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The last month had been a downwards spiral of fighting, chaos and over all unhappiness. An ungodly amount of time had been invested into looking for more feathers, a task which had started with just Lady and Catcher and by the end had extended to the troops under their power. Lady and Catcher fought day and night over the feathers, and the worse the weather got and the more dire things seemed to get, the worse their fighting got. The whole kingdom’s attention seemed to have turned towards the results of the feathers instead of anything else; though, luckily enough, that seemed to be the fate of most kingdoms. Several of the twin’s advisors had become increasingly worried that their constant fighting and absolute absorption into the feather incident would leave them open to attack from more focused and watchful neighboring kingdoms, but they had been lucky enough not to draw any of the attention of the few focused kingdoms. Lady and Catcher had hardly spent any time in their own castle and hardly in their own kingdom since the full brunt of their obsession hit. Most of the time the two were either absorbed into Lhaindor or were out wandering the country side with their Pokémon in search of more feathers to turn into the various individuals.
But at long last, it was starting to die down. Lady had burnt the last of her red feathers, and the red feather’s fate had been decided. Catcher had fought her sister from the last bunch of yellow and blue ones, which she moved to return to the city.
The streets were, as usual, crowded, though the heavy air of the recent events seemed to hang over the stalls and streets. Catcher, holding her head rather triumphantly, made her way between the crowds, away from the center of the city where Yari and Garret continued their battle over what remained of the feathers. Catcher was confident that the blue and yellow feathers would unlock the tablets, and that she would end triumphant over the single tablet her sister stopped. It was something, but perhaps it wasn’t enough anyways. Twistingdespair chittered on Catcher’s shoulder, peering above the crowds as a look out and a scout to the busy streets before them. Shroudmarch and Cursewire followed at her flanks, her guards for this trip. They had all frequented Lhaindor so often over the course of the last month that it was starting to grate on their nerves. Cursewire and Shroudmarch especially would be glad when they didn’t have to make a biweekly trip on ship and across land to reach the city. Catcher would be happy too. Even she was starting to feel burnt out from the constant traveling and searching. In all honesty, most of it had started out as a joke to peeve her sister; she didn’t really think the world was ending, and doing the opposite of whatever Lady wanted to do was usually how she rolled. Yet somehow over the course of the event, Catcher began to feel more and more perturbed. Things actually started to happen, bad weather and events began to kick up. Lady got more and more into it. Catcher felt less and less like she could back off. Their choices actually became something. And it honestly disturbed Catcher a little. She was sure nothing serious would come of the feathers in general, but the events none the less left Catcher tired and a little on edge.
Shroudmarch nuzzled his nose into Catcher’s palm, sensing his trainer’s worry. Catcher glanced back at him, before giving the demon goat a scratch on the head. “We’re all due for a long rest,” she said with a sigh. Twistingdespair chirped, before climbing off of Catcher’s shoulder and onto the back of the Gogoat.
[Still worried about the feathers?] Cursewire asked, shifting his single eye to gaze at his trainer.
Catcher didn’t look back to him. She continued down the street, moving out of the way so as to not brush into anyone else. The woman gave a shrug. “No more than anyone else,” she said smoothly, surveying the crowd.
If Cursewire could frown, he would have. The chimera reached out the hand that the shield was strapped to, resting it on Catcher’s shoulder for a moment to stop her. Catcher turned back to look at her body guard. Cursewire didn’t say anything. Catcher pursed her lips, before sighing. She reached up and pat Cursewire’s hand. “I’m fine, Cursewire,” she said, before turning away again. Twistingdespair looked down from Shroudmarch’s back, head tilting in curiosity at the other Pokémon. Cursewire glanced back, before shaking his head and following after the Queen.
[Is there a reason then that we’re still in town?] He asked, picking up his pace so he could walk beside her. Shroudmarch had her back. The 6’ tall Gogoat would be enough of a shield, especially with Twistingdespair keeping watch. There was little that escaped the Sableye’s gaze, and Cursewire had his faith in the pesky goblin to alert them of trouble. She was a brat, but she truly seemed to adore Catcher. Similar personalities, really. Sketchy, mischievous, kind of a bunch of assholes.
Catcher shrugged again. “Suppose I might as well get one last look around here. I don’t plan on traveling here again any time soon. I doubt you want to come back in the near or foreseeable future either,” she said. “This whole event has caused quite the crowd… might as well see if anything interesting has rolled in during it, don’t you think?”
Twistingdespair’s ears perked up at that, before she climbed up onto Shroudmarch’s horns. The gem goblin chirped, looking around from her perch. Shroudmarch raised his head so the other Pokémon could get a better look at their surroundings.
And sure enough, the Sableye spotted something of interest. While Shroudmarch, Catcher and Cursewire had ignored it and not noticed, Twistingdespair noted that one of the usual stands was not the same one that it usually was. Better yet, there were some very interesting folks who were standing there now. The goblin chittered, before trying to tug Shroudmarch’s horns towards the direction of the stand. Shroudmarch snorted, shaking his head so the Sableye would stop tugging on his head. Catcher and Cursewire turned to look, the first of which raised her eyebrow.
