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Smashing Through the Tickle-Crypt :iconnecromansara:NecromanSara 9 1
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Vasha Twice Trapped ~ Part 1 :iconnecromansara:NecromanSara 5 2
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A Ticklish Coincidence Part 1
It was a day like any other at the Sweet Stuff internet cafe for Mystic Touch. Not that that meant it was boring. For just like on any other day she spent at this cafe she had a cup of coffee and was chatting in a Tickletheater chatroom.
On this particular day the cafe was fairly empty. As she looked around she noticed only three other patrons. The one across the room from her was a nerdy looking college boy that was obviously playing an online game. The second was sitting at the table to her right. She was a blonde woman in her mid-forties on Facebook as best as she could judge from the small sliver of screen that she could see. The third was sitting in a corner all alone. This person was a goth girl about 18 or 19 and due to the fact that the girl was facing her it was impossible to tell what she was doing.
Mystic Touch ran her fingers through the purple streak in her hair once before looking back at her own screen. 
    JohnBoy: Man, I love these proxy sites. Bos
:iconnecromansara:NecromanSara 18 37
The New Officer
Today was a special day at the Loli Land Corps base. What made today so special? There was a new officer at the base. This new officer was LLO (Loli Land Officer) 2nd Lieutenant Sara. With the growing need for instructors her transferring in from LOS (Loli Officer School) was a blessing. She was excellent at the Loli art of Kusuguru and therefore took over the position of Kusuguru instructor until a higher ranking officer could take the class.
On this particular day Sara had decided to give them a few minutes to socialize before she introduced herself and began the lesson. They were children after all. Little did she know that this was a terrible idea.
“I wonder how ticklish she is,” mused Hope.
 “I really doubt she’ll be really ticklish,” replied her younger sister Love. “I mean if you think about it when a higher ranking officer takes over the class she gets stuck with the job of weapons test dummy. I doubt a really ticklish person would agree
:iconnecromansara:NecromanSara 12 47
Angel Goth Sara By Codricor1 by NecromanSara Angel Goth Sara By Codricor1 :iconnecromansara:NecromanSara 20 59


Mature content
Itsuki-kun, your tail is way too fluffy! :icontickleticklerp:tickleticklerp 9 0
Mizuki-chan, how can you tickle without your eyes?
    The sun is shining, and the grass is growing… it’s a beautiful day outside. A long, worn, dirt road bumbles its way through a forest, meandering this way and that, travelling on to some location unknown. Over a crest in the road appears a pair of girls, one clinging to the other. The one who leads is tall by comparison, her hair in a tight bun and messily licking around the sides of her face. She wears a thin, almost masculine robe, obscuring her curves and highlighting the musculature of her arms and legs. Her chest is wrapped, not that she has much in the way of cleavage in the first place. She wears thick tabi socks and thin sandals. At her hip is a long, sturdy katana, and on her back is a straw pack with leather armor and supplies bundled up. She’s a ronin, a lone samurai, no doubt, and the girl at her side is her charge, whom she is sworn to protect. The shorter one wears an ornate, comfortable robe with long sleeves that droop far, to blow he
:icontickleticklerp:tickleticklerp 8 3
[Commission] Where's my Game?! by Azamuku-chan
Mature content
[Commission] Where's my Game?! :iconazamuku-chan:Azamuku-chan 574 24
Commission Prices!!! by jstratus Commission Prices!!! :iconjstratus:jstratus 39 5 [Commission] Aza in Trouble! by Azamuku-chan
Mature content
[Commission] Aza in Trouble! :iconazamuku-chan:Azamuku-chan 355 61
Lastation Tickle Fighters by Bad-Pierrot Lastation Tickle Fighters :iconbad-pierrot:Bad-Pierrot 521 11 YCH (Commission) Alma Elma by Teichikun YCH (Commission) Alma Elma :iconteichikun:Teichikun 151 2 Phantom of the Laughing Maiden! by TDonkey
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Phantom of the Laughing Maiden! :icontdonkey:TDonkey 183 22
11 - Cruel by Jimbobadob
Mature content
11 - Cruel :iconjimbobadob:Jimbobadob 29 2
DEATH BATTLE: Organization XIII vs. Akatsuki pt1

Ray: (deep breath) we are. Never thought we'd reach it, but...the final battle is about to begin. Honestly, never thought I'd be this nervous...
Mira: You've got this, honey. You've come this far...end it on the best note you can.
Ray: Indeed. The combatants are set. Let's settle this debate once and for all...
A full moon illuminated a vast, barren plot of earth marred only by the two walls of a vast canyon stretching for miles--one wall to the east and one to the west. Throughout this arid plain, the air was ripe with the weight of dread: a foreboding feeling that something bad was about to happen, and that "something bad" was unavoidable.
It was the deep breath before the plunge.
This would not be a traditional battle, in that it wouldn't bear resemblance to the battles told in the epic tales of old. The key thing that made it so different
:icondimension-dino:Dimension-Dino 37 7
Megumin by NumberY
Mature content
Megumin :iconnumbery:NumberY 144 14
Commission: Tifa tickles Cosmos (Full Colors) by solletickle Commission: Tifa tickles Cosmos (Full Colors) :iconsolletickle:solletickle 373 5 Commission: Meg tickled by Hera by solletickle Commission: Meg tickled by Hera :iconsolletickle:solletickle 655 68 Bug and Frog tickles by Bad-Pierrot Bug and Frog tickles :iconbad-pierrot:Bad-Pierrot 1,325 116
Nelloary the Icebreath (Chapter 1: Sisters)
Curse that mage! Every god of every name, damn him to the pits! But I suppose the blame also does lie with me. I was hungry for power, I would have done anything in pursuit of it. I am a dragon! Well...I was.
I was the scourge of the north. Nelloary the Icebreath. No flames, but icy cold tundra. Scales that shimmered like freshly-fallen snow. My claws could rend mountains. Each beat of my wings, a hailstorm. I exuded beauty. Instilled fear. Radiated power. None stood before me, and none appeared after me. Hundreds tried to slay me. Thousands! And all fell.
And that damn mage…
He offered that which vexes all dragons; gold. In the form of a mighty collar. Like a fool, I allowed him to place it around my neck.
A pain like no other coursed through me. Magic swirled, and gone was my dragonic form. I looked like one of them! A wretched human! A dirty mate’s trick! The collar would not come off, and I was weakened from the transformation. He prepared to strike the blow that
:iconthedeathecchi:thedeathecchi 4 0
Tickle Monster (F/F)
It started with my feet
A subtle tap-tapping along my toes. It was almost relaxing, until a finger slides down to the middle of my sole, curling in and out, scratching so delicately. 
I snort, yanking my feet from her lap and almost knocking her book away. But she's quick. She catches them and straddles my ankles, looking up at me with a sinister smile. I meet her gaze with a half-serious pout.
Not this again.
As if on cue, she leans forward lightly dragging her nails up my bare legs, her slender fingers threatening to snake under my skirt and attack my sensitive thighs. But they stay and trace little circles just below the hemline. Stifling a snicker, I turn my head to hide the smile forming on my lips. I can't let her hear me laugh, it will only egg her on.
Too focused on keeping my composure, I don't realize when her hands abandon my legs and make their way upwards. I snort again, caught off guard by the feeling of her fingers wiggling up and down my sides, my thin shirt offeri
:iconhugglefish:HuggleFish 57 31


