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New Recruits (RWBY/RVB) Crossover by Necroceph New Recruits (RWBY/RVB) Crossover by Necroceph

*RVB Opening Theme*

Another day, another series of torment in this God-forsaken box canyon they called Blood Gulch. Leonard L. Church, as always, does nothing but stand under the sun as if waiting he's for one of the Reds to end his misery by shooting him in the head. Well good luck with that buddy, 'cause who knows how many times you had died in horrible fashion, come back as a ghost, possess a new body and again...die. Suddenly, his radio picked up an incoming transmission. It's from Blue Command.

Church- "What is it Vic?"
Vic- "Hey, hey. Church, my man! Good to hear ya. Say, how's the weather over there? Might be a good time for a little tanning!"
Church- "Haha, I'd rather burn under the hot sun while the Reds take the flag. Now what do you want?"
Vic- "Dude I got some important news for ya! Blue Command's sending you a special gift to help you take out them noisy neighbors you've been complaining about."
Church- "A delivery like what? If it's a new vehicle, I appreciate it. 'Cause our tank's now a rusting deathtrap."
Vic- "Hmm, doesn't say anything on Vic's List of Worthless Crap. Could be a surprise."
Church- "A surprise? Now hold on, why would Command deliver us a something that we don't know.'
Vic- "Has the Reds been spying on you lately?"
Church- "I doubt it. One of them tried to spy on us while hiding inside a snowman... in the middle of a canyon. So when is it coming?"
Vic- "Right about.... now. Bye bye.
Church- "Wait, what? Vic? Hello? Goddammit."

As the transmission cuts off, Church hears a loud whistling sound right above him. He looks up to see an object getting bigger or should I say, getting closer to him. 

Church- "Son of a-"

In Red Base

Sarge- "What in jumpin' Jehoshaphat was that?!?!" 

That was a close call. If Sarge hadn't jump to the side in time, he would've been flattened like a pancake. He gets up before examining what almost killed him. It could this be the thing Vic talked about, this secret delivery? He quickly recognized what that hell the thing is thanks to his time in the ODST. A drop pod and speaking of drop pod, could there be someone inside? Sudddenly, the pod door ejects, incidentally landing on an unsuspecting Lopez below.

Lopez- "Oye, ¿de dónde vino esta cosa?"

Someone's emerging from the pod. Sarge draws his shotgun, just in case, as the pod's passenger finally came out. It's... a girl. This ain't such a surprise to Sarge as this isn't the first time he met women in this canyon, one's a Freelancer with a killer AI and the other is Grif's sister. The girl is wearing a dark grey standard military uniform, she has black hair with red highlights and bright silver eyes. 

New Red Recruit- "Woah, what a landing! Not as awesome as the last landing."
Sarge- "Ahh, so you must be the delivery Command sent us. Finally, someone to replace, Grif. Name and rank on the pronto!"
New Red Recruit- "Private Ruby Rose, at your service. Ready to kick Blue butts!
Sarge- "Welcome to the army, lil' girl! Ahh, so good for Command to send us a cheeful energetic soldier like you. Reminds me of me. Now tell me your specialties, soldier."
Ruby- "Well I'm a very good shot with sniper rifles since I was five years old and plus I'm good with fighting close to the enemy, but only with weapons. Hand to hand's not my style."
Sarge- "A born sniper huh? We could use someone like you. My men here knows how to shoot a sniper rifle but they still can't hit a broadside of a barn! Now put your armor on, let me show you the base."
Ruby- "My what?"
Sarge- "Your armor. You can't come here with only your uniform or else you won't last a second with that tank of theirs."
Ruby- "Ooooooh armor! Command said I don't need."

Back In Blue Base

Kaikaina- "Did you call me?"
Kaikaina- "Fine."
Church- "Of all the things Command has sent us, they've sent a GIRL!!!"
New Blue Recruit- "Excuse me, but is that the way you talk to women?"

