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The Barracks by necron The Barracks by necron
"..And as the light struck my sore eyes, i saw nothing but the truth, and the crimes which had been commited.."

Took this photo when i was with my class in Poland last week. This one is from inside one of the barracks of Birkenau concentration camp.
I have taken about 5 photos from the camps, this is the second one. The first is named Sachsenhausen, so if yer dying to see it (though i dont think so) search for it.

Well.. enjoy :) (Smile)
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kerygma Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2002   Photographer
Wow :O (Eek) this is scary stuff man! exquisite work thought. I'm not a professional photographer or something like that but i can realy tell that this shot is amazingly well done, i realy cant express to much about how i feel viewing this shot, only that it's excellent. awesome work!
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dizzet Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2002
Really awesom pic!!!! the lighting and the colors are so great. Very neat and cool contrast
i love it ;) (Wink)

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san-tor Featured By Owner May 20, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
The whole series is great necron.
You really captured the mood from one of the most horrible places on earth.

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dfluke Featured By Owner May 16, 2001
Great shot.. I guess I have to go there sometime.. *prepares cam*

darkism Featured By Owner May 5, 2001
Nice lighting and atmosphere, a fine photograph.

biohazardpfoten Featured By Owner May 4, 2001
what, you mean we're supposed to enjoy the atmosphere of auschwitz?! i don't think so, unless we're nazis. that camp is left standing for us to forever feel uncomfortable and never repeat the situation.
yea yea i know you mean we should enjoy the purdy photo itself bla bla, but you know.. i couldn't let you get off easily. not when it comes to this.

// biopfoten //
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sodapop Featured By Owner May 4, 2001
Great shot - lighting and the feeling of it all - looks like it is going somewhere but in reality you know its not - good work

Mikaela ;-) (Wink)
nenya Featured By Owner May 3, 2001
Very nice photograph. Wonderful use of leading lines to draw the eye into the photograph. The repeating squares/rectangles are also a nice touch. And I love the lighting from the window in the back and the way it plays on the floor and lights the barracks. Wonderful lighting and composition.
kar0 Featured By Owner May 3, 2001
This is a really great picture. The angle and all.. where you could see far up ahead, and still see the surroundings.. ok.. i'm talking nonsense, great picture ;) (Wink)
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