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Vorsicht by necron Vorsicht by necron
Another one of my uproars at nazism, not that many of you will ever take a look at this.

All photos were taken while on my trip to Poland 2 weeks ago. I feel sort of guilty since i took photos of photos in the museums etc. Damn, about half of the photos are my own, thats not good.
Oh, and while i still remember it:
Try to look at art for meaning and potential,
not because of trippin colors or composition.

Props to anyone who supports that.
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scorpion-goddess Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2003
very very nice. great work. how on earth did you do that...its so kool. its...dark...and creepy...all the more reasons why i like it. +fav. and im gonna stalk you
satorius Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2003
Great comment, great work. You've taken pictures of pictures hardly anyone would see and amplified their meaning. There is no harm in that. It's like a PA for poets whispering in the dark. Nice
saronix Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2003  Hobbyist
nice why is it in in indy art though?
sasso Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2001
The message is a gruesome one. From a time of horror, this design represents what transpired in those days. Nice work.

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ez3k1el Featured By Owner May 8, 2001
A very smart piece of art thats weel crafted and has meaning. not just looking good. it also has a message. a very strong one wich i think is a number one purpose in art to make people think.
excellent. keep it up.

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jeffo Featured By Owner May 8, 2001   Interface Designer
Excellent work. I like the blending of layers along the middle of the image. The images make you think a little bit too. Thinking is something a lot more people need to practice on a regular basis.
Keep up the creativity. (b.t.w. -- I accept submissions at my site:

brazensix Featured By Owner May 8, 2001
Intersting piece. I like the idea behind, but as Hex mentioned you need to blend them all in a bit better. Other then that, it's a great piece. Good work.

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hextr1p Featured By Owner May 8, 2001
But composition is what often makes art meaningful and 'art', isn't it? Or am I way off base here? Heh heh...

As for potential, yeah, this piece has it. You just need to work the collaboration of the images a little better. I kinda dig the border on the top and bottom, but the center looks to be just a photo collage. Not that that's a bad thing, but it just seems more so a portfolio of historical pictures rather then art. The colors are working well, depicting the somber mood of this time and the acts carried out as depicted in some of the photos. And I like the center piece of the 'Vorsicht' sign. I would just suggest reworking this a bit. Just my opinion.
my3blk Featured By Owner May 8, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
to me art is anything that conveys emotion, and this piece has emotion. sure it could be improved to be more visually appealing, but it does convey emotion, which is ultimately more important than flashy graphics and trendy effects.

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May 8, 2001
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