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High in the foreboding hillocks of Vangail, amidst the harrowing passes of the restless dead and the fearsome chasms of endless screams, lies the towering home of a terrifying necromancer, filled with hellish power and a bloodthirsty rage. Subjugation is the dreaded sorcerer's ultimate goal, and nothing will stand in the- "Not to be a pain, but could you maybe turn that down a little?" -way, save for a small band of intrep- "Moooooom! I'm tryna listen here! Ugh, I thought I said to leave me alone!" The overly dramatic voice of the narrator gradually faded away as Hailey reluctantly turned down the TV, and they couldn't help but huff as lightning soundlessly forked across the screen, briefly illuminating the obsidian black spires of the necromancer's imposing fortress in a flash of brilliant (though some might say sclera-scarring) white. In an instant, a grinning skull smashed down from the top of the screen, clutching that title in its gleaming white jaws even as a sword pierced straight through the top of its cranium: CryptSmashers 2. That was what this particular angst-riddled teen had been waiting for, not just because of a well-polished trailer for the game but also a sense of dedication that came with being a fan of the first entry in this series of all-too-ambiguous quality. With the bane of her existence (at least from the perspective of an edgy teenager) gone back downstairs to carry on watching her cheesy soap operas, Hailey sighed and snatched her controller up in her eager hands, starting up the game with fervent excitement...

The doors of the necromancer's isolated fortress were booted open with gratuitous force, so much so that one looked set to fall limply off its hinges. A voice, that of a very, very angry woman, roared out into the decrepit depths of the entrance hall, shouting a confident challenge up to the necromancer. "Come out, creature of darkness! I'll smash you to pieces!" She bellowed, slamming the head of her heavy club, forged from toughened bone, into her open hand and sending her unruly blonde hair a-flutter. Tall, muscular and dressed in roughly-made garments fashioned from the pelts of her slain prey; yes, this was a tried and true Barbarian, specifically one who lived amidst the horrendous cold of the northern regions. She stomped into the dank, inhospitable entrance hall with a confident swagger that could only come with someone so foolhardy. Her roar had rang ineffectually off the walls around her, leaving her in total silence, but the Barbarian cared not a jot and forged ahead... Only to turn and walk directly into the wall beside her. 

Hailey stared at her controller, her brow furrowed. "Huh. Weird controls... Why not use the stick?" She mumbled, a little unused to using the D-pad for movement as she watched her pixelated Barbarian walk in place against the wall. She'd only picked this character because they seemed like the strongest, and only now was she coming to grips with the controls. She pressed a few buttons here and there, eventually getting attacking and blocking down and nodding with satisfaction. A simple enough system...

The Barbarian was feeling a tiny bit puzzled. She might have been violent, reckless and impulsive to the point of madness, but she couldn't remember the last time she'd just stood there and slammed her club against a wall not once, not twice, but five times! "Hmph, what do I care?! I'm just... practicing my smashing arm!" The warrioress of the wintery wasteland bellowed, tromping on deeper into the fortress and kicking over numerous small, harmless objects just to try and regain her composure. Great burning braziers lined the carpeted halls, the walls adorned with portraits that lacked faces, likely purposefully made to appear more intimidating. The Barbarian forged ahead, completely unconcerned with the trivialities of this castle; the sooner she beat this necromancer to a pulp, the sooner she could get out of this mildly annoying place! The silence within this palace of undeath was beginning to irk the warrioress, and not simply because of her own desires for extreme violence, but it would not remain thusly for very long! Light lay ahead, and the Barbarian wasn't going to hesitate if that was where her first challenge lay.

Hailey inched her way cautiously down the first few hallways, uncertain as to what lay ahead for her Barbarian heroine. It seemed as if the first few areas were designed solely to build the atmosphere for the game, albeit without even a hint of a tutorial. She figured that this was simply one of those games that prioritised being hardcore over accessibility (which had been one of her favourite aspects of the previous game) and carried on, pointing her character towards what she assumed was her end goal. From her top-down perspective, it was simply a wide open arena, flanked by large burning torches that burned with blue flame and adorned with what looked like bones and other gorey detritus, but Hailey instantly knew that this was indeed a serious encounter once the door slammed shut behind her with a slam that made the screen shake. Curious, the teenager directed her character into the centre of the room, only for the eye rune inscribed in the middle of this rotunda to split and explode open, unveiling the first foe of this game!

