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The Lady had high hopes and expectations for her Pokemon, but currently they weren’t… quiet what she needed. Admittedly, they were only children. Tiny youngsters who hadn’t been out of the egg for long for the most part, slowly learning the ways of the world. They were far from creatures of war and glory, who were to carry the what the Lady thought to be her purpose in the world. But she understood. They needed to be trained. They would realize their greater purpose then, she was sure of it. She felt it deep in her soul. At very least she had strong hopes for The Celestial and The Eternal, the two eggs she felt embodied her grand dream.

But right now, neither of those Pokemon was much beyond two foot tall stuffed animals. The Eternal had flopped on his belly, intently watching a small bug totter between his paws. His tail flicked intently as he watched it, and once the insect reached another paw he swatted it back with a sharp flick of his wrist, returning the insect to its starting place again. The Celestial wasn’t even awake. The large duck had made herself a half-hearted nest out of whatever materials she could get her beak on; grass, rags, straw, clumps of fur, a change of the Lady’s clothing. Her long neck curved gracefully back so she could hide her face in the soft down of her wings. The Saint wasn’t anywhere to be seen, and the Lady made a educated guess that the small pink rodent was hidden somewhere under a warm blue duck. The two Pokemon seemed to get along well, which pleased the Lady. Regardless of how much of a klutz the Saint was, he had his best intentions. It was all the Lady could ask of at this stage. He would be a good soldier and warrior, even if it was only in spirit. She believed that kind of morale as contagious, for lack of a better term.

The Lady eyed the nest of fluff, before making her way over to the Eternal with a brisk, sharp step. The little lion had just swatted the poor bug back to its starting place again, and was now engrossed in watching the creature flail its six tiny legs in an attempt to get off of its back.  The Lady folded her hands her back, back rigid and straight like a post as her jet black eyes watched The Eternal continue with his little games. The Litleo hadn’t taken noticed. He moved to lean forward, sniffing at the bug until it grabbed onto his nose. The Eternal let out a sharp yelp of surprise, hopping straight up with claws extended before he swatted rapidly to get the bug off of his face. Wham! Away the little insect flew as the Eternal’s pawn came in contact with it, sending it spiraling off to a patch of grass some feet away. He rubbed his nose with his paw as if to check to make sure it was gone, before he finally took notice of the Lