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[Paralogos] Anatomy



Paralogos -as creatures/beings- are conceptually fluid, meaning that they don't perfectly abide all rules about them.
Those "rules" are more to be seen as guidelines, something from which Paralogos can develop and change, depending on their word focus.
This allows us to draw them differently depending on our own perception or art style and still holding true to their species and anatomy.
This is why we generally keep things vague to allow room for interpretation.

NOTE: Paralogos don't actually have bones!
We portrayed them with bones here to explain how their anatomy works / in which ways they can move - but technically speaking, they have pure light inside their body. Nothing else.
However, from outside they have the appearance of a creature with bones - aka they feel stiffer or squishier depending on where you press on their body.
(f.e. their crest and spine feel very hard, while their belly and tail are soft & squishy)
General Anatomy
Paralogos' anatomy/skeleton is generally quite close to that of a Parasaurolophus dinosaur:
They have a long bony crest on top of their head which is connected to the Paralogos-typical fin.

This fin is usually made out of opaque skin, but depending on the Paralogos' word focus can be translucent and/or consist of other materials such as glass, ice, metal, crystals, paper, petals, etc.
examples: translucent | petals

Their tail is less Parasaurolophus-like and more like those of geckos. 
Only their thin spine runs through it, otherwise leaving it to be (usually) very squishy and soft.
Of course, this too can vary depending on the word focus.

Their internal spine has outgrowing vertical bones that in some Paralogos con protrude through the skin on their back, forming an external spine and/or spikes (example left).
Though not everything that extends from the back of a Paralogos has to be an extension from their internal spine (example right).

Paralogos' hands are the body part that is most often affected by stylization, so we provided several different variations that are all acceptable Paralogos' arms.
1) paw-like hand, 3-4 fingers, fingers are currently only vaguely distinguishable, but still present - example
2) baby hand, 5 fingers, the fingers are short and stubby, but distinguishable - example
3) regular hand, 5 fingers, essentially a simplified humanoid hand - example
4) raptor hand, 4-5 fingers, more claw-like than humanoid - example

For more information, check out these resources:
[Paralogos] Species Sheet + Guide by mewhaku  Group Link Directory - Get Started Here!
Ginkgo Paralogos Animation by @/endriand
Your one-stop shop to learn about the group-- lore wise or activity wise!
The Paralogos group is partially an ARPG (Art Role-Playing Game)
and partially a species-based group (so you can enjoy adopts and share art of 'em!).
This means:
1. You can participate in the ARPG and get items, develop your Paralogos characters, etc, all through group activities and events.
2. If you own a Paralogos character, join up and just share art/writing of 'em when you like! And maybe see some from other owners.
But what you should do first if you want to participate here is make a Library Record.
This allows for the admins and mods to help you keep track of your group progress! Especially if you're participating in the ARPG aspect.
It is basically a log of how many Paralogos you own, 
how much of the group's currency (INK) that you've
Paralogos are a closed species by mewhaku 
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