Even the Barbarian couldn't help but feel a tad nervous when faced with her first opponent: while it appeared to be a woman in some respects, her skin was far too sickly green and rotted, not to mention she appeared to have more than the two arms one would expect from at true humanoid. In fact, this lanky, necromantic creation appeared to have four, as two hideously large, wiry appendages ending in long, surprisingly blunt talons sprouted from her back, apparently stitched there by some unholy magic. She might have been attractive... were her lips not loosely stitched and her eyes almost entirely bloodshot and locked upon the Barbarian as she crawled from the bloody crevice in the centre of the room. Long,black hair extended down her back, seperating around her added limbs as she crawled forth on her unnaturally long arms and legs. "Fr... Fr-Friend... B-Be friend!" She called suddenly, her voice high-pitched yet strained and hoarse, as if she had been screaming for hours. The Barbarian found herself momentarily stunned by that cry, but she refused to be cowed by one simple malformed monstrosity! With a roar of her own, she charged in, her club raised and aimed to bring down a mighty smack upon the head of the creature. When her unwieldy weapon came crashing down, however, the undead woman nimbly dodged around the strike, leaving the warrioress to look briefly shocked. "H-Hold still, fiend! I'm... I-I'm trying to smite you here!" She roared, somehow expecting that to sway this creature. Instead, it released a crazed giggle and darted forward, one of those long, wiry limbs suddenly forcing its way forward to jab the Barbarian in the side. The woman flinched and tensed up as she tried to work her club free of the crater it had forged with the strength behind it, expecting the attack to hurt. Much to her shock, it was completely painless, but it certainly tickled! So much so, in fact, that the Barbarian squeaked in a most un-warriorlike fashion. "Huhuh... Friend make... g-good giggle!" The undead creature rather embarassingly guffawed at that sound, setting the warrioress blushing with both anger and humiliation. "Grrr! I am NOT your friend, monster!" It was a weak, fairly pathetic attempt at a retort, but it was accompanied by the Barbarian wrenching her club free of the earth and swinging it in that mighty way of hers, only for the zombified woman to simply dodge around it once more! Could this fight get any worse?!

Hailey, meanwhile, was baffled. The developers had gone through all the trouble to give this zombified monster such smooth-looking animations, then only given her a tiny poke as her attack?! She'd seen her Barbarian's health had been dropped by that nevertheless, but it only grew more confusing when she turned up her TV; it sounded like great damaging strikes were coming through the speakers that would certainly seem to indicate lethal attacks, but that animation helped nothing. Hailey had tried to retaliate with a few attacks and blocks, but every single time this enemy had nimbly dodged around the cumbersome, painfully slow strike, then moved in to poke in what should have been a harmless way to this big, tough Barbarian! "Oh, come on! That's just so lazy!" The teenager whined, frustrated that already her gaming experience was going so poorly. Even worse, once her character's health had been all but depleted, it looked as if the raggedy, four-armed zombie woman had grabbed onto the Barbarian...

Just as with the one who controlled her, the Barbarian was feeling no small amount of frustration. Every single time she attacked, this creature would just dart out of the way and... and tickle her again! It was possibly the most embarassing fight she'd ever gotten herself into, and already she was being worn down. "S-Stohohohop, monstehehehe-!" Even her bellowed protests were starting to waver, and the monster didn't even seem to care. Those talons would find the worst parts on her mostly covered body to strike, too, as one moment they'd poke her in the exposed sides, only to move further up and ticklishly scrape up her mercifully covered ribs. Once or twice, the Barbarian's tormentor even managed to maneuver those unsightly limbs to target her neck in tiny, careful tickles, all of which only served to infuriate the proud warrior further. With how muscular her torso was, this shouldn't have tickled have as much, or so the Barbarian thought! Eventually, however, she found her energy was drained and her resolve beginning to waver, and that was when the creature decided to bring forth its ultimate weapon. "Friend look... t-tired. Me help... rest!" It cheerfully (or as cheerfully as its rasp of a voice could manage) remarked, only to suddenly latch onto the Barbarian with its freakish additional limbs. With frustrating ease for the warrior, she found herself hefted into the air, her wrists trapped together and drawn behind her head in the strong grasp of one hand, her ankles in the other. "Huhuhuh... Friend want... foot mass-age?" The undead creature asked, and the Barbarian found her eyes widening from those words alone. If her torso was so sensitive even after all her time spent in the frigid north, then her feet... "NO! Uh... No! Friend no want foot massage!" She desperately called, only to elicit another raspy giggle from the zombie. "You... funny, but liar!" The now squirming Barbarian's supposed friend declared, sealing her victim's fate right then and there. Moments later, the warrior found her thick, fur-lined boots pried off, revealing her own long, surprisingly soft bare feet. Already, the Barbarian curled her toes and bit her lip, worried indeed that this would no way but poorly. 

With her ticklish prey held aloft in the air above her, the malformed necromantic creation simply reached up and began raking her short, cracked nails right down those soles above, instantly drawing out a loud guffaw from the Barbarian and only increasing her fruitless squirming. Perhaps it was anticipation, but even the zombie herself was quite surprised by the sheer volume of shockingly girlish laughter that surged forth from her victim, but was more concerned with the feet she now tickled. They were warm and smooth to the touch, both things that an eternally cold-blooded creature like her could appreciate, and what was more they squirmed and curled in such fascinating ways! While raking those talons along the arches of her prey was all well and good, the zombie found it endlessly amusing to slide her fingers between the tall woman's long toes, where they scratched and scraped rather lazily along the devilishly ticklish skin there, drawing forth fresh squeals of mirth and embarassment from what should have been a proud, unstoppable warrior. The Barbarian herself could only squirm and boom with desperate laughter, unable to struggle free thanks to being so easily weakened by her captor. It looked like the Necromancer had triumphed over one of these heroic interlopers already...

