has now been completed. The release is pending, stay tuned for more on the subject.
I am my fathers daughters sisters brothers brother.
i think i just caught SARS-Light or something, my nose is running, and i have a sore throat.
Right now im at this huge computer convention/party with some friends of mine. I bet some of you retards are there as well, so if you feel like dropping by, im at table H.5, seat 14 :)
So this guy from the computerstore called me up on friday afternoon. "We've fixed your computer". Im like, yeah, finally. So i ask them to install a new cpu while they're at it. Im guessing it'll be done some time this week. Hopefully in time for the weekend. So my "new" workstation will be something like:

1,44 ghz AMD Duron
Abit K7T-a Motherboard
1024 mb SD-Ram
40 gb ATA 100 Raid HD
Ati Radeon 8500
Dual Hyundai 17" monitors
Soundblaster Live! 1024 Player
Cambridge FPS 5.1 Surround System
Samsung 16x DVD-Rom

That's right, no cdrw, but i'll have my trusty old floppy drive! So, in other words, expect more artwork in the near future.
I got a nice message from the postoffice this morning: my new computer had arrived.

So i went down there and picked it up. A brand new Apple Ibook with a shitload of ram, 640 megs in all. It`s really small, im amazed by the 12,1" screen. Im so in love. Actually im in bed with it right now, and im not wearing too much clothes, hehe. That sounds kinda sick, but it`s late, and im gonna go to sleep. So long ;)
Sorry about the new icon folks, i cut myself shaving.

I decided what kind of subjects i`ll be studying at an a-level in my last year of high school:

International Politics

Why you ask? I really have no idea, help me out here.
Argh! My subscription expired today! :doh:

Shelley aka. noir said the following on
"i have necron tatooed on my ass (in 300 point black arial bold font)"

I was not aware of this, any other people out there who wants to step forward? If so, now is the time! ;)
Happy new *burp*
Yes, you`ve guessed it, tonights the night! Im sitting here just stroking my fingers across the tickets. Seems like i have the perfect night planned. I mean, could the combination LOTR + Girl be any better?
finally got my hands on the leaked DOOM 3 alpha demo. my god we`re in for a scare, i can`t wait! ;)