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necron - razorart by necron necron - razorart by necron
Made for issue 7 "Self Portrait"

The culmination of some experiments i have been messing around with for a few weeks. Just wanna say thanks to hypertron for his kind advise a while back, which i have followed.

I had just made a "self-portrait" when i saw the theme for issue seven. I got sort of pissed, since my portrait was only 640x480. So i altered it, and added some effects to make it a bit more appealing as a wallpaper.

Go for the fullview, cause the screen does not cover any details.
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temabina Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2002
very good manip!
livin-it-up Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2001
very cool.. nice to see something like this that is fresh and new.

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d9ine Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2001
:( (Sad) I hate you

{ + } d9ine Moo MOooOo
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thief6 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
awesome style nec! good elements used and the whole composition is great! love the wall you did using your self portrait and i say this is a great addition to the other great deviations you have! great work!

zkreso Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
nice style Alien
thrawn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
Love it, necky. I recognize the image......what was it, "Brainstorm" or something?

eh. whatever. it's nice, the free-for-all border is really cool, good crown or halo around the image in the center :D (Big Grin)

idlejam Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
i must say it comes off as a good wp :D (Big Grin) because of the things u've added. :) (Smile)

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umbilikal Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001   Writer
badass necron, it looks almost 3d in some places....Wish I could figure those damn graphics programs out.

necron Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
loiden: for the record, it`s not a contest... it`s for their latest issue ;) (Wink)

____// necron
itsprobablyme Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
this is sweet!

who?? me??? huh?? me??? D:o (Eek)
I dare ya! -->
koolflasher Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001   Photographer

tight yo !
hermelin Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
It's no contest loid it's the submission to issue 7 in razorart remember the thing i told you hmm anyway necron to you.
Hmm well this is as trendy as it gets rigth?
Anyway the grunge is not bad and you did actually add orange in the text and you know i cant resist orange.

So well great work.

Frog the King will bite your toe whahahahahah Frog
loiden Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
woa.. I really love this style and u know that... I think atleast =D (Big Grin) . .mm.. so cool... good luck in the contest :) (Smile)

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shr00m Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
ahh damn..i love that type of shit..u forever ph33r3d..i love the colors..they rule..the background behind everything..that dark rust picture..kick like speechless..all the trendy type stuff u so beyond trendy its owange..the sharpness of all the detail..aww man..i cant talk..0wn3d..

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regener8ed Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
very cool. trendelicious to the max w/ lots of cool little things everywhere you look.

: ::] regener8ed [:: :
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unicr0n Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
DU har roen på 'grunge'. En svært vellyket wallpaper her. Fabelacti!!!

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astracom Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
now this is what i am talking about....
nice stuff ... very cool.. keep that up... -->
sasso Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
Love it. I wouldn't change a thing, it's crisp, clean, there's plenty of room, it's trendy, it's not trendy, it's everything and yet simple in approach. Excellent work.

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sanguru Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001  Hobbyist Writer
wonderfully made. beautiful work. it's nice and constructed.
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October 21, 2001
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