Hailey sat back as the battle music finally faded from her speakers, instead replaced with an ominous game over message slapped across the screen. So it was a boss rush game, and a hard one at that! This wasn't going to be a walk in the park, not with how swift that first boss had appeared to be. She set her controller down and huffed, thinking things over. Maybe her biggest mistake hadn't been a lack of experience (though that doubtless played a major role), but poor character selection on her own part? Aside from the Barbarian, who had been faded out and had a large skull over her portrait in the select screen, Hailey still had three other characters at her disposal. With how pixelated the graphics were, not to mention the small size of the character portraits, the teenager couldn't really make out just what each character was capable of, a fact she chaulked up to rather poor game design. However, she was determined not to give up, and thus she decided to choose each character in turn! Thus, Hailey now found herself hovering her cursor over the second hero on the screen... The Veteran, it seemed they were called. 

That damn kid and her crazy rushes... The Veteran thought as she stepped in through those same doors that the Barbarian had booted open only a few minutes before, her gaze tired but alert. She was an old hand at war, one grizzled by many a bloody skirmish and siege, and it showed. While she couldn't match the brawn and height of her barbarous ally, this soldier made up for it with agility and a wiry, often surprising kind of strength. She carried an age-old bow in her pockmarked, gloved hands, her fairly mature face set in stone. Her normally black hair was streaked with grey, but she was far from old; a few brushes with death tended to have certain effects on people, and even if she was only breaking forty this veteran appeared a few years older. Boiled leather armour adorned much of her body, and its metallic adornments glimmered in the half-light that shone through the cracks in the castle's ceiling. 'Course I gotta go lookin' for her... Bloody priest ain't no use and that witch's probably too busy huggin' some tree to help... The Veteran grumbled to herself in the confines of her mind, a hand reaching over her shoulder and just about touching the bristly, feathered fletchings of her quiverful of arrows. It helped to soothe her nerves sometimes, a comforting reminder that there was very little that could stand in her way without being turned into a pincushion. Thus, she proceeded on, heading right into the trials of the necromancer and their dastardly undead minions...

Hailey was already liking this character more; a ranged weapon was invaluable, and thus when it came time to face the first boss once more, things went a lot more smoothly than they had the first time around. Keeping her distance was a cinch with how wide open the arena was, and the Veteran was capable of dealing rather tremendous damage with her arrows from a relatively safe distance. It wasn't long until the many-armed zombie woman had been dispatched, and she sunk to the floor with a rather sad cry, bringing with her a message of SOUL PURIFIED. For the first time this evening, Hailey cheered, punching the air as the frustrations of before washed away. "Hah! Not so tough when ya can't poke me, huh?!" The teenager triumphantly announced... only to sigh once she realised that she was talking to a television. Either way, she proceeded onwards, and went on to conquer both the second and third bosses with similar tactics. However, once she reached the fourth, things grew a little complicated once more!

The Veteran was feeling rather confident about this entire affair. She'd sent three hellish creations back to their eternal slumber in record time, and was well on her way to making that a fourth. However, things seemed almost predestined to change once she arrived in the next chamber. Unlike every other chamber up until now, which had been little more than an oversized dark crypt, this one was surprisingly colourful. The walls were a dark pink with five small, comfy looking beds lined along them, and the floor appeared to be made of a rather fuzzy looking purple carpet. Of course, on further inspection, that fuzziness was caused by the carpet being woven with dyed animal fur, likely stripped off when the necromancer had required her creations to... well, lack skin and hair. The Veteran had already faced down a skeletal beast, a horrible creature indeed, and thus she wasn't too irked by this revelation. What did irk the former soldier was what she found in this newest chamber. Are those... kids? The archer mused internally, her normally placid, dull eyes wide with sudden apprehension. Gathered in a raggedy circle in the centre of this small room were a quintet of what looked for all the world like young girls, clothed in black dresses and conversing as if everything was perfectly normal. Of course, the Veteran caught glimpses of their sickly green or horribly pallid complexions, but also the noticeable stitch marks along certain parts of their bodies, such as the crooks of their arms and their ankles. It was rather ghoulish, as they had a whole host of freakish features between them; one had an eye swollen and stitched shut, while another had what appeared to be a large metal plate fixed to her skull. Regardless of how deformed they might have appeared, however, the experienced warrior was beginning to doubt herself. If there was one thing the Veteran could not abide, it was harming children in any way, shape or form! Even if they were zombies, the partially-retired soldier wasn't sure if she could live with herself if one of these particular necromantic creations was harmed... The dilemma only worsened once one, seemingly the tallest and oldest of the small group of undead girls, spotted the Veteran and thrust a rotting finger in her direction. "Look, look! I told ya mama was getting us a real big sis!" She declared excitedly to her friends, causing the whole group to erupt in gasps and squeals of delight as they all hopped up from their seated positions, rounding on the mature soldier with gleeful glints in their eyes...

For not the first time this evening, Hailey was stumped. There were a lot of those zombies, and even if they looked short and inoffensive, she knew her character was much more focused upon single-target damage. "Gaaaah, now I need that stupid Barbarian!" The teenager whined, setting her controller down with a huff. Of course, time was not an infinite resource for her, and it wasn't until her mother called from her bedroom doorway that Hailey realised how late it had gotten. Crap, it looked like CryptSmashers was going to have to wait... Just when she'd gotten to a pivotal boss fight, too! Regardless, she'd saved just before entering this boss chamber, so she shut the console off and headed to bed. The next morning and the proceeding day in school proved routine, as expected, and thus the teenager was delighted to finally get back home. It wasn't long until she'd sequestered herself away in her bedroom with a dire, angsty warning to her mother to not interrupt. Now the game could begin where Hailey had left off!