“What is it?” She asked, head tilted. Twistingdespair made a chattering noise wither pointed teeth, before pointing in the direction of the stall. Catcher followed in the direction the Sableye pointed, before her gaze also fell on the stand. Peculiar. Catcher made her way over, using Shroudmarch to block the flow of people so she could get to the stand. The members beckoned over people who passed by.
They offered to trade a Pokémon you didn’t want for an egg. Interesting. Catcher glanced back at her Pokémon, who all seemed to be offended by the glance.
[You wouldn’t dare] Cursewire snapped, folding his arms defensively. Catcher snorted.
“I wouldn’t trade any of you in,” she reassured, before scratching her chin. Did she have anything she didn’t quite… care… for?
The first thing that came to mind was Lady berating her for even considering trading up a Pokémon like that. Catcher rolled her eyes at the thought. No though, she did have a few Pokémon she did not really bond with, nor did she particularly… care… about. She had no idea what these people wanted with these Pokémon, but again she wasn’t sure if she cared. An egg would be a lovely trade off, hopefully something she could raise by hand. Both of the two Pokémon she was debating on trading up had been obtained when they were older than just children, which Catcher figured contributed to their mutual feelings of dislike for each other.
Catcher turned and grabbed onto Shroudmarch’s reigns, pulling herself up onto the goat’s back in one swift movement. Shroudmarch snorted, tilting his head back. Twistingdespair chirped, tilting her head from her perch. Cursewire looked up at her in slight confusion.
[What are we doing?] He asked. Catcher held out a hand so he could get up on the back of Shroudmarch as well. Cursewire grunted and pulled himself up into his seat behind Catcher.
“We’re going to pick up a Pokémon to trade,” she said, before jabbing her foot into Shroudmarch’s side. The Gogoat grunted in irritation, but charged off in the direction of her ship.
Catcher would return later with her Pokémon of choice. The Pokémon was a sad little Pawniard that had been hanging around the castle. In all honesty, Catcher wasn’t fully sure where the scrawny thing had come from, but they didn’t care for each other and it wasn’t showing any promise of being a strong Pokémon.
The Pawniard was shoved between herself and Cursewire, the latter of which kept a hold of the smaller Pokémon so he wouldn’t be jarred out of his seat on Shroudmarch’s back. Twistingdespair had been put on Shroudmarch’s head again so she wouldn’t harass the Pawniard. Catcher had only found the poor Pokémon because Twistingdespair had found him first; and had proceeded to chase the Pawniard around the ship until Catcher and Cursewire could wrangle it… and her.
Shroudmarch stampeded back down the streets of Lhaindor, sending people scattering in either direction to stay out of the way of the large Pokémon. Catcher let out a sigh of relief when she could see the stall again, and that the strange individuals who had been there previously still lingered. The Pawniard peered around Catcher nervously, trying not to stab the terrifying trainer with his hands out of fear of being… well, he wasn’t sure what. Catcher made him nervous, and so did her Pokémon. Shroudmarch slowed down and stopped in front of the stall, and Catcher hopped off. Cursewire picked up the Pawniard, before handing it down to Catcher. The Pawniard wiggled nervously, looking between Catcher, Cursewire, Shroudmarch, Twistingdespair and the people before them. Catcher walked over to the stall, before setting the Pokémon down on the counter.
“I heard you have a deal, hm?” Catcher said, jutting her hip out to the side so she could rest her hand on it.
The Pawniard nervously looked back and forth between her and masked individuals, shaking slightly.
The individuals shifted, before the one in the Persian mask clapped his hands together. “Oh, of course! Here to trade your Pokémon in for an egg, hm?” He chided.
Catcher nodded, making a gesture to the Pawniard. “This Pawniard. We haven’t gotten along, needless to say. Nor do I have much use for him.”
The Pawniard frowned, glancing at Catcher anxiously. Twistingdespair chittered, no doubt harassing the poor Pokémon from her perch on Shroudmarch’s head. Cursewire folded his arms, staying quiet from the back of the goat as well. The Pawniard glanced between Catcher and the masked people, fidgeting and shaking progressively more. Catcher eyed the Pokémon, but puffed her chest up and turned her gaze to stare steadily forward.
The Banette masked woman reached out and picked up the Pawniard, who made a frightened squeak before being carried off to… who knew where. Catcher didn’t look, and held her hands out instead.
“The egg?” She said, raising an eyebrow expectantly.
“Oh, but of course,” the Persian mask replied, shifting around behind the stall before handing over an egg. “Perhaps this Pokémon will form a better bond with you then the last,” he said, masked face bouncing a bit as he spoke.
Catcher reached out and picked up the egg, before tucking it in a roll of fabric at her belt. “As do I,” she said, turning. She glanced past the Persian masked man as the Banette masked woman walked away. The Pawniard was peering past her, brow furrowed. Catcher looked away quickly, before she hopped back onto Shroudmarch’s back. “Let’s get going,” she said. Cursewire eyed her, but said nothing. Twistingdespair smirked, before giggling and pattering Shroudmarch’s head. The Gogoat grunted, before turning and finally leaving the city for some time.
Catcher is kinda heartless

