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PSE Bust!!

Doing the Matter Board (Storyline) in PSO2 made me meet Patty several times, getting more fond of her besides of her busty anatomy.

First time trying cinetic lines, and also i had a urge of draw a more "loli" anatomy.
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chaoman's avatar
I can hear her spine cracking.
DirtyDirtySam's avatar
Mmmm...gotta get one of those boobies :iconhurrplz:
AdmiralPit's avatar
Well, that's definitely busty, and I like it! :blush:
Dragonkingmark's avatar
wow, PSO2 looks pretty good now ^^
b133d4u's avatar
As a PSU fan from the beginning i have to say...excellent work!i just wish i could play the other games in the series besides PSU and still a huge fan and look forward to the day i am able to enjoy more of it
BIG-OLAF's avatar
Well, holy shit. I didn't think Patty's boobs could get bigger, considering how small she is.
Hatsodoom's avatar
They're obsecene, even for Hentai.
Hatsodoom's avatar
Sorry, no Phantasy Star character is allowed to have bigger boobs than Maya Shidow.
BIG-OLAF's avatar
Mine did in PSU, even without inflation. ww
BIG-OLAF's avatar
No, it's right. I did a side-by-side comparison with her NPC once. lolol
AdmiralPit's avatar
Oh, that sounds interesting. >_<
Hatsodoom's avatar
Not only is she hot she uses it! (Seducing Curtz still astounds me to this day)
b133d4u's avatar
Lol!but hey karen's pretty hot too right?
Hatsodoom's avatar
Meh, I dunno. I like Mirei better.
b133d4u's avatar
Lol i think theyre all hot!
Ifrit9's avatar
Great job dude :D
ElasticFan's avatar
I wish I could play PSO2. How is it btw?
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