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. . . :skull: Necromancia Op.6  :skull: . . .

The chosen theme of the year 2014 is +Alice in Wonderland+

:skull: Details about the theme: :skull:

:bulletred: This theme suggests a revisited version of the fantastic tale of C. Dodgson (Lewis Carrol) made by a panel of worldwide artists with very different art worlds, skills and view of Wonderland's universe.  

Each artist will introduce, of their choice, a part of the Wonderland's world, or a scene from the story of Alice, or a character from the tale, the all in giving a new and personal view of it.


Participing Artists of opus 6  (non complete list for the moment)


:skull: Submission's rules: :skull:

:bulletred: Each artist will have to draw between 1 and 2 artworks that will be focused on (of choice):

- an introducing of a character from Alice in Wonderland's tale (Alice, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Absolem, the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit etc....)
- a landscape that represents a part of the numerous land of Wonderland's world (the rabbit Hole, the Queen of Heart's castle etc...)
- a scene including a part from the original story (the tea party, the fall of Alice in the rabbit Hole etc...)

The all in a revisited version depending of the participing artist's imagination.

:bulletred: It's a complete artwork with full BG, not a simple "chara-design" with an empty background.

. . . :star: Warning :star: . . .

:damphyr:Concerning all artists, please notice the following points :


:skull: 28 March 2014: </b> :skull:

This deadline is definitive. As the book must be printed in June for being showed while the Comic Con in Paris (July 2014), we want to have a little time for preparing the book's interior and all the rest about the printing.

* If unfortunately you realize that you'll finally can not be able to end your contribution at this limit, please note us firstly to inform us (it'll avoid us to spend time for trying to ask artists news, etc...), secondly, in order to find a solution in the case where an artist would begin his illustration and just would need to have a little bit time for ending it by example.
So, give us news please if you meet a problem.^^

* If you want begin your illustration(s) very early and give us it/them very before the dead-line, no problem, it even could be a great useful thing.^^

:bulletred: each artist can propose and present 1 to 2 artworks.

:bulletred: size of artworks : vertical (A4 size) or horizontal (A3 size), as you wish, but in a good resolution (at least 300 dpi).

:bulletred : form of artworks: jpeg or pdf please.^^

:bulletred: no fanarts, ONLY original characters please.
Necromancia is a series that promotes originality of participing artists. So, please, call to your imagination, don't retook the look of Alice/Mad Hatter etc from Disney's movies.^^

. . . :star: What is allowed?: :star: . . .

:bulletblue: Big/detailed backgrounds, complex scenes, so, to sum, quality works.^^

:bulletblue: You've the choice of the technique, traditionnal or digital, the choice is yours.^^

. . . :star: What is prohibited?: :star: . . .

:bulletred: Very and harsh gore. Gothic is allowed, but not pg-18 and horror/insane/immoral/scandalous works.^^

:bulletred: Fanart

:bulletred: Huge watermark or unintegrated title/text over the image.

:bulletred: Nudity (full-on/nipples/genitals; sexy and back are acceptable)

:bulletred: Sketches/unfinished pictures

. . . :star: Important: :star: . . .

:bulletyellow: You rest the owner of your work, so, after the printing of the book, you'll can use your entries as you'll want without problem.

:bulletyellow: But until that the book will be printed and sold, please don't submit the full version of your contribution(s) in your gallery, just a preview.^^

. . . :star: Other Details: :star: . . .

:bulletred: Think about a bleed of 3 to 5 mm on all the side for the printing.

:bulletred: For horizontal works: </b>please don't put important things like faces for example at the middle of your work. Think about that the pic will be cut in two parts and some parts will desapear in the cover fold.^^

:bulletred: I'm not good at drawing backgrounds, is a BG necessary? Yes it is, though we do accept patterns or gradients.
Do your best.^^

:bulletred: All style are allowed, please don't change your drawing's way for the book, diversity of artists's panel is the greatest value of the book.^^

:bulletred: Finished artworks must be uploaded on a private sit (like DA and sent to senior members with the link for upload it in a note.
Wait for our review before upload the preview pic of your work in your gallery please.^^

:bulletred: About the price: until this edition, we used Lulu as printer. But for this edition, maybe we'll change for new printer. If you know a very good online printer with best quality-low prices, please tell us who.^^ It could be very intesresting for proposing the artbook with a better low price.^^

:bulletred: Shipping and orders: the book will be printed in a very collector edition, just for June and July 2014. We can send it overseas without problem. Final price will be indicated as soon as we'll receive the totality of artists's works.^^ The postal charges will be in more.

