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Insignificance by necron Insignificance by necron
It is strange how everything that you hold dear one day just seems elsewhere and illusive. How things you considered vital just fades. And the important questions you had, that suddenly needs no answer.

When it all comes down, nothing really matters anymore, it just all seems insignificant.
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WarthogDemon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2008   Writer
Cool. :)
thief6 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2001

wow, kind of like the opposite of your latest deviation. wp expresses some kind of sadness and those blue tones are just amazing. good grungy effect. the images are cool and i like the way theyre faded. btw, that circle, reminds me of the snake eating its own tail...??? great work, necron!
corrodingsun Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2001
the massive whiteness is quite a good choice, i'd say. white transports a very cold aspect of nothingness.
on first glance i get from the pic the feeling of really a lot of things rushing by and the viewer (me, in this case) just really doesn't care. there are so many things blended on top on top of each other, with nothing really sticking out (->insignificance).
those black parts that burn through the datastreamcomawhite in some places are very grand, though i don't quite know yet why. it's sort of that blackness at athe heart of it all that filters through.
there are some drawbacks, though: the symbolspace you're quoting is a very common one. i mean, there's this female, and all the techy things and there are even those 45 angles (:-) (Smile) ). i'd really like to see something from you with a more personal use of symbols.
oh, one more thing: right in the middle there is this circular thing, and to me it looks a bit like a rough cut version of this world-serpent that bites it's own tail. is that intentional? would really make sense.

desire nihil.
unicr0n Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2001
Very nice 'grungy' effect and layer blends. It is a bit too wite for my taste though, but thats just personal preferance. Bu all in all it's a great wallpaper, keep p the work. =) (Smile)

::Till all are one::
kimiko Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2001  Professional Filmographer
Mmm, nice colours. I like the soft blues you used in it, and the mixes of black and white are cool too. It mixes really well as well, and there's nothing which is particularly distracting, but rather is has a good side and center focus. Nice work! Keep it up ^~


I am lost in my own mind
...are you?

xhaos Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2001
you can't really have everything insignificant.

insignificance means nothing without something significant to compare it to... even if your'e thinking about suicide, then death is significant...

i'm just looking for an argument =D (Big Grin)

nice work... the colours remind me of the 'poison' skin for winamp. looks kind of like watercolour, in a strange way... very grungy.
hermelin Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2001
Now this i really do like, i love blue and i can say theres alot of it on this picture.
The blendings are perfect and the grunge feeling it has to it rocks.
Great Work Per Jan.

:D (Big Grin)

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June 29, 2001
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