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Ever since the trip the Lady had taken out into the ocean that had ended in absolute disaster, it had been a unanimous decision that the Lady would no longer be traveling with so few people. Or at very least, the Lost was not too fond of letting the Lady wander off under the supervision of incompetent individuals, like the ship’s crew apparently was. Oh, the Lady could have died and he wouldn’t have to deal with her anymore, but she didn’t. So he had to protect her and continue that job he oh so despised. From what he had learned from the Adviser and the Lady, the only reason the crew had made it to any semblance of safety was thanks to the Pokémon. Even then, they hadn’t been strong enough to stop the damage and the attacks. Lives were lost, cargo was lost, and the whole ship had eventually sunk into the depths once the psychic Pokémon had stopped holding it together with their powers. The Lost took this as a blow to his own pride and ego about his job as the Lady’s lead Pokémon Trainer. Clearly he had not done a very good job at that, since it had taken almost all of Lady’s Pokémon and then some to stop a few attacking Pokémon, and even then the damage dealt was unacceptable in the Lost’s eyes. Or eye. The Lady herself was relatively useless in just about any situation anyways, while it sounded like she had gotten them out of it, the Lost sensed that the young woman was too hesitant and new to stressful, life and death situations. Not even the Adviser, the council member the Lost figured would keep the Lady safe on her trip, had done a good job on any front. Unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable. Several weeks had passed since the Lady had returned back to Bleakfield with the help of the people of R’la-Det’oorum, and the Lost had immediately gone to working out a trip to take the Lady and a few others out on a trip to train some of their Pokémon.  Such a petty tragedy wouldn’t happen again if he could avoid it; the people of Bleakfield’s counsel would not have weak Pokémon and would be able to act appropriately under stressful situations. The Lost would make sure of it, even if it required taping everyone to a tree out in the woods for weeks on end until they got things down.

The Adviser, the Teacher, and the Lady had been gathered to head out to the wilderness and fields of Bleakfield in order to spend a few days out to work on training their Pokémon. The Lost had made sure there were lines upon lines of plans for a myriad of various things that could go wrong, and had made a very tight schedule and plan if nobody heard from them in a certain amount of time. Council members were left with various jobs to take care of while the four were out, search teams were given their orders, and the Lost carefully mapped out his plan and measured out the amount of supplies that would be needed, weighing largely on the side of caution. Lost was used to wandering the woods alone and having very sparse resources, and he figured so was the Teacher- but he wasn’t so sure about the Lady and the old man. As much as he would love to march them out like a troop to hike and travel on foot, there was no feasible way to shove most of the party into just doing that. The Lost had ordered three wagons to carry supplies, as well as a pair of guards for each one as well. The Lady thought the Lost was overreacting on how much they needed or how protected they would need to be, but the Lost brushed it off and continued to remind the woman of what had happened. Lady’s attempt to remind him that they were on their own kingdom’s land went unnoticed, and eventually the Lady gave up and just accepted what would be pulled along for the trip.

The wagons were loaded up with supplies; food, drinks, bedding, fire and camp material, some weaponry, a few personal belongings, whatever would be needed for their Pokémon, and medical supplies. Pokémon were hitched to the front of each of the three wagons to pull them along, and the pair of guards for each wagon would shift turns watching and driving. On top of that, the Lost selected a handful of each person’s Pokémon to come along.

From the Lady, he chose the Eternal, the Celestial, the Sunrise, the Clergy, the Despair, and the Inquisitor. The Eternal was their coat of arms and the Pokémon that shinned on their flag and emblem, and the Lost felt like the large lion was far too weak and inexperienced to hold such a right. If you were going to represent the kingdom, the Lost thought, few should be more grand and powerful then you. Lost hardly thought the Eternal was much stronger than a kitten. Celestial was one of the Lady’s most beloved Pokémon, and was often the Pokémon she took to fly from place to place. Quite often, this meant that only the Celestial would be with the Lady, which meant she needed to be strong to protect the Lady on her own. The Sunrise was their child, a proud little creature who he saw no harm in pulling along to train with her parents. The Lost saw potential in her to be a better mount and guard to the Lady then either of her parents. The Clergy was not a fighter, no. The Lost knew that and wouldn’t pretend that she ever needed to learn how to deal damage or truly fight. But as one of the Lady’s personal assistants and the one who hung around the Lady’s quarters the most, the Lost figured she should know how to protect the Lady better, and generally be better on the defensive. The Glass had learned a lot about that since she had gone out infinitely more than the Clergy did, so he did not worry about the other nun Pokémon. The Inquisitor was eager to learn, and Lost thought it would be a waste not to teach the strange Pokémon how to fight better. The Despair? Well, she wasn’t picked. The Despair just happened sometimes, no matter how literally everyone else didn’t want her.

