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[Personal|MYO] Programming

By Necromouser
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owo what's this? a personal Paralogos? hell yeah it is!
I was planning this kid for like half forever,,, & god they r so important 2 me I'm glad they're finally here!!!
gotta say I'm rly rly proud of this design, esp the fin is just mmmm!! love that for me

 - the process of designing and building an executable computer program for accomplishing a specific computing task. 

Alright, so this design is largely based on my (aesthetically) favorite IDE interface (Clion's dark mode specifically,,,) and therefore consists of C code, even if very abstract here.
Their crest is a header file, their head is the head of a main file w/ the neck being a random struct bc those r good.
Their feet are the very end of the main file (return EXIT_SUCCESS).

Now, their design is asymmetrical so that we can represent the 2 sides of programming: the writing (here left) and the testing/revising (here right).
The writing side has a function on the body/back, while the revising side has a folder selection and output line on the fin.
(w/ the small touch of a failure being displayed there in red, bc that's 99% of programming for ya)
Their tail has one line of main body code (some basic printing/loops) on each ring. They are to be read from left to right, w/ the semicolons on the very right being this Paralogos' lights.

Jave also wears some Classic Nerd Attire & has eye bag markings bc yes.
Plus a python companion called Ruby so now there's 4 programming languages referenced here (C, Java, Python, Ruby)


Programming (Computer)
Level: 4

Tier 1 Magic:
Can read and understand program code of any programming language.
Note here that reading/understanding code is way way way simpler than programming, it's more a pre-requirement than anything.

+ diligent, meticulous, very organized, loves lists, will help solve all your problems
- rages when stressed out, asocial while working (don't distract them!!), extremely niche humor, little to no interest/knowledge abt humanities

Jave & Ruby belongs to me, Necromouser
Paralogos are a closed species by mewhaku
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I'm cackling at all the coding references you managed to put into this design... absolutely blessed, I'm love
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skdkdkjs thank u,,
a nerd gotta do what a nerd gotta do u know
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Oh my goodness he even has a python companion yaaasss X'D
but! This is a gorgeous paralogos!! I adore them! good job on this fantastic child!
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they dooo!! I had to!!
& aaa thank u!!!
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its perfect!! and you are so welcome! <3
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Nice work on this kiddo Mouse~
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Ahehem, recycling joke I made a few hours ago..

.....Do they have those glasses so they can.. see sharp?
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fuck yeah they do
it's canon now that that's a joke they tell everyone they meet for the first time
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You know Paprika would grab them by the face and go "you're now my 6214th best friend"
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(The number is completely arbitrary.)
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