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Nightmares by necron Nightmares by necron
I had the day off from school and i just finished reading a good norwegian novel. Thus, inspiration struck, and i sat down and made this picture.
Its basically a nightmare translated into pixels.
I had a nightmare here the other day, might have something to do with that.

Well, i hope you like it :) (Smile)
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sasso Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2001
I don't see nightmare here, but maybe I'm interpreting it wrong. It's too dark to see anything that would constitute a nightmare, unless that's what the nightmare is of.

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caltha Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2001   Photographer
Pretty tidy nightmare.. It's nice though, would make a good book cover.

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cype Featured By Owner May 12, 2001
nice nice man, necron don't worry i haven't forgot about you i am back to comment at your stuff, but hey man i like this art its got that dark feeling to it, i feel you on this one, and im gonna check out the second release right now, take it easy man.

Nicolas (Cype)
ez3k1el Featured By Owner May 11, 2001
Excellent wallpaper yet simple but still complex and facinating and leaves space for icons...really looks good in desktop...altough its dark. its pretty neutral in emotion. just keeping these wallpapers might get me depressed someday ;) (Wink) . i creatinly hope not. ;) (Wink)

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brazensix Featured By Owner May 10, 2001
Very sweet. I love the entire grungy feel to the piece. All the elements are very nicely blended in together. The eye in the center there really grabs... well my eye... hehe. I love what you've done with the text to. It's just an all around great piece. My only suggestion would be to maybe blend in a lighter image with the dark parts. Good work.

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lytordrk Featured By Owner May 10, 2001
Great eerie feel, good way to show a nightmare. I do have a question though, what is that in the centre? It's almost like one of the weird dreams in which you can't make out whats going on, until you get close, then something horrific is there...hmmmmm
Great job!

hermelin Featured By Owner May 10, 2001
Ok probably do.
I had a nightmare to a couple of days ago (no it wasnt about raisins).
It was about a fat guy in the shower who wanted to cut me with a razorblade.
Then i had another dream, I was walking to the shop to buy a Hobby (my favorite chocolate) when i saw alot of pakistanian people praying or some, when i came closer som of them started to fght with eachother i walked past them, and i saw that they started to look at me i looked back and there eyes were all white no pupils and shit, i walked faster and then they surrounded me, and then!!!! the jumped at me.
III scary huh.
Hmm forgot that this were supposed to be a comment not a descripion or a story for my shrink (if i had one) sorry:P (Razz)
This is a good pic by the way.
:D (Big Grin)

necron Featured By Owner May 10, 2001

Consider this an early version. Im not really done with it, so comments/suggestions are very welcome. (Please see the fullview, the thumb looks stupid)

Cheers :) (Smile)

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May 10, 2001
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