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Artificial by necron Artificial by necron
Just experimenting with different styles, trying out trend, even though i don`t like it all that much.

Thanks to 7shadows for some inspiration.
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d9ine Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2001
pretty cool

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sasso Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2001
Savage! Nice wallpaper! Nothing more, nothing less, just awesome. Thanks for the new wallpaper!

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2mo Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2001
it's exactly like 7shadow's work
nice though :) (Smile)

sentinel Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2001   Traditional Artist
I really like the whole image. The right side is not TRENDY in most senses it has elements but it's mostly just a dark and confusing mass of shape and mood. I love it, it's really well done. The left side IS trendy. I think in this case the arrow should be pointing towards the text instead of away to draw attention to it, (that's what their typically used for).
I like the font you used for the text "artificial" (wink) course i'm not biased.
The thickness of the bottom most 45 bothers me a bit, maybe mess with it a bit.
Mostly tho it's all technicalities the "bg" part of the image is perfect i love it, in fact i'd use it as a bg no doubt (witha bit o remixing) but the text draws me away. Ah well, i'm sure i can always just crop it out =P (Razz) .
Good job Nec! When you get some time gimme a note...

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hypertron Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2001
Trying out trend? =[ Maybe trying out a more style enriched textual design... which is a step in the right direction. Decent job... I dont agree the text is too bright, I just think that there could have been more of it along with some minimal shapes or design on top to further develop the style. Check out this:

See how the textual design fills up most of the piece... it balances it out and it's very style enriched. (I didn't make that, that is by one of the more recognized artists in the new media scene)

IMO The typeface is somewhat lacking in aesthetics- Gestaults law of proximity(sp?) (tought in most design classes) indicate that the eye moves more natural over objects that are closer together and groups them together more easily... thus text closer together (negative 50-100 leading or so) appears more aesthetic to the eye. I'm not sure at all if thats exactly what it states but it's something along those lines and I'm too damn lazy to look it up =p (Razz) Anyway I like how your taking a step closer into the area of stylized typographic design... but I don't like that you label it still as trend. I would like to see more experimentations like this.


Joseph Sorensen
unicr0n Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2001
Absolutly amazing!, u need to teach me your technique!

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paroxysm Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2001
an excellent and dark use of trendy elements. understated yet intricate: seriously cool(!)

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hermelin Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2001
Yeah looks great but i liked the screenchot more than the fullview, hmm.

Great colors.
Nice style.

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vannova Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2001
Amazing stuff! Great mixture of different styles... looks awesome!
And I like the cool colors!
Good work!

-[ VanNovA ]-

xpedition Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001   Photographer
wow O_O

kalimon Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001

Interested, although I'm jnot as impressed as the ones who commented before me.
aria Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001   Digital Artist
yum! the feeling of motion that this piece more-or-less radiates is wonderful! also the mixed directions where the light is comming from give the wall a sense of lovely depth. supurb work. :) (Smile)


idlejam Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001
mmm tha blue in this is what caught my attention the most.. i liked it at first glance but then upon further inspection i noticed that the typography is kind of too bright on such a dark piece.. and perhaps a little out of place. other than that this is co0.

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thief6 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001
damn nec, thats amazing! dark and feeding, way i like it! kick ass as always!
those colors are great!!!

3ch0 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001  Student
I love it, even though i never could make the full view work. ;) (Wink) How did you do that? *grr* Me wants that technique :) (Smile) GW

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thrawn Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
that's AWESOME, necky.
especially if you have a lot of icons (which I don't, but beh.)

:D (Big Grin)
shr00m Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001
pfft..he knows its fuckin awesome..

sanguru Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001  Hobbyist Writer
I think it needs a little more emotion, depth, feeling. I just don't see too much in this piece. Very nice colors though, I love dark blue. =) (Smile)

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7shadows Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001
Nice intriguing image! If you were inspired by my works, you certainly have kept much of your own creativity.

thanks for your kind msg. keep up the great work.

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loiden Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2001
I donīt like it to mutch.. how can u say that.. itīs awsome.. luv that style and itīs my colors to.. mm.. awsome work!!

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