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[CLOSED] Raffle - Phoenix Paralogos



Raffle Result by Necromouser
Shadonut won this Paralogos!! Congratulations~

[CLOSED] Phoenix by Necromouser
Once upon a time, there was a young and naive phoenix Paralogos who was excited to see the world and go home with a new caretaker.
But as time went by, they couldn't find anyone to go with since their expectations were way too high. 
So with a heavy heart they decided to draw back and turned to ashes, just like it is common practice under phoenixes.

Now, two years later, they returned. 
Stepped out of their ashes as a new and improved self.
They no longer yearn to get their own weight in gold, but only to make someone happy.
Which we're going to help them with.

How do you earn tickets?
- Be a member of the group ParalogosDictionary (new members welcome!) [Required | +1]
- Be a FTO/first-time owner [+1]
- Make a new journal/poll/status to advertise this raffle [+1]
- Tag a friend who isn't a member yet [+1 each, max 3]
- Tell us what you'd like to see in the group / what we could improve [+1 per point, max 3]

Comment on this deviation to enter the raffle by claiming your tickets!

This raffle will run until this Paralogos is exactly 2 years old and thus close on October 3rd, 5 pm CDT
note: admins are excluded from joining this raffle

Paralogos are a closed species by mewhaku
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Raffle Result by Necromouser

Shadonut won!! Congratulations!!

And thank you to everyone who entered and helped us with their suggestions! We considered them all while redesigning the group c: