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Science of sound by necron Science of sound by necron
This picture was made by one of my best friends (he has been involved in alot of my photography), who unfortunately does not have an internet connection. With his approval, i made some changes, added some text. And i must say, this guy has some serious skillz. Its just to sad that he is not able to share his work with others.
All props to Theedroid, man im happy to upload this baby.

Now, enjoy (yes i mean it this time)
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00adam Featured By Owner May 19, 2003
this is just a great piece everything in it works well together and it all looks awsome nothing to criticise.
sasso Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2001
That is very cool. Everything looks tight, from the graphics to the skull to the text used. I like this piece, and there's nothing really lacking from it. Nice work.

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ez3k1el Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2001
w0w...your friend has mad skillz also like you do too ;) (Wink) ...heh ill buy your friend a connection ;) (Wink)

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projectserberus Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2001   Photographer
this is pretty cool, love the originality its got going for it, i'm not so sure i like the text covering up the middle of the pic, maybe if it was moved off to the bottom or something, or completely i dunno, neet work though :) (Smile)

3ch0 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2001  Student
lol hermelin you`re weird :D (Big Grin) D

Hmmm...this is great, but I don`t like the colours...

hermelin Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2001
This rocks elephant fat (do you understand that quote in english).
It's one of the greatest pieces i have seen, man Ole you just too good.
This one deserves a frickin Daily Deviant at least.
The only critizizing thing i have to say is that i think it should be dark. :) (Smile)
But thats only my opinion.

:D (Big Grin)

sole Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2001
nice :D (Big Grin)
looks very unique, probly due to the fact that he hasnt seen much of anyone elses work.

i personally think it would look a little better if their wasnt any text.

anyways, it still looks great, and tell him to keep it up :D (Big Grin)
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April 4, 2001
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