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Unintended - Alderdom by necron Unintended - Alderdom by necron
Unintended - Time takes it`s toll

Taken from breed`s latest installment, 12.

This piece has a story, a long one.

I started working on this ages ago, i first shot the initial core photographs early summer 2001. From there i started working on it, but never really feeling quite satisfied with how it turned out.

So time went by, and i looked at it and changed it around countless times, never seeming to finish it at all. But today, when i woke up, i sat down infront of my computer, and strangely, everything seemed to work out perfectly. So i worked with it on and off through-out the day, and now it`s finished, at least in my eyes.

So i beg you not to give any so-called
"constructive comments" here. I am not going to change it, because it`s a personal piece of art, and to have other people influence it would go against the very nature of the artwork itself.

This is the weirdest piece i have ever worked on, so i have no idea how people will interperate this. Since it`s been in the works for so long, i cannot remember where the inspiration ever came from, because it was always present when i was working on it. I just hope you can see it as i do, something out of the ordinary.

(Alderdom is norwegian for aging, or somewhere in that feild. It`s a hard language, so translations are killing me)
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kriek Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice work, I love it.
g-host Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002  Student
lovin the typography here, wish i knew the language. From what i can see though, it does give an excellent aged feel, top notch man, i'd have to say this is one of my favorites from you, infact, I'm going to add it to my favorites.

thrawn Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
saw this yesterday, but didnt have time to comment, sorry :) (Smile)

looks great, necron. and you made this unintended? damn :) (Smile)
The newspaper fonts rawk. Really rough-like :D (Big Grin)
thief6 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002
good use of elements here and those rough imagery adds a great touch to this latest piece. nice color scheme, kind of post apocalyptic.

zkreso Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2002
Hmm... very interesting blending style... might try it sometime... oh god no... there i got inspired by others again...
/smacks self in forehead

anyway, it's ver' nice, emotinal even Thumbs Up
sasso Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2002
You did a great job of blending everything together. It looks really tight, excellent work.

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angetriste Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2002
me feels like seing the chaotc side of him in a mirror, i see the street where evrybody is nobod.y. I see the agression of our cities. I feel urban noise and agression i feel my identity fading away.
i see my problem with the concept of identity.

Damn this work is really introspective and i understand what you meant by the personal view of the artist this is DEEEEEEP

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ikosho Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2002
Ser ganske gammelt ut ja ;) (Wink) Har ein fin grunge touch i den og :) (Smile)
ahh, 2 dager igjen til ny breed pakke :D (Big Grin)

draxgoroth Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work on this one..

onex Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2002
dang that's psycho :P (Razz) , alot better then my work

LEye Eye k My W00d :) (Smile)
ez3k1el Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
Very chaotic yet simple. Even its 2d it has very much depth in it wich i like.

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idlejam Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
Thumbs Up You know you kick ass... :P (Razz)

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brandonalderson Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
ahh.....wonderful. the colours u used r great. has a great feel to it. like the beauty of rust. excellent work :]

silvermind Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
ooh, I really like this piece.
The idea...the images, it's all amazing ! =D (Big Grin)

[ - sarah

sanguru Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
wow, wonderful..
pixelphreak Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
u fuckin @#%#
*kisses necron

love your work man
layout and composition is 'amazing'
keep it up0rz

jackdirt Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
that is an amazing compostion of elements... I love the way you integrated the newspaper text and the way you positioned the objects. Thi sis really a wonderful digital collage. Simply beautiful.


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kodslash Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
wow, now that is definitely an interesting photo manip piece. A very different attitude than most but I like it just the same. Very original work!

gottmacher Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
hmmm... very interesting. I'm not quite sure what else I can say about it. It has a definate emotion behind it. Some fear of time's progression... but beyond that, I can't say just what it is I'm feeling here.

I guess it reminds me a bit of the feeling of dread I sometimes get when I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason.

Very good work, my friend. Keep it up.

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hermelin Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
Well it sure looks quite elderly with thoose newspaper fonts and all the rest.
I really like thoose fonts too.

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taucherd Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
lol i was in your gallery and when i refreshed u had something new up! very nice piece man. You have a gift and you are a truly wonderful artist

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