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I put characters so that it reflects anything, not just OC's.
To use, copy/paste this to wherever... subscription owners only, sorry!

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

I got quite tired of seeing friends' (and others, like a lot of the peeps I watch) characters being used by other users in ART and even just in ROLEPLAY. Of course, on that second note (RP), I agree with =Res-Gestae--so many people who've ripped characters for their own use... are not only doing it without permission, but in every case where I've read the fake bios... they freaking SUCK BALLS. (I won't even get into that.)

Regardless, I just roll with laughter seeing thieves even bother slapping things like "OFFICIAL ACCOUNT OF _____", cause no it ain't.

In the end, here's the drill. A lot of people seem to think "Oh, I like that character! It's PERFECTLY OKAY for me to TAKE that character, and a picture (or many of), and use it as MINE!"

The answer's no. Most people do NOT allow others to do this, and I know a friend of mine wasn't too thrilled when it happened to her either.

Using a character, their related artwork........ THAT'S CALLED STEALING, IDIOTS.
Especially with the ARTWORK part.

Is it okay for you to go to a store and just grab what you like?
Is it okay for you to like, let's say, The Little Mermaid and use Ariel in your logo?
Is it okay to go to a friend's house and take their X-Box/(whatever) just cause you want one too?
Is it okay to go to a zoo and steal a red panda just cause they're awesome looking?

Is it okay to make an attempt, however the result is, and MAKE YOUR OWN CHARACTERS?
If you PRACTICE and not dink around in FarmVille or Mafia Wars, maybe you'll be on the right track. People don't give two shits if you can't draw well, just appreciate that you didn't steal.

Right now here's a non-animated long-stamp... I'll make an animated one with more text ("not on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, or ANYTHING ELSE"), and maybe an animated small one in a bit...

Template came from here, if you want to make your own long stamps/buttons.
Sorry, I don't have a set of PLZ-accounts up yet, may whip some up later if someone doesn't beat me to it.
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100% relatable
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does it count if it's a ripoff character that's different in a fair way
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Using! Thank you for making this!
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I am now using this since i came across someone who thinks it's fine to steal someones ocs because the account is inactive. i tried explaining to them how they could still use the ocs else where on the internet or even outside the net and they wanted to argue with me. so i told him i added them to my beware and am scared they plan to steal my ocs from my inactive da accounts. 
They claim their 'saving' the ocs. but they can get in serious trouble if they take an oc from the wrong person. 
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For ALL my accounts. 

 . . .  I use "OFFICIAL ACCOUNT OF ---", because I have a few accounts, and a couple of my characters are featured specifically {and predominantly} in those specific accounts. . .XD 
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*cough cough* THIS APPLIES TO YOU TOO, 707Fangirl!!! *cough cough*

And using as well.
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Hello! :) I was wondering if I could make a black and white version of this for my page? :) And then credit you in the upload?
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Yeah, like how that one person kept hiring a person to make art attacking me that featured a character I made. Not going to mention them here so they don't get any attention.
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Can infuse this? Lol
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using this is so true 
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