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[CLOSED] Day 13 - Time



On the strike of the..... what?

When you turn to look at the trusty old clock you've been checking these past 12 days, you find a strangely matching, four-armed Paralogos holding it.
They look at you with kind eyes.
"I'm so sorry. I had to hide in there for a moment.
I'm... trying to fix something very bad that happened some time back and as you may see, it's kind of not going great right now.
Excuse me for the mess I'm making, but I swear I'll have it cleaned up in a second!
Just you wait, I'll fix everything!!"

They start shakily turning the hands of their pocket watch, but stop when they hear you shout "Wait!"
There's this lingering feeling in your mind that they need someone to overlook their doings before everything gets even more out of hand.



New Years Eve - Time - Level 6
Comes with Level 1 Magic and a Clockwork Spider companion.

This Paralogos not only has four arms to handle the entirety of time but also a magically functioning clock as a fin.
(Both the hands and face of this fin clock can rotate to be able to show any time)
Their tail fades out as the time on the hourglass lights runs out.

Additionally it seems that some of their colors change depending on the time of day!
Morning | Day | Afternoon / Evening | Night

Sunrise Vers by Necromouser Day Vers by Necromouser Sunset Vers by Necromouser Night Vers by Necromouser

This Paralogos now belongs to: itinerare 


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Fantastic work on this again Mouse!