While there was a horrible sense of deja vu about the entire situation, the Veteran found herself staring down a quintet of fiendish zombified youngsters, a fact which was disturbing enough on its own, never mind the fact that they all seemed to be fixated upon the retired warrior herself! She wanted to raise her bow, she really did, but looking into those pairs of innocent eyes only made her resolve waver. They were just kids... Could the Veteran really stand to harm them at all? Even while she morally debated with herself over what to actually do, those zombie girls continued their gleeful advance upon the older woman. "Mama says we can tickle big sis all we want!" One squealed with not exactly malicious happiness. This earned her a round of excited cheers and yells, and already the innocent cuteness of these girls was harming the Veteran's judgement, but she still found herself raising her bow...

Hailey was confused; she had caught sight of a blue small arrow pointing downwards below her character's health bar, but the effect wasn't being explained. Was she supposed to just know what it meant?! She shook her controller, somehow expecting that to work, then let out a frustrated sigh. "Come oooooon! Don't make me all paranoid and stuff!" Hailey whined, only to ready herself for the fight ahead. Still, she couldn't help but grumble even as she made her move to attack.

With a compulsion that the Veteran couldn't call her own, she held her weapon aloft, reluctant to do so but all too aware that she had a purpose here. With a frustrated growl, the older warrior loosed an arrow, the powerful projectile whistling through the air... only for it to thunk harmlessly against the metallic skull plate of the lead zombified girl! "Oh, for the love of-" The Veteran cursed to herself, realising all too late that she had no time at all to nock another arrow. Oh well, at least she had tried... The tiny tide of zombies rather suddenly impacted against the Veteran's legs and almost immediately the mature soldier felt dozens of tiny fingers wiggling and scraping against the backs of both her knees. The Veteran's eyes widened and she staggered a little, unintentionally moving herself closer towards one of the beds in this open chamber. "Hehehe-! Hey, HEY! Kn-Knock it ohohohoff!" The retired warrior growled at the small horde of girls, trying to twist her legs away but only succeeding in throwing herself off balance. "Gyeehee! I knew big sis would be all tickly!" One of the zombies triumphantly declared, much to the soldier's embarrassment and the amusement of her tiny ticklers. Even worse for the Veteran's dignity, she found those tiny, uneven fingernails questing up along her midriff like an infection spreading through her body. The soldier found her squirming and struggling availed her naught, and it wasn't long until those hands scraping along her belly and sides had corralled the Veteran over to that bed, where these zombified girls' knee-tickles were able to bring the Veteran down with humiliating ease. "Guhuhuhuh! St-Stahahahap, dahahahamn i-it!" She yelled, unable to stop the gang of gals from piling atop her as if they were a blanket of tickling fingers. Nearly every spot along the Veteran's body was attacked by a whole host of fingers, all five of the girls eager to find a spot for themselves on their supposed "big sister". Her underarms were the domain of the metal-plated girl, one who couldn't help but cackle alongside the hoarse, uneven laughter of the Veteran, while down below two of these tiny zombies vied for control of her midriff, their hands fighting for space along the toned belly and surprisingly soft sides of the ticklish warrior. "Heyyyyy, that's my spot! Big sis likes my tickles more!" One squeaked at her partner, earning her a dour glare but a movement away nevertheless. And last but not least, the final two girls had pried off the Veteran's boots and gone to town on her fairly small bare feet, driving the mature woman into ever-higher fits of mirth. Always knew I was too old for this shit... She grumbled internally, quite at odds with her outward reactions. Two heroes had now been brought down by the necromancer's insidious fortress!

Hailey was frustrated. That had been so cheap, just rushing her with a small army of mini zombies in a cramped environment like that! The screen had faded to black after the zombies had wittled the Veteran's health down, and the same game over message from before had flashed up on screen, before she was unceremoniously booted back to the character select screen. "So... Maybe they want me to see every character on the first run! Yeah, that's gotta be it!" The teenager declared, trying her best to subvert her negativity from before and carry on playing. She only had two characters left now, after all, so being overtly pessimistic about her chances would get her nowhere! Thus, Hailey hovered her cursor over the next hero, one who seemed to be a witch of some kind... Much to the teenager's surprise, however, she wasn't kicked right back to the start; instead, she found her character simply appeared at the exit to the boss prior to the zombified girls in a pixelated poof. Well, there was some kind of checkpoint system, if nothing else! "Phew... small mercies, huh?" Hailey mumbled, thankful that at least she wouldn't have to needlessly struggle with all of the previous bosses.

This character was indeed a witch, but not of the wart-covered, malevolent kind; she was more inclined to tend to trees and care for wounded animals, though this naturally meant she lived an isolated existence, one filled with social awkwardness and a lack of knowledge on the petty problems of humanity. Of course, the necromancer's fiendish plots didn't just impact humans, they rather naturally involved the animal kingdom. Thus, the Witch of nature had been coaxed out of her forest home, admittedly with no small measure of reluctance, by the pixie with whom she had long since teamed up with. In preparation for the task, she had garbed herself in her ornate robes, adorned with a whole host of leaves and flowers, while her tall, twisted hat bore the appearance of a gnarled old root. This wasn't a refined socialite kind of woman, no; she wasn't very particular about her appearance, nor did she pay much heed to what others thought of her. After all, who was likely to be judging her aside from the animals, who couldn't even speak to begin with? However, there was one potential source of judgemental words... "Oi, ya thinkin' them two got whacked?!" A tiny, squeaky voice piped up as the Witch poofed herself into the castle, appearing amidst a flurry of flora and petals. She'd brought her pixie associate along purely because the miniature girl wouldn't have taken no for an answer. It was either that or find out that the tiny being had snuck along inside her hat! "No, actually. We really ought to let our positives vibes flow, you know?" The Witch pointed out, a lazy smile upon her face as she tottered along upon her sandal-covered feet. Much like her, the Pixie clothed herself in little more than tastefully arranged leaves and flowers, though she went entirely barefoot thanks to her rarely touching the ground. "Yeah, yeah, but ya know it's gonna be pretty creepy 'n' stuff? Ain't nothin' the pair o' us can't handle, though!" The fey girl remarked, clearly quite eager to get in and wreak havoc upon the servants of the necromancer despite having absolutely no idea what to expect. Her tiny, shimmering wings were beating almost as fast as those of a hummingbird, and any who knew the Pixie at all could tell this was almost a sign of her building excitement. The rather languid Witch nodded slowly along with her tiny companion, her staff lightly thumping against the cold stone floor. "Ahhh, but we can, like... redeem these poor creatures. Once we get that necromancer down!" The magically-inclined tree-hugger declared, taking off deeper into the castle alongside her positively buzzing little friend...