Words: 2009
Correct Spelling/Grammar? Yes
Cursewire, the Watcher | Shiny Medicham/Aegislash/Roserade: 2009 Words, Major, PC Present
Shroudmarch, the Ever-Traveling | Dark/Ground Gogoat: 2009 Words, Major, PC Present
Twistingdespair, the Corrupt | Shiny Sableye: 2009 Words, Major, PC Present
Pawniward ? : 601 Words, Minor, PC Present
Catcher | PC: 2009 Words, Major

I am trading Male Unreffed Pawniard [On Dark Grant] for an Egg
This Submission is for Week 4's Weekly Quest!
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One of the strangers take the Pokemon with a smile, the other hands you over a new egg just ready to hatch. As you inspect you egg you realize they have given you a Cracked Egg! This Cracked Egg has been added to your inventory.

Word Count: 2009, PC

Cursewire gained 17 HP, 28 Attack, 16 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 25 Sp. Defense, 23 Speed.
Cursewire has earned 114 stat points! Cursewire gained 22 levels!

Word Count: 2009, PC

Shroudmarch gained 18 HP, 31 Attack, 10 Defense, 25 Sp. Attack, 22 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Shroudmarch has earned 113 stat points! Shroudmarch gained 22 levels!

Word Count: 2009, PC

Twistingdespair gained 29 HP, 14 Attack, 12 Defense, 20 Sp. Attack, 10 Sp. Defense, 33 Speed.
Twistingdespair has earned 118 stat points! Twistingdespair gained 23 levels!

Word Count: 2009, PC

Pawniward gained 19 HP, 9 Attack, 24 Defense, 21 Sp. Attack, 2 Sp. Defense, 21 Speed.
Pawniward has earned 96 stat points! Pawniward gained 19 levels!

Trainer earned 595 Trinities.

Word Count:2009, Proper Grammar & No Mispellings

Pokemon of Choice gained 71 HP, 54 Attack, 48 Defense, 44 Sp. Attack, 62 Sp. Defense, 31 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 310 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 62 levels!
Please reply with which pokemon is claiming these rolls.

Trainer earned 9 Trinities.
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Thee Levels from Catcher will go to Arctracker the Undying