Church couldn't believe this. Of all the things Command has send them, they send another girl, isn't Kaikaina enough? She wears a light grey military uniform, has pure snow white hair and blue eyes. 

Church- "Sigh, why oh why? Ahem, sorry about that. My name is Private Church, current leader of this team."
Caboose- "Hey, Church! Look what I've done with the tank, I'm smart!"
Church- "Of idiots. Tell me yours."

The new recruit straightens before introducing herself.

Weiss- "Private Weiss Schnee, reporting for duty! I have been sent out here by Command to assist you in annihilating the enemy."
Church- "Okay... welcome to Blood Gulch. The worst place this planet has to offer. So what do you do as in what good you're at?"
Weiss- "Well for your understanding, I have an excellent knowledge of minerology, medical science and weapons research."
Church- "Wow it's been a while since we got ourselves some brains. Got any combat training?"
Weiss- "Of course. I'm quite skill with a pistol and a rapier."
Church- "A pistol and... the hell's a rapier? Nevermind, first let me show you around and-"


Church- "Now what?"

That sounds like the tank's firing! Church looks down to see the tank firing with Tucker and Caboose standing next to it. 

Church- "What are you idiots DOING! Can't you see I'm in the middle of something!"
Tucker- "Hey, Church. Look what Caboose did, it's awesome!"
Church- "Wait, how's the tank firing? Aren't the controls broken?"
Caboose- "Told you I was smart! I took out some wires just to make friendship bracelets for all of us and then the tank started firing itself. I brought back Sheila!"
Tucker- "As in he somehow set the tank into auto-firing mode. Now we don't need to worry about the Reds while we're sleeping."
Weiss- "You two are a bunch of dopes!"

Caboose and Tucker were surprised to hear a new voice. Both turned to the source to see Weiss for the first time.

Weiss- "That tank isn't design to keep on firing like that! It'll jam the gun!"
Tucker- "Whoa ho ho. ~Hello there, sweety! Been a while since we saw a new face.
Caboose- "I thought Kaikaina's the new face."
Tucker- "Yeah but still, she's new."
Weiss- "Is this normal?"
Church- "Welcome to my world. Get your armor on, there are a lot things to show here in your first day."
Weiss- "I wish not to wear it."
Church- "Good... I beg you're pardon?"

Back In Red Base


Both Sarge and Ruby felt the whole base shook under their feet. Seems like tank rounds have hit the ground and one of them's got the jeep.

Simmons- "AAAHH!!! RUNAWAY!!!"
Grif- "Here we go again."
Donut- "I'm too young to die pink! I mean, lightish red!""
Sarge- "Where are you numbnuts going? Get out there and fight like men! Lopez where are you?" 
Lopez- "Todavía estoy atrapado debajo de esta losa de metal. ¿Un poco de ayuda?"
Sarge- "Great! Now go flip the jeep back and prepare for counter attack! Where was I? Oh right! So let me get this straight lil' girl, you're telling me that command didn't give you any armor because you don't need one."
Ruby- "That's right."
Sarge- "And you're perfectly fine by that?"
Ruby- "Uh huh!"
Sarge- "That's madness! That's violation of military code J0-HN-117!"
Ruby- "I've never read that before."
Sarge- "You haven't read all of 'em. I've read every rule top to bottom and that's a violation!"
Ruby- "No seriously, I'm fine without one. And besides, I've been fully trained to do so. Now may I have permission to head on to battle?"
Sarge- "Certaintly not. Simmons, strip Grif's armor. This girl's naked without one."
Simmons- "Girl? Is Grif's sister making naked splits again?"
Grif- "I heard THAT!"

A/N: Been watching RvB lately and I decided to make a crossover with RWBY. 

(Edited: 1/6/2018)
Reach009 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018
not gonna lie is was reading this in their voices....(mostly sarge)
Necroceph Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL! iOS Tears Of Joy Emoji Button (3/???) 
Allsmiles98311 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018
 (Hmmm... I find the story in the description actually quite interesting... a fun read and cute picture.)
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