The teenager was feeling much more comfortable now that her character was so powerful; this Witch all but breezed through those mini-zombies that had proven so troublesome for the Veteran thanks to her magic being based around dealing with larger groups. The little zombies had found themselves entrapped by a whole host of what looked like roots, which seemed to cause quite a lot of damage to them in what Hailey assumed was some kind of constriction. Either way, it wasn't too hard to deal with the next two bosses that followed, both of which appeared to be bizarrely fused bodies that all seemed to be rather happily supporting one another as they trundled along, only to have their lumbering bulk easily defeated by the powerful (Hailey might have even said overpowered) magic of the Witch. It was a relief for the teen, having herself some kind of strength against the still threatening bosses of this game, and she was making strong progress through the stages and climbing up the tower slowly but surely. The end was in sight, but Hailey eventually had to stop playing after the eighth boss. There mightn't have been limits upon the game, but she only had so much energy to stay awake! Thus, another day passed, and Hailey could hardly wait to get back to her game. Not that it distracted her from her studies, of course!

The Witch, meanwhile, was feeling rather casual about this whole affair; she'd dealt with a pair of necromantic creations without much difficulty, much to the smug satisfaction of the tiny Pixie, and was now ready to face down the next in what had been a long line of strange, twisted foe. By this point, the pair felt as if they'd climbed quite high up into the seemingly endless palace of necromancy, a fact which was rather baffling when the Witch stepped into what appeared to be a wide open orchard, formed of bone-white trees and yellowed grass, all apparently sucked dry from beneath the earthen floors to feed the real centrepiece of this place: an enormous, gnarled yet still verdantly blooming tree, possessed of a stout trunk that appeared to be blocking the doorway to the final chamber of this castle. The Witch suspected this was simply a matter of dispelling a tainted plant and thus approached the enormous tree that barred her way. "Doncha think this is kinda... fishy or somethin'?" The Pixie muttered to her companion, her tiny green eyes flitting between the magical tree-hugger and the actual tree that they were approaching. Even while the Witch shrugged, the excitable fey couldn't help herself and flitted right up to the trunk of the enormous tree, poking at it as if she expected something to spring to life. "Oi! Wake up! Do I gotta smack ya?!" She yelled in her small, squeaky voice, mostly as a joke. However, she looked as shocked as the Witch when a small branch whipped out and wrapped around the Pixie's middle, pinning her arms to her sides. "I... don't think that's normal." The sorcerous nature lover pointed out, still looking half-asleep despite the sudden danger of the situation. The Pixie was flailing like a worm on a line as the tree slowly sprouted even smaller twigs from the branch that entrapped her. "G-Gyeh! Off, off! I ain't gonna just tahahahaheeheehee-!" The Pixie positively shrieked all of a sudden, and the Witch could just about make out the twigs which had sprouted tickling at the small body of the fey. "Did you really have to run in and get yourself in trouble like this...?" The Witch sighed, holding her staff aloft. She expected the tree to simply have responded to external stimulus and not hold any power of its own... That was, until, the tree actually moved. It lifted itself from the earth, setting the entire chamber shuddering with the sheer force of this enormous natural pillar pulling its heavy roots from the earth. It twisted around on its spot, revealing what looked like a hollow, gaping pair of eyes focused upon the Witch and a jagged, bark-formed mouth. "O-Oh... Oh d-dear." The sorceress of nature mumbled, taking an involuntary step backwards. What could she do here?!

Hailey couldn't help but be taken aback by the sheer scale of this next foe that had appeared. It was huge! Like, super huge! The teenager fumbled with her controller for a moment, trying to work out exactly how the Witch could actually do. The small Pixie that had buffed up her spells and attacks had been snatched by the giant evil tree, something that made Hailey think this fight was intended for the Witch, and each attack the teen threw at the tree seemed to bounce right off of it, and it was slowly trapping the heroine up against the back wall with each passing second! The teenager was at a loss for words on how exactly she was supposed to survive this, and she panicked as the tree-monster seemed to extend its branches to jab at the Witch...

While those branches were certainly stabbing at the Witch, all she was feeling was a sharp, tickly sensation across her torso! It made her hop lightly away as if every poke, her face bent up into an involuntary, albeit still lazy-looking, smile. This definitely wasn't what she had anticipated, but it was far from a bad thing. It was actually something of a relief for the Witch. She'd expected to be fighting for her life at every turn, but instead she was simply able to laugh and relax a little! "Aheehee... It's not actually eeheehee-! evil at all!" She called up to her Pixie friend, who would have vehemently disagreed had she had the capacity to speak with any semblance of coherency. After all, with tiny, jagged-edged leaves raking over her equally tiny feet, and those twigs still hard at work poking, prodding and scraping along her belly and ribs, the Pixie was much too busy laughing herself silly! The Witch didn't even see much need to try and get awayor dodge now that she realised how harmless this tree actually was, and thus it was no trouble at all for it to pluck her up and begin subjecting her to the same treatment her Pixie friend was enduring, albeit in a much larger sense. However, the Witch quite handily decided that she might as well kick her sandals off and let loose a little... Soon enough, both of the nature-loving pair were all but squirming with mirth as the were tickled from the soles of their feet all the way up to their underarms, albeit for far different reasons. In fact, the Witch was busily trying to make her companion enjoy the experience more, whereas the Pixie was trying to make her partner focus! Then again, the Witch hardly cared. Where was the harm in a few tickles every now and then, after all?