From his own, he chose the Cathedral, the Confession, the Castle, the Vision, the Dire, the Archbishop and the Zealot. Cathedral had been a loyal Pokémon, but was far from anything more useful than a goofy pack animal. The Rampardos had gotten away with being lazy for long enough, and the Lost felt it was time to kick the dinosaur into shape. Confession was less of a thing to train with and more of a safety net; the dragon was psychic and was his seeing eyes, his communication, and his back up method of escape. Castle had been brought as a guard; the steel chimera would be a good deterrent for anything wanting to jump the wagons, and the Lost figured he would be the best thing to have other Pokémon tried to push around. If there was one Pokémon in Bleakfield that the Lost trusted to tank hits, it was Castle. The Vision came along partially because he wished to train her to be a better fighter, and partially because the Marowak was not fond of leaving the Lost’s side. He was sure that he wouldn’t have been able to keep the little druid off of the wagons, and if he had, it would have resulted in a firm hit from the unhappy lizard. The Dire, the Archbishop, and the Zealot were all young and inexperienced. What better time to bring them along? Having some beefed up Pokémon of his own couldn’t hurt.

From the Teacher, he chose the Exorcist, the Parish, the Shrine and the Prayer. The Exorcist and the Parish were both young and inexperienced as well, and would fit wonderful with the other young Pokémon who needed so much training. The Prayer and the Shrine on the other hand just needed to be stronger. They were by no means weak, but the Prayer in particular wasn’t particularly intimidating. By visual standards he never would be, and hell neither would the Shrine, but the Lost could at least train them to stand their ground in battle.

From the Adviser he took Cardinal and Guard, the older man’s sibling water aligned Nidoran. The least the old man could have some Pokémon that could deal a punch and protect his old frail self safe. Or at least have something vaguely intimidating.

The morning of the first day rolled around, and the Lost made the last few checks to the wagons as the rest of the party slowly made their way out to join him. Eternal trotted alongside the Lady, his child playfully darting between his legs as he went. Celestial was already out there, stretching her wings in the first of the morning light to get warm. Clergy and Inquisitor followed a bit behind, trying to pull another bag the Lady wanted to bring along last second. Despair was, as she had been for a few days now, camped out in the back of the third wagon. The Sableye peered out of the back, grinning at the Lady who tried her hardest to ignore the small little gold imp. Cathedral was slowly getting saddled up to ride by some of the guards, while Confession and Castle made around to check the stability of what they would be guarding. The Vision was trotting around behind the Lost like an angry little baby duck, while Archbishop, Dire and Zealot wrestled in a patch of grass a few feet away from the wagons. Teacher was already out with his Pokémon, double checking his bow’s string and the condition of the arrows in his quiver. Parish had fallen asleep next to him, while Prayer and Exorcist had passed out on the top of one of the wagons. The only one who seemed to be awake and alert was Shrine, who instead was sitting and eating grass before the left. The old Adviser hobbled out last, followed at the ankles by the two Nidoran.

The Lost chose not to pay attention to any of them until they had all arrived, at which point he turned to face as many of them as he could from where he was standing. “I expect all of you are ready to head out?” He asked firmly, folding his arms. Vision peered out from behind his ragged cloak, narrowing her eyes at the Lady and the Adviser.

The Lady nodded her head, glancing at the Clergy and Inquisitor as the two Pokémon tried to push the bag up into the back of one of the wagons with their psychic powers. “I am. The guards are saddling up Eternal as we speak,” she said, waving a hand towards the cat. Indeed, the guards were working on getting him saddled up; just with some difficulty thanks to the playful cub that was trying to chew on every dangling strap or scrap of leather.

The Lost made a slight motion to imply he was looking over at the cats. He couldn’t make out much, but he could distinguish enough to guess that the Sunrise was causing problems.

