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razorart 008 - necron by necron razorart 008 - necron by necron
Made for Issue 8

School has been kicking my ass lately, i am just finishing up my winter finals this week. So i have not had the time to make a brand new wallpaper for razorart, this one here is a remake of an older wallpaper i did some months ago, ARTificial.

Anyways, i feel this fits the desktop, some comments or suggestions would be nice :) (Smile)
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thief6 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2001
i saw this from you before! as always, it's awesome! good colors involved and i like the darkness of it! good input of typoart details. good wp, definitely necrazorart!

loiden Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2001
oh. this is realy nice.. I like it alot.. mm.. but it was that about the font =) (Smile) .. other then that.. awsome wall =) (Smile)

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draxgoroth Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a really nice job Necron.
The font is great trust me =) (Smile)
mellqvist Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2001   Photographer
ok, this is brilliant! :D (Big Grin) love the color tone, nice! :) (Smile)

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necron Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
I knew people were gonna react to the font choice, i just wanted to see how it was accepted. Looks like i might wanna change it, since it`s confusing people to such an extent :) (Smile)

Thanks for all the contructive and critical comments people ;) (Wink)

____// necron
thrawn Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, this one looks familiar. Is it a manip of an earlier one?
Nice job. No idea WHAT it is, but it looks really cool :D (Big Grin)

hermelin Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
Hmm i think you showed me this on my LAN a while back.
I do love this though i would not make love to it.
Maybe a bit to dark though.
Great work.

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2mo Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
Awesome work!

abh0rsen Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001 and blue. and it involves razorart..even better.

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idlejam Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
ewwwwwww the font. :[ I KNOW you can do better font wise :P (Razz) .

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arleetec Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
Neat abstarctness, only thing I have a problem with is the font you picked. It does not have clear legibility,the "z" in razor looks like a "i" instead of "z" also the "a" looks like to similar to a "o". Overall its a nice and useable wall, good work.

sasso Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
I remember that wallpaper, this looks great with the new additions. Great color scheme, nice illusion, sweet details. This deviation has it all! ;) (Wink) metadream - Sal Loria deviantMAG - Sen. Editor|Software Reviews deviantART - Addict CrazysunArt - Member
umbilikal Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001   Writer
feels like i'm falling...spiral down

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-thrawn- Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
pretty dark...... quite cool, nec!
rOck 0n!! luv ya stuff.

greetz to you
-tHraHorns N-
necron Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
Oh, it`s too messy, and you want more of the background to come out... oh well, how`s that for logical :p (Razz)

____// necron
sephirot Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
A bit too messy but I like it!
I would like to see more of the bg :) (Smile)
x0id Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
very nice WP man .. really like it (like all your other stuff)

Winter exams are a bitch, I'm about to start tomorrow and then going on for 2 weeks :( (Sad) .. they really ruin my life and the opportunity to design

(sorry for my bawt enlishay ;) (Wink) )

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gottmacher Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
Long time no see! Great work. Nice and abstract, but enough interesting stuff going on that it doesn't feel like a Rorchak test.

And blue... gotta ove blue. The only thing I could say is that I'm not wild about the font on the left... I dunno, matter of taste, I suppose. Not a big deal at all.

Great job, I'd better see more durring christmas!

-[Transmission terminated]-
fixion- Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2001
love this !!! better than my submission anyways, but min got in ;) (Wink) reallly great work..

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December 3, 2001
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