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"Have you ever read the Bible, Theopanes?"

The Director turned around from the bookcase he was facing. Despite the augmetic eye console obscuring most of his features, his expression was clear. "The what?"

"The Bible."

Theopanes scratched his chin, his youthful, pale face showing signs of stubble. "Never heard of it," he said after a moment.

"A shame."

"Explain, Nicholas. What is it? Fiction? You know I read very little of that." Theopanes sat back down in a chair opposite Nicholas' desk, adjusting his lab coat. The chairs were plush, leather; the room was furnished with traditional, naturally-grown wood. Nicholas' office was large and borderline extravagant, befitting the Lord Minister of Judicial Affairs. Nicholas chuckled and sat forward, carefully placing the documents on his desk to one side as he fixed Theopanes with his one good eye.

"It's fiction, though for thousands of years it was regarded as the basis of all morality and law. Remember the Christians United Party? The Bible was the book their entire doctrine was founded upon. Though it's less of a book, more of a collection of individual accounts, all translated, misinterpreted and compiled into one lengthy volume."

Theopanes chuckled, leaning back. "Sounds unreliable."

Nicholas flashed a brilliant white smile. "But it was all they had. Thousands of years ago, humanity was like a lost child - alone, confused, stumbling about with no real sense of direction or purpose. Blind, ignorant to the universe around them, they simply did what humans do. Adapt." Nicholas leant back, taking a sip from the crystal tumbler on his desk. "A few humans, the brightest, the most ruthless, the wealthiest, they established a set of fundamental laws, enforced by a supernatural deity."


"Oh yes. No idea why they believed it at the time, but it worked like a charm. Here," he stood and walked over to the bookshelf behind him, taking an ancient-looking book from the top shelf. He blew gently on the front, shifting the dust but ensuring none touched his immaculate suit. He passed the tome to Theopanes. "Have a look," he said, sitting back down.

Theopanes took it, leafing through the paper pages. "Huh," he muttered. "Paper. This is old." He flicked to the beginning, and began reading. "In the beginning, there was nothing but God. And God, all powerful, said "Let there be light." And thus light existed. Pleased with this God made...God built...God -" Theopanes closed the book. "They really believed this?"

"It was all they had."

Theopanes placed the book carefully on the desk. "What's the point of showing me this?"

Nicholas steepled his fingers together. "Food for thought, I guess. Look how much society - humanity - has evolved."

"And yet some things never change," Theopanes said darkly. "Humanity is weak and fundamentally flawed, we both know that. The masses will always need someone to guide them, to lead them, to make the decisions. "

"Well," grinned Nicholas. "That's where people like us come in."

"Hah! Well said, Nicholas."

The door to Nicholas' office opened, and both men turned to see their visitor. Holding a large mug of coffee in one hand and a folder in the other, Edward Konstantin had scarcely taken two steps before he tripped and fell, managing to exclaim "fuck" before he hit the carpeted floor. His hands full, he had nothing to stop his head reaching the ground first.

He lay there motionless, his blonde messy hair suggesting that he had woken up only recently. Miraculously, he had still maintained a hold on his mug, which still contained it's volume of coffee.

"Good morning, Edward."

"Good morning, sir," came the muffled reply.

"Good morning, Edward," Nicholas said, smiling.

"Fuck off Nicholas."
Just something to keep the writer's block at bay. There's more to come, this is just a short extract. :)
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LucasCAPS Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013   Writer
Fuiron Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2010
It may seem strange, but the future you foresee may not arrive for millenia yet.
A--Human beings are stubborn.
B--Religion is part of human culture.
C--Human culture changes at a snail's pace, compared to technology and scientific knowledge.
Necron-cheese Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
Oh, I know, I understand that. This wasn't an attempt to foresee the future, rather an attempt to create an ongoing piece of fiction that reflects in some way my own political and social views. This piece isn't part of the canon storyline thus far, merely a piece of writing to help me practice. That said, thank you for the comment, the points you made are very true. :)
Konoka-chan Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010
:giggle: I liked it. xD
Necron-cheese Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010
^^ Thank you ~
Konoka-chan Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
You're welcome. :heart: :D
Aprilweredragon Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010
part on bible and God _...

Still liked though :thumbsup:, especially Eddy:).
MutouMiriku Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
...pfffffft XDDDDD

I likes this. I likes it a lot. X3
Necron-cheese Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
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