“I am. Ready to go when you are,” the Adviser said gruffly, rubbing his nose as he did so. Teacher didn’t respond, already knowing that the Lost was fully aware that the part time priest had been ready to go for several hours.

The Lost nodded, before turning. “Everyone get mounted up,” he replied, reaching for Cathedral’s reigns. The Rampardos shook himself out, getting down onto his knees so his trainer could more easily climb into place. Once the Eternal’s saddle was secure, the Lady hopped into it, moving Eternal to the front of the caravan with Lost. Sunrise ran excitedly after, excited to leave Bleakfield for the first time. Celestial, Confession, and Dire took to the sky, while the remainder of the small Pokémon climbed into carriages. Shrine toddled towards the back, not particularly in the mood to rush. The Adviser got into one of the wagons, not particularly feeling like trying to wrestle a saddle onto Castle or anything similar. The Teach hard been quite comfortable in his seat for a while now, and only glanced up above his glasses when the wagon driver climbed into their place. And with that, the party set off down the steep hills of Bleakfield.

The Lady was glad she was on the back of the Eternal. The lion had proved to be trustworthy on the thin, usually icy pathways that lead down from the alpine meadows their main hub was located in. The scree and loose gravel didn’t bother the cat, who quickly took the lead in front of the party. The wagons weren’t close to falling over the edge, but parts of the road did crumble slightly as they passed. Cathedral waddled down a little ways behind the Eternal, less agile and limber. Lost continued to curse himself for not finding a better mount yet. Cathedral was not comfortable to ride, and he did not take his job too seriously. No matter how many times the two of them had gone up and down that road, the Lost still felt uneasy riding Cathedral down it. Tipping over the edge was a sure way to get yourself killed. Adviser was trying his absolute hardest not to look over the edge, focusing intently in front of him on the wagon in front. His Pokémon were quite the opposite; Cardinal and Guard were trying to peer over the edge of the wagon to look at the steep drop down to more rocks and a small stream far below. Many of the new Pokémon were incredibly curious on this trip, being the first time many of them had ever left the meadows. Dire drifted through the air over the valley below, dipping down and exploring the cliffs on either side while Celestial and Confession kept watch overhead for any potential problems before or behind them. Zealot, Archbishop and Despair watched out of the back of the last wagon, chittering back and forth while trying to dare one another to go walk outside. Shrine took up watching those children, hanging out at the back to make sure there were no stragglers or nothing fell out of the wagons. Castle kept between the second and last wagon, unable to walk beside them while they maneuvered down the path. Vision and Sunrise managed to find themselves somewhere between Eternal and Cathedral, trading back and forth as they raced each other down the path. Inquisitor had pulled herself up to where the Exorcist and the Prayer where, enjoying the breeze. Clergy was worse than the Adviser, and had hidden herself inside of the wagon so she couldn’t see the cliffs.

The Eternal jumped down to a boulder, checking back to make sure the rest of the party was doing fine. Lady did the same, leaning back in the saddle and raising a hand to shield her eyes from the sun. Lost and Cathedral slowly followed behind, focused ahead while the rest of the caravan followed in a cloud of dust. Sunrise and Vision ran a few feet in front of the Cathedral, before both slowing back down to a walk so they wouldn’t get too tired. Lady smiled. It made her happy to see any Pokémon get along with Vision. The Marowak seemed so unfriendly to anyone but the Lost. Sunrise was an eager and friendly Pokémon, and Lady wondered if the griffon had inherited any bad traits from either of her parents. Eternal seemed pleased as well; giving a gruff grunt as his child and the Marowak slid down the hill to where the larger lion stood. Lost tilted his head slightly, Cathedral following behind.

“Is something wrong?” He questioned, squinting at her from behind his mask. Had Lady stopped because she’d seen something?

Lady shook her head. “No, just admiring everything. It’s been awhile since we’ve all been out like this. In fact, the last time I can remember was when we made our trip up to claim this as our home,” she said, turning to face ahead again as Eternal moved to continue down the path. Sunrise and Vision darted back and forth between the lion’s legs, growling playfully at one another as they went.