:bulletblue: If you're a participing artist, will you won a free copy of the book ?:
We hope we'll be able to do that. It'll clearly depend on the final number of participing artists.
- In the case that we can offer a free copy : we'll just ask to each participing artist the postal charges for sending them their copy.

- In  case we can't offer a free paperback copy : we'll send you a digital file of the final book.

And be sure that if you though want a paperback copy, we'll ask you a very low price (printer price) in order to thank you all for your fabulous contribution if you want to buy a copy.^^

:bulletred: Will have participing artists a remuneration for their contribution?

Unfortunately not. Necromancia is a project based on the volunteering and only in order to promote worldwide artists while the European Comic Con.

But in exchange, the Necro-team will take care of the printing's expenses, and of the promotion while the Comic Con in Paris.

The printing is unique, only for the Comic Con in Paris. Our aim isn't to become rich on the back of participing artists, but to have fun with new art classmates and promote them in front of a new audience as we explained to all of you in personal notes.^^

:bulletred: Will can participing artists have their own stock of books?
Yes, why not, we can print a bit more books for you and send you them for the suite but please note that we'll make only one printing (for Comic Con).^^
The price per book will be the same that we'll pay to the printer for having our stock for the Comic Con, and we'll ask you in more the postal charges for the sending but yes, it's possible.^^

:bulletred: Pre-orders and orders of the artbook will start at the end of May/beginning of June 2014.^^

:bulletred: All our contributing artists will be credited.

:bulletred: Promoting:
you can make it where you want!!!! We'll try to make a special facebook account in more of the DA group for it.
Be sure that all your help will be very welcome, and very thankx for it by advance!!!!! >w<

:bulletred: For all other questions : you can note senior members for it. We'll try to do our best for give you the details that you need.^^

. . . :star: Thanks: :star: . . .

:bulletred: In thanking once again all fantastic artists who accepted our invitations this year a new time, in hoping they'll have a lot of fun with this edition of Necromancia.^^

:bulletyellow: In thanking all watchers and fans of this artbooks'series who contributed to make it bigger each year.^^
Bye bye!^^

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: The Necro-team :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
More Journal Entries

..:.:: Necromancia opus 6: Orders ::.:..

The 6th opus of the Necromancia series is now available for sale!^^
Thankx to all fantastic artists that contributed to this special book!^^

hebergeur d'image

For ordering your copy, just click on the link! ^^…

(national and international shippings possible.)

. . . :star: Participing Artists of Opus 6 : :star: . . .


:star: Rookies::star:

:star: senior members: :star:

:bulletred: Necromancia's collection is a series of promotional collective artbooks which assembles professional worldwide artists in order to promote their art while European anime conventions and especially Comic Con in Paris.

:bulletred: With Necromancia's books, foreign artists can show their art to European professional artists ans publishers, all artists can show their style to European public and it's a fun way for meet over talented artists for a collective project.^^

:bulletred: Necromancia is only printed each June, with an only printing per year. It's a very collector item, so, don't miss it when it'll be available!!! >w<

:bulletred: Necro publishes a new opus every year and registrations always beginn while July-August for next year. Generally, we receive first requests before this months like this year where registrations were almost full before official request.



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VanRah Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
generally, the admins contact professional artists for contributing to next opus.
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no, all artists are reviewed by the senior members in function of their skills.
As we mentionned, the Necromancia series requests a rather high level. It's not first come first serve.^^
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Sirry, but the pre-orders aren't already open. It'll be announced on the group when the moment will be ok.^^
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