The teenager sighed as yet another of her heroines fell to the evil of the Necromancer. This game was certainly more frustrating than the last! That didn't mean Hailey intended to give up, as that would be giving the virtual Necromancer exactly what she... wait, was it a he? Had the intro clarified that? "Okay, focus! One character left! You can do this!" She muttered to herself once the game over screen had disappeared once more, leaving her with three blacked out portraits and one still displaying its character proudly. A priest... Or maybe it was a priestess? The pixelation made it difficult to tell, but Hailey figured that it wouldn't matter. She just had to beat that stupid tree, then it was on to the necromancer!

After none of their friends had returned from their own delves into the castle, the final of the four had decided to take matters into their own hands. They'd taken one step in the gate, and... poof! They were suddenly deep inside the fortress following a brilliant flash of white light, landing upon their robe-covered rump with a squeak of surprise. That particular vocal sound typified the person themselves, as not only were they small and delicate, they were hesitant and inoffensive to the point of being utterly passive. This particular Priest (or maybe a Priestess?) was pacifistic by nature and never desired to hurt anyone, their innocence and lack of aggression meaning that their goddess felt terrible seeing them go along on the quest to this imposing palace of necromancy. Regardless, this Priest(ess?)'s stark, plain white outfit and similarly bland sandals, not to mention their neatly cut, short blonde hair and androgynous features, meant that to an outside observer they were all but genderless, though they had no idea people viewed them as such. They sighed as they clambered to their feet once more, completely uncertain of where they were but bearing a determined frown that told of their unshakeable resolve. My friends are counting on me, aren't they? I can do this, so what if I'm all, um... small and weak! Faith triumphs over all! The Priest(ess) naively thought, figuring that simply by believing in their deity hard enough, they could persevere against anything that stood in their way. So it was that the final hero, the only chance the group had to prove victorious, nervously stepped forth into the orchard...

Hailey was beginning to think this game had some kind of vendetta against her. Of course the last character she ended up using had to be insanely overpowered! They didn't even need to move or dodge, they just quivered in the corner and along came giant lightning bolts to utterly smash the tree into oblivion! What even was this nonsense?! Either way, the gigantic tree was defeated with startling ease, allowing the Priestess(?) and their controller to head towards the next, and final, chamber. This was it, Hailey knew. She didn't know how she knew, but that didn't matter, not one bit! It had been a long three days of getting her poor characters mulched, and it had all led up to this! The teenager was determined to finish what she had started tonight, even as the clock rolled around to twelve. Here she sat, huddled under her blanket in near-total darkness save for the flashes of her television screen, her controller clutched in her hands and ready to go. It was now or... well, maybe tomorrow, but Hailey wasn't going to let it come to that!

The Priest(ess) was filled with a whole host of nerves. They hadn't seen a single sign of their friends, but they weren't the type to suspect the worst. It wasn't in their blood or their creed, and thus they made their way into the final chamber of this decrepit place. They'd faced down a giant tree monster (faced would be a strong word, as they'd simply huddled terrified in a corner as divine wrath had been brought forth), so what else had this humble priest...ess to fear?! They pushed ahead despite every bit of apprehension and fear in their body telling them to flee or just stay right in that decayed orchard until all these problems went away, but of course that wouldn't happen. The Priest gathered their faith and courage, then pushed open the final set of doors...

What awaited them was what both Hailey and every hero prior to the Priestess had sought: the Necromancer! Sat upon a throne of obsidian and bone, she was the image of a typical goth, with her garb of a long, black dress, knee-length boots of that same dark colour and long hair that flowed down her back but also bore one long bang that covered one of her deep red eyes. The necromantic sorceress looked immensely pleased with herself, and it was only a few moments before she pushed herself up from the throne of bone. "Ohoho! Finally, I was getting bored up here on my lonesome! I heard all the commotion down below, but it looks like your friends just couldn't deal with my incredible necromancy!" She declared in a most grandiose tone, punctuating her words with a flourish of her hands and a broad smile upon her face. She was far taller than the Priest(ess?), a fact which momentarily made the holy person feel just a little self-conscious, but they were far more focused upon victory here! They had to win, for everyone who'd come before them, not just their goddess! "Y-You can't just... d-do bad st-stuff like th-that and get away w-with it!" The Priest proclaimed, thrusting a hand forward to point directly at her foe. Of course, this succeeded in doing little else beyond amusing the Necromancer, who gathered her heretical magics around both of her upturned hands. "Well, perhaps you will be the one to stop me? Or rather... you may try!" She boldly proclaimed...

Hailey barely knew what had hit her; the Necromancer actually ended up being the most difficult boss she'd ever faced, and not just within the realm of CryptSmashers! The profane sorceress combined swift speed with high damage, and every hit the teenager managed to land only made things more difficult since it opened up new moves for the boss to use. It was hectic, not to mention tense, as Hailey's own character also utilised heavy damage but had to contend with low mobility. Each blow landed upon the Priest(?) made the player herself flinch, and already she knew that victory was just out of reach. Maybe if she had a whole new team of characters she could win, but every hero before this had proven to be countered by one boss in particular! If Hailey didn't know any better, she could have sworn that the game knew what was going on! It was frustrating, but what could she do, especially once her hero's HP was whittled down to nothing...?