Lost tilted his head back for a moment in thought, vaguely making out the shapes of the Celestial, Dire, and Confession drifting overhead. “Hrmph. All for the better though. I can’t see why we would have to pull a whole caravan together so frequently. That makes me feel like we’re going to war,” Lost noted, wincing as the Cathedral took an ungraceful step over a small edge.

Lady gave a shrug. “You are outside all of the time. So you get to do these things far more than I do,” Lady replied.

Lost snorted. “You’re the leader of this region, Lady. You shouldn’t be outside as often. Your job is to stay safe in Bleakfield and deal with all the important factors of our kingdom. Diplomacy, laws, jurisdiction, taxes…” Lost dared to take his hand off of Cathedral’s reign to make a few hand gestures to show that the list could go on and on.

Lady pouted and turned back to look at him. “It’s no fun though, being kept up there though. Look how happy the Pokémon are to be out, too!” She said, making her own hand gesture to the caravan following behind them. Celestial and Confession were enjoying an easy breeze, circling overhead, while the Dire tested out his wings and his flying skills by diving and darting between the two larger flying types. Prayer and Exorcist had also taken to the air at last, though they stayed significantly lower down then the other three. The two bugs seemed quite happy to be out and about though, and they drifted back and forth as they played with the Cardinal, the Guard, the Zealot, the Archbishop, the Parish and the Despair. The smaller Pokémon had all managed to jump ship onto one wagon, which was the last wagon that no human besides the driver was sitting in. Teacher glanced back now and then to keep an eye on the children two wagons back, but he felt confident that Shrine would tell him if something was wrong. The motherly chimera waddled after the back, catching the smaller Pokémon when they occasionally bumped each other out of the wagon. Inquisitor was spending her time sunning herself on the top of the wagon, stretched out on her belly with her claws over the front. The only one who didn’t seem to be enjoying the time out was the Clergy, who had taken to sitting next to the Adviser in an attempt to look less like a coward.

Lost didn’t even look back. It wasn’t like he would be able to see what was going on back there anyways. He shifted in his saddle, narrowing his eye at Lady. “You are out a lot as it is, and usually on your own,” he said, almost snappily. “And it usually has not ended well.” He tilted his head up, before edging the Cathedral to pass by the Eternal so he could take the front.

The Lady frowned, gripping the Eternal’s reigns as the dinosaur and his trainer passed. Vision and Sunrise even paused their playing, peering up at the two larger Pokémon.  Eternal tilted his head back to look at his trainer, eyes full of worry. Lady sighed, before shaking her head. “Let’s keep going, Eternal,” she said, leaning forward to give the cat a kiss on the head.

A majority of the morning and into midafternoon was spent traversing the narrow and often crumbly roads that lead down from Bleakfield. Full, well-built roads had not been finished in most places since the kingdom was still relatively new, and he weather in the mountains wasn’t always the best to do such work in. Most of the party was thankful that their decent had been sunny and clear, with a cool breeze and nothing more. Adviser had been worried it might rain or the wind might kick up.
The afternoon was uneventful. The Celestial and Confession did not see very many things whatsoever from their perches high in the sky. Many of the wild Pokémon stayed in the shade or down by the water, and none of them had wanted to deal with such a large, loud group that was making their way down from above. Zealot, Archbishop, Despair, Guard, and Cardinal had all gotten tired by noon from their roughhousing in the back of the last wagon, and at last (much to the Shrine’s relief), the children had piled up together in the shade of the wagon for a nap. Shrine had relaxed, and let herself lag behind the group a bit more than previously. Once the party had gotten to a more stable, wider path, the Castle had moved to guard along the sides of the caravan instead of between the wagons. Inquisitor had climbed off of the roof to walk alongside the wagon, and had eventually helped Sunrise and Vision back into the wagon so they could rest as well. Prayer and Exorcist took to a more leisurely drift on the breeze, and Dire had slowly circled down from far above to join them. Cathedral stayed at the front of the pack, lumbering forward towards their destination as he jostled the Lost with his rugged, awkward movements.  Lady let herself linger behind the Lost, giving plenty of space to the older man. She didn’t want to deal with what he had to say. Lost had already reamed her for just about everything already. He reamed her for going to R’la-Det’oorum alone for the summit, and then again for passing out in the elevator. He reamed her for her first encounter with Tanis. He reamed her for the ship crashing and for how trustful she was of the ocean people. He reamed her for being out too much and reamed her for not being out enough either. Lady was glad her hair was naturally white. The older he got the more the Lost was like a disapproving father, and the older she got the more his attitude at her frustrated him.

