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[Paralogos] Light Functionality

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This illustration is a visual expansion to Chapter 8 - Lights and Control


The Paralogos displayed here are #1 Ginkgo (left & top right) and #104 Cauldron (bottom right).
No Paralogos were harmed in the making of this illustration.

How can fins glow then?
Bodyparts that are shown in black here ("non-glowing materials") can still theoretically glow, they just aren't filled with light.
In those cases there's no outer illusion layer between the material (f.e. a fin) and the internal light/essence.
The light will then shine through this small opening into the inside of the material (f.e. skin) and can then make it glow if the material is transparent.
This technically also allows for glow to be only on one side of a fin (in that case only one side of the fin would be transparent).
Any glowing part that isn't directly connected to a Paralogos' body requires tier 1 magic.

Is there any restriction to how lights can look?
No! They can be as big or as small as you want - just make sure your Paralogos has a reasonable lights to body surface ratio (no hard rules, just don't be ridiculous).
The fact that Paralogos' light shines through transparent patches also allows for any level of intricacy in light patterns!

How many colors can a Paralogos' essence have?
As many as you want!
A Paralogos' essence could theoretically even have colors that aren't visible from the outside!

How does essence bleeding work?
Essence bleeding (as seen top right) can occur if a Paralogos loses more essence than they're able to lose via glowing.
It will condense to extremely bright clumps of essence that drip down from their injured spot.
Those drips generally vanish before they can even hit the ground, but in very extreme cases can be seen for a few minutes while it slowly dissipates.
Paralogos who experience essence bleeding require immediate attention as this is extremely dangerous/exhausting for them.


Text Transscript - Left Side
Hypothetically, if you were to cut a Paralogos open, this is what you would see.
Yellow - pure light
Black - skin / leaf / other non-glowing material

Text Transscript - Right Side
If injured, Paralogos with low wisdom lose control of their essence -
in severe cases it can look like glowing drips (seen in the top right image), but usually it's a clean, brightly glowing surface.

Paralogos with multiple light colors also have a multi-colored essence.
The essence colors can appear blended (gradient) or in clear sections (seen in the bottom right image).

Paralogos are a closed species by mewhaku 
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This turned out so amazingly well Mouse!
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thank you sm, Mew!!
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