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Spirit - Untitled by necron Spirit - Untitled by necron
Breed #16: Covenant - Spirit - Untitled

First of all; sorry i had to delete this to those who put this in their favourites. The reason for doing this was that there were some legal issues involved in a competition i entered, that required that all copies of your submission on the net had to be taken down until the contest was over. I won the contest, which was to make a commercial concept for Apple Computers Norway, i won, and got me a phat new iMac computer.

I decided to put up the small version, without the propaganda, cause it was really too large for the web. For the full version, please visit: [link]
That`s a lowres version of the official one, which is printdesigned, at 300dpi.

Yeah, that`s about it, hope you guys like it, it`s been my largest undertaking ever :) (Smile)
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angetriste Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2002
mm i saw that one in progress long ago.

THe final result is still amazing.
Giving the feel of a polluted/combusted entity.

very mystical.

lots of depth in this work
thief6 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2002
dark, really dark which is nice. looks like one of those expelled evil entities out there. the face looks ver freaky and the textures are nice! well done necron and congratulations!!!
hellboundsoul Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2002
i love it. its all dark and then theres the little childlike drawing in the nose; very cool. and the eye in the middle of the chest is a very nice touch. im gonna go check out more of your stuff now. later-jake
nenina Featured By Owner May 29, 2002
just... *****Great :D (Big Grin)
I like a lot!! :P (Razz)
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fixion- Featured By Owner May 22, 2002
i remember sitting @ TG when you edited and documented the whole process *mimre* hehhehe, i love this one, definitively going into favs ;) (Wink)
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Kevin Featured By Owner May 22, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
thats really cool, i love how the more you look at it, the more stuff you see.... its interesting work :) (Smile)
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thrawn Featured By Owner May 21, 2002  Professional Digital Artist my only question is what this has to do with apple?! lol.
looks cool, it's like all...... RAWR :D (Big Grin)

and now I know how you got the iMac :P (Razz) I thought you just won somethin....
zkreso Featured By Owner May 21, 2002
I still love it...
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cyber-crash Featured By Owner May 21, 2002
Excellent fantastic wonderful! Bravo, great stuff, glad you won the contest!
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paroxysm Featured By Owner May 21, 2002
well done on winning the contest - i can see why!
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May 21, 2002
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