The party settled down as the sun began to slowly set behind the mountains. They pulled themselves off near the bottom of the mountain ranges, sheltering themselves in a bowl shaped canyon for the night. The wagons were moved to make a wall for what the canyon didn’t cover, and sentries were posted. The guards and many of the smaller Pokémon helped to collect firewood and tinder, many of the Pokémon making a competition between each other to see who could carry the most wood. Probably unsurprisingly, the Vision was the best at carrying a huge armload of wood at a time, and the Archbishop and the Dire tied for worst. Dire just couldn’t seem to understand how to get a good grip on the logs with his feet. Archbishop had his time to shine though when at last a decent number of logs and branches had been collected, and he had the honor of starting the fire. Adviser sat down by the fire, taking it easy instead of particularly helping the party around the camp. Cardinal and Guard decided to join their trainer, curling up at his side as they watched people dart from one place to another in their work. The Nidorans weren’t even sure what they could do to help. Guard at least had some semblance of arms that could pick things up, but Cardinal certainly didn’t.

Lady helped the guards set up camp, partially to avoid the Lost’s scolding. Clergy, who was grateful to finally get off of the wagon, was more than happy to go about her usual duty to set up things and to get some tea boiling over the fire for everyone. Celestial and Confession had found perches up above, and made themselves comfortable for the night. The two flying types took turn getting food, making sure that one of them would be there to keep an eye out for anyone or anything that could be slinking around above the canyon. Eternal flopped down by the fire, as did the Cathedral. Nobody bothered the two Pokémon, understanding fully well how much work they had to do. Sunrise had flopped at her father’s feet, watching the fire crackle as Zealot and Archbishop clumsily tried to take care of it. Despair lurked around in the shadows, exploring the canyon and the rocks while everyone else worked on making camp. Shrine and Prayer helped to set up tents and get out the gear while Castle stayed guard on the other side of the wagons, peering into the darkness.

The Teacher headed out not long after they had settled down. With his bow and arrows, and Parish and Exorcist at his side, the Teacher set out into a patch of woods down below where the party had camped.

Archery was his favorite pass time, and if they were out in the woods he saw no reason to waste the opportunity to go hunting for dinner. To some degree, the priest couldn’t deny that it was to show Lost he wasn’t a spineless weakling. Lost was a condescending individual, maybe even more so than Adviser was. Exorcist hovered over his trainer, wings buzzing softly in the cool evening breeze. Parish treaded softly in front of him, keeping her many markings dark as she prowled for prey. Teacher was a decent eye and shot, despite his glasses, but Exorcist and Parish worked together as an amazing game finding team. Exorcist was fast and wonderful and darting through the trees, and could spot so much he couldn’t, while the Parish had amazing nose, ears, and eyes and was brave for her small size and young age. The trio slowly crept through the woods, the sunlight growing weaker as the sun finally began to fully disappear behind the mountains. The Teacher made very careful steps, making sure he was more cautious than usual. It was during hours like this that he really relied on his Pokémon to find their target, since almost all of his attention had to be directed towards focusing on the ground in front of him. Teacher cursed his bad eyesight that was for sure. Exorcist zoomed off past him, darting through the trees as he searched for any sign of life. Parish continued her path forward, staying low.

It was the Exorcist who found their target though. The bug had spotted a lone buck Stantler in a grove not far in front of them, and zipped back to give his trainer the news. Exorcist couldn’t talk, and was not an intelligent Pokémon, but the cicada’s excitement was enough to tell Teacher that he had found something. The bug drifted forward, directing Teacher towards the Pokémon. Parish dropped to stay to the side in case the Pokémon ran, taking it upon herself to try to track and corral prey. Teacher reached into his quiver and pulled an arrow out, quietly knocking his bow as he stepped forward in the cover of the bushes. As they neared the clearing, Exorcist moved back, his buzzing a little too loud for sneaking. While his usual presence was rarely enough to startle and spook Pokémon, the Ninjask was intelligent enough to realize that he would be a giveaway for the Teacher. Quietly, quietly, the man finally reached the clearing. A few downed trees had made a lighter patch of the woods, where the Stantler stood grazing on new growth. Teacher surveyed the clearing, before slowly raising his bow. His fingers pulled back the string and the arrow, and he took aim. Parish, a few feet away, dug her claws into the ground in anticipation. The arrow flew, and made its mark in the target. The Stantler collapsed, and Parished bounded out to make sure it was down and dead for the count. Teacher let out a sigh of relief, glad he could at least contribute that to the group. He pushed through the bushes, before going to clean the kill.

