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An Armor For Ruby (RWBY/RVB) Crossover by Necroceph An Armor For Ruby (RWBY/RVB) Crossover by Necroceph

*RVB Opening Theme*

Sarge- "Front and centre on the double! It's time for you ladies to meet our new recruit."

Three of the other Reds took their positions in front of their commanding officer as they all panted heavily after dodging several barrages of tank fire outside. Sarge isn't worried for his men being blown to smithereens for he sees that attack as a good wake up call for these three idiots and reminding them they still got a war to win! 

Sarge- "Good, you're all here. Now before we unleash our counter attack against the diabolical Blues, I want you all to introduce yourselves to... wait a minute. Where's Lopez?"
Simmons- "I think he's still... PHEW!... outside, but we haven't seen him during the attack."

Outside Red Base

Lopez- "¡Oye! ¿Ahi alguien ahi? ¡Todavía estoy atrapado debajo de esto!"

Inside Red Base

Sarge- "Ahh don't worry, Lopez is a smart robot. I'm sure he'll be alright."

Before Sarge could say another word, Grif feebly raises his hand.

Sarge- "Yes, Grif?"
Grif- "Permission to... GASP!... lie down and take an hour's... GASP... no wait, three hours... GASP!... rest."
Sarge- "Permission denied! Now introduce yourselves to our new private. Miss Ruby Rose."

Grif, Simmons and Donut turned their head to the new face in the base. Each of the three have different reactions upon seeing her. Grif groaned in annoyance as he had enough having new girls coming to Blood Gulch, his sister's enough. Simmons doesn't mind although he does have a mixed feeling about it. For Donut's case, he's very excited to see her the first time so he introduced himself first.

Donut- "Oh hey there! Pvt. Franklin Delano Donut at your service."
Ruby- "Hello, Franklin! Pvt. Ruby Rose, nice to meet you."
Donut- "Why don't you call me, Donut. The folks around here prefer to call each other by last name, sort of like a long time tradition."
Sarge- "Not bad for a good introduction, Donut. Now let's see how these two numbskulls greet her. Simmons!"
Simmons- "What?... oh... Hi, name's Richard "Dick" Simmons. Private First Class. You can just call me Simmons."
Donut- "And he's a cyborg."
Simmons- "Yeah thanks Donut. Okay, Grif, you're turn."
Grif- "Grif, private, goodbye!"

Well that was quick. Grif ran out through the entrance to go who knows where he'll be sleep at. Sarge, as always after seeing Grif's unnacceptable attitude, wasn't very happy before he pumps his shotgun.

Sarge- "Grif, where do you think you're going? Get back here or I'll give you some 'discipline'!"
Simmons- "Oh don't mind him, he's always a jerk.

Just before Sarge leaves for the Great Grif Hunt, he says something to Simmons.

Sarge- "Simmons, while I'm off hunting, give this girl one of the bodysuits Sister left and once I get Grif back here, continue to strip his armor off!"
Simmons- "Ro- wait what?"

Sarge left.

Ruby "Wow, talk about colorful personalities you guys have."
Simmons- Yeah it's always like this here for the past four years. By the way, why did Sarge ordered me to strip Grif, the orange jerk you just met, off his armor. What's up with that?"
Donut- "Well from the looks of it, Rose isn't wearing any armor. So I guess the rookie forgot to wear it before she left and Sarge decided to make Grif's armor as a substitute before she get it."
Simmons- "I doubt it'll perfectly fit her.
Ruby- "I don't need armor."
Simmons- "What!"
Donut- "Yeah, I know. This armor's sooooo last year. I can't keep the dust off it."
Simmons- "She's not talking about that, she says she doesn't need armor!"
Ruby- "That's right. I've already told sergeant before and I'm perfectly fine without one."
Simmons- "But that's a violation of J0HN-117!"
Donut- "I don't remember reading that back in bootcamp."
Ruby- "Me too! My supervisors never even talked about it back in training."
Simmons- "It is! Why don't you want to wear armor?"
Ruby- "It's because I got superpowers."

(Cricket chirping nearby, on this PLANET?)

Simmons- "Oh no, not another idiot! CRAP! Ugh, Donut, get Sister's bodysuit."
Donut- "Okey dokey. I painted some of them so they may look nicer. Be right back!"

Donut leaves.

Simmons- "Superpowers? Yeah right! If you have 'powers' then I take it you have an AI that can turn you into a thirteen foot giant."
Ruby- "Uhmm... uh... ugh... what superpowers?"
Simmons- "You said you got 'superpowers' seconds ago. What do you mean 'what'?"
Sarge- "Simmons, I need help out here, pronto! Grif's struggling like a stubborn mule and Lopez's underneath a pod door!"
Lopez- "¡Sácame de aquí!"
Simmons- "Ugh, I'll be back. Why does command keep bringing more idiots, this canyon will be full of them if this keeps going!"

Simmons leaves Ruby as he goes out to help Sarge  outside. With herself alone, she slams her berrett onto her face in order to muffle one angry response.

Ruby- "I... AM SUCH... A DUNDERHEAD!!! Why did I said that? I know it was too early to say I got powers, but my stupid mouth won't keep shut! Oooohhh, I just embarrased myself in the first day. Don't worry, let's just hope he'll forget what I said and won't tell everyone else. Eep! Let's hope not! Okay Ruby, just calm down, calm down. I'll show my powers later. So long as they don't freak out. And besides it's my first day and I'm sure it won't get any worse later."
Donut "I'm back! Hope you don't mind the colors."

Donut came back from retrieving Kakaina's bodysuits, all painted in lavish color. Ruby upon seeing the bodysuits blushed to see how tight they looked.

Ruby- "I'm seriously going to wear that in front  of a team full of men?!"
Donut- "Woah, woah, woah, don't freak out Rose. You're dignity will soon be protected once you wear an armor."
Ruby- "But it looks so tight! Even if I wear armor, it's still an embarrasing sight!"
Donut- "Yeah it's a bit tight, but it still gives you additional protection from any bullets and it even absorbs explosive shockwaves. I once got a grenade stuck to my head and survived without a scratch."
Ruby- "Really? That must be traumatizing."
Donut- "Not at all after I made some payback. Here, take the unpainted if you like black"
Ruby- "I'm not going to change in front of you! Is there somewhere private?"
Donut- "Well you can use my room, nothing bt a few blings to keep the blandness away."
Ruby- "Thank you. If what you say is true about the suit, it's cool! Also I won't have to worry so much if I double its protection with my Aura."
Donut- "A what?"
Grif- "Sarge, what are you doing? Get off me!"
Sarge- "Hold still, I need to take off your armor. It's URGENT!"
Simmons- "Sir, I don't want to be rude. But it sounded like you want to rape him."
Sarge- "What? I won't go that far! Not yet."

(Edited: 19/5/2018)
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zeldomnyo Featured By Owner May 28, 2018
I love the little story in the notes. I hope you continue this
Moneybam Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018
I read the script in the voices of the characters and out of all of them, I enjoyed voicing Sarge and Donut
granassassin Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Never realized a Spartan armor's undersuit would look sexy. Still, it can be covered with the chestplate
animeak116 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Huh wonder if this could be a good story
Viper-X27 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018
I'd stick with the black.

This could be an entertaining episode/fanfic.
Allsmiles98311 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018
 (Awww, Donut's a sweetheart! And poor Ruby, but hey! At least she looks good in it!)
Reach009 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018
once again this was great, I could totally see this as an episode.
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