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Swamp Marine by Necroceph Swamp Marine by Necroceph
Remus Arturo of the 57th Company's Diary- (942.M41)

"It has already been days since I was split from my squad and that battle with that foul daemon. (Who's head now hangs on my pauldron).

I am uncertain of my current location as something seems to be interfering with my auspex, perhaps this swamp my two feet are standing on. I'll be travelling blind for the time being. I still have enough supplies to last me about two to three days until I reach my company, who are waiting for my squad at the otherside of this valley. Sadly they'll be expecting one. And when I get there, I will show the Apothecary where I hid my brothers so that he will extract their gene-seed. 

I have even found something interesting on the way, one of our drop pods. I do not know when and why it was deployed here at such a desolate place, perhaps it went off course after it was hit by enemy artillery as I have found heavy damage on its side, who knows? It was empty so safe to say the passengers may have survived, or so I thought. When I jumped back into the water, I noticed something floating nearby. It was a Mk-4 helmet with a skull inside no longer attached to a body. No other remains nearby. What happened to them? That's not important now, I should keep moving and find my company.

The Emperor Protects."
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