Lost was mildly surprised that the Teacher returned with anything. Teacher had the Stantler slung over his shoulders, and once he had gotten close enough Shrine waddled over to help him with the burden. Parish trotted after, seeming proud of the kill with Exorcist. Lost folded his arms from where he stood by the fire.

“See you decided to go off and get us some fresh meat instead of helping out the camp,” he grunted. Cathedral looked up, sniffing the air. Eternal did the same.

Shrine and Teacher set down the Stantler, moving to start cooking some of it while setting another part of it down for the Pokémon that would prefer raw meat. “Mm, I did,” he replied, cutting a little slab of meat to toss to Parish and Exorcist as a reward. He smiled, before working again.
Lady looked up from where she sat, glad to see Teacher had gotten food for some of the Pokémon. Sunrise trotted over to Parish, which caused the two to get into a growling fight over the food. Lady sighed and relaxed back against the canyon wall. Clergy moved over to sit with her, sipping her own cup of tea now that Teacher had taken over the fire.

{Are you worried?} Clergy asked, eyeing everyone in the camp. Adviser was starting to doze off where he sat, and his two Pokémon had wandered away from him some time prior. Cardinal and Guard had taken up to playing around with some of the other younger Pokémon, namely Zealot, Archbishop and Despair. The five Pokémon wrestled in one of the further corners of the canyon, out of the way of everything else thanks to the careful watch of Shrine. Confession and Celestial had both gotten themselves something to eat, nesting overhead as they silently kept watch. Dire and Prayer had fallen asleep on a small outcrop in the canyon’s ledge, which Exorcist went to join after the cicada had finished eating. Vision had finally gotten her stick back from previously being stolen by Inquisitor in an attempt to use it as firewood, much to the rage of the Marowak. The two had gone to distant corners, grumpy at each other for one reason or another. Eternal eagerly waited for food, and even Castle peered from behind the wagons in hopes of getting a bite.

Lady stretched out, looking up at the sky. She tucked her arms behind her head, quiet for a long moment. It was enough for Clergy to know the answer
.Clergy looked down to her cup, taking another sip.

{Things will be fine. Don’t you worry.} She said, nodding her head.

“I suppose…” Lady said with a sigh. She just hoped the Lost wouldn’t ream on her the entire trip.
Time for more long dimitri's draft explorations.

Using a Lucky Coin!

Characters: Leader [Lady]
Word Count: 5,223 | No Misspellings | 3800 Min
Evolutions: 0
Moves: 0
The Eternal | Pryoar [N/A]
The Celestial | Swanna [EXP Share -> The Confession]
The Sunrise | Litleo/Ducklett [N/A]
The Clergy | Gothitelle 
The Despair | Sableye
The Inquisitor | Mawile/Reuniclus
The Cathedral | Rampardos
The Confession | Salamence/Sigilyph
The Castle | Aggron/Tyrantrum
The Vision | Marowak
The Dire | Noibat
The Archbishop | Cyndaquil
The Zealot | Dratini/Houndour/Oshawott
The Exorcist | Ninjask
The Parish | Cyndaquil/Shinx/Larvesta
The Shrine | Delcatty/Swoobat/Ampharos
The Prayer | Vivillion
The Cardinal | Nidoran M
The Guard | Nidoran F/Totodile

Explorer: NebulaFrog
Type of Exploration: Biome
Type -or- Biome: Mountain
Items being Used: N/A
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Trainer earned 7626 Trinities.

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Common Reward
You found a(n) Star Piece. Would you like to take it home with you?
Necr0wmancer's avatar
Screams no I would not last Escape Rope I think
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Rare Reward
You found a(n) Shiny Emolga [Hidden Ability]. Would you like to take it home with you?If so please specify a gender.
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Yes I accept this i'll take her home with me :o
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