The Priestess(?) found themselves slowly growing more exhausted with each passing blow they took. The Necromancer was fast on her feet, though they had still managed to land a few blows here and there to try and take the heretical sorceress down, but it was an uphill battle. For every blast of divine power that the Necromancer took, she'd be landing two of her own upon the Priest, and it wasn't long until they found their arms growing heavy with fatigue. They refused to give in, but the holy person's mind was moving faster than their own body. By the time they had even realised they were collapsing, the Necromancer had already loosed a pentagram of malefic magic upon them, one which seemed bent on restraining the unfortunate Priest...ess. They found themselves lifted bodily from where they had fallen, their tired form helpless to resist as bands of magical essence encircled their wrists and ankles, securing them in firm yet gentle grips. "You know, that was some hefty stuff you were throwing out! I'm impressed! I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're a priest! Wait, no no no, would that be a priestess?" The Necromancer mused as she casually approached the trapped Priest, although they were a little too tuckered out to properly resist things here. "I.. I-I'm an adherent of th-the goddess of l-light..." They mumbled, not exactly sure of themselves. A few moments later, however, their sandals were unceremoniously popped off and tossed aside. "Oh yes, of course! Silly me, eh?" The Necromancer couldn't help but speak without even a hint of malicious intent in her voice. In fact, she actually seemed more intent on suddenly tickling the Priest(ess?)'s feet using a whole host of magically summoned brushes! This sudden sensation was completely foreign to a pious person such as this; it was an expectedly outlawed experience for them, and thus the sudden squealing laughter that poured from the Priest(ess?)'s mouth shocked even the person themselves. "Hmm... Doesn't look like you're having much fun! Here, lemme help with that..." The Necromancer pointed out with a grin. With that, she decided that a few of her strange, enchanted brushes deserved the chance to run their bristly heads along the midriff of the Priestess(?), and once those tools wormed their way under their robes they were swiftly laughing like a lunatic, the sound rapid and uneven despite how exhausted this unfortunate hero was...

Hailey, on the other hand, wasn't feeling all that invigorated by the time the Priest(?) had fallen. In fact, she was feeling rather tired, mirroring the Priestess in their fatigue. It had been a long day of school, after all, not to mention she'd been forced to do an hour of study and homework after finally getting in the door. Thus, the teenager found herself drifting off as the clock struck one in the morning, her TV muted and her controller dropping from her hands to the floor with a soft thud. She was snoring softly within minutes, dead to the world and dreaming of beating CryptSmashers...

"Aha... That's better. Doesn't feel like I'm being watched." The Necromancer sighed, gently setting the already exhausted Priestess(?) down and free of those bindings. The holy person glanced up, quite red in the face yet still having enough wherewithal to look surprised. "W-Wait, why...? Aren't y-you supposed to..." They found themselves cut off by the calm voice of their previous enemy. "Kill you? Torture you, maybe? Hah! No no no! I prefer corpses that I had no part in killing!" She pointed out with a broad smile, wagging a finger at the Priest as if they were a silly infant. "You heroes are a silly bunch, but... Hey, why not be my guests? It could be fun!" She invited them, much to the pious missionary's confusion. This didn't feel right, not one bit! Why was their supposed enemy offering such courtesy?! "N-No, I... um, Y-Yes! Sorry, I get a l-little nervous..." The Necromancer simply rolled her eyes and reached out to help her former foe to their feet, looking supremely pleased once more. "Oh, don't we all? I'm sure your friends are already having fun, anyways! My friends aren't so bad once you get to know them!" The Necromancer actually seemed overjoyed! Could it be that she had actually just been lonely without any fully human contact up here in the middle of nowhere? Regardless, she invited the Priestess to rest, and the two gradually warmed to one another over numerous cups of tea. Meanwhile, all throughout the castle, the other heroes were finding things weren't actually as bad as they seemed...

For the Barbarian, she found that her four-armed friend wasn't actually all that evil and released her without a hitch; in fact, they ended up becoming actual friends, bonding over tests of strength and sharing tales that they could recall from their own lives. For once, the warrioress of the wintery wasteland found power in peace, although she had to try and teach the four-armed zombie not to tickle her to absolute madness with mixed success!

The Veteran, meanwhile, adapted easily to her newfound companions. She hadn't wished to harm them to begin with, after all! After much theatrics, she ended up agreeing to actually look after the entire quintet of zombified girls, much to their joy. The old, worn out soldier finally found a life that didn't have to involve bloodshed or harming others, and almost instantly grew protective and caring for the kids she'd never been able to have until now. Her wisdom went a long way towards teaching them, though the Veteran was surprised by how much the group had to actually teach her... mostly about tickling!

Meanwhile, the Witch decided that she'd challenge herself; nurturing the decayed, age-old plant life in the orchard using her revitalising magic made for a great experiment, not to mention she befriended the enormous old tree with swift ease. Of course, it took a while before the Pixie would be civil with that ancient tree, but she eventually relented and made up with it. Soon, the dead orchard was thriving, transformed into a small, lovely forest by the will of the Witch. Doom and gloom wasn't necessarily what filled this castle anymore... although perhaps mirth bloomed far better in a place like this?

And finally, the Priest(ess?) opened up to the Necromancer. At first, the two were always at odds, disagreeing over everything to do with the divine and the way of the world, but eventually an impasse was reached. The pair grew to understand one another, becoming firm friends in the process, and both learned the value in being cautious. For the Priest, that meant not running headlong into impossible odds, and for the Necromancer that translated to toning down the grandiosity! Regardless, all four of the heroes eventually agreed that their powers would be better served helping to defend the castle instead of opposing it. This place was a refuge for those spurned by the world, and it did more to unite the heroes than anything in the world beyond its walls had ever done... After all, what was to be gained in smashing crypts?
Smashing Through the Tickle-Crypt
Hey all, this is a wonderful story, but it wasn't written by me. This is all thanks to the amazing skills of my good friend :iconclassicalpest: You should most definitely give her a ring if you like this and tell her what you thought!
My very good friend :iconclassicalpest: has decided to open up for roleplays. She is very well written and will be expecting very skilled roleplayers. She has a journal about it on her page. Check it out if you're interested.



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My very good friend :iconclassicalpest: has decided to open up for roleplays. She is very well written and will be expecting very skilled roleplayers. She has a journal about it on her page. Check it out if you're interested.


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