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The nightly disease by necron The nightly disease by necron
Work in progress, i need comments suggestions.
My inspiration has run dry, so i need some thoughts, guidance, etc.
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thief6 Featured By Owner May 29, 2001
whoa, nice effect you got here necron!
doesnt need anything! the transition of black and grey is well done and those orange burning thing is great. the grainy grungy effect (what i see) is sweet work!
you got some typoart going in there too, but its good coz it doesnt clutter the place. great work necron!
wolvesrun Featured By Owner May 29, 2001
hey step back and leave this alone. It speaks tons and needs nothing. I like IT!


i luv the way life screwed up the way ur lookin at me
insanehodgie Featured By Owner May 29, 2001
you're amazing man. i really don't see how you could do much else to it. i think anything more would make it feel cluttered. keep doin what you're doin.
ez3k1el Featured By Owner May 29, 2001
i like this alot, might be my favorite of all. Abstract with wodnerful colours and fluidance of them, also i like the center swirl it fits the whole image uncredibly nice. also i noticed the slightly bumpped surface effect there wich really adds + in top of a++ ;) (Wink) . i wouldnt change a thing in this. as ill try to improvise you i say following: let you mind flow, try to follow common themes, love, hate, war and etc, and try to mix em, also you should try to combine bright colours and darkish moody colours and try to make the image fluid, it would be amaxing with your skills, a WELL of feelings it should be called ;) (Wink)

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sentinel Featured By Owner May 29, 2001   Traditional Artist
Super-nifty-trippy efx you got on them eyes. Love em! I don't know if i like the symetry though, maybe vary the left from the right a bit. Also maybe add something else besides the eye, or maybe a few different efx. But that one effct is suwweet! keep up the good work man!
hermelin Featured By Owner May 29, 2001
Hmm i think the black shit should be more transparent or swicth it to something else.
Rest of pic is somewhat i see good the colors are about my favorites and the shubbelibala thingies are cool.
Well i guess thats all change or transparent the black stuff thats all i have to say.

musicinmyhead Featured By Owner May 29, 2001
that's awesome, i don't really see anything that needs work on it, great job :) (Smile)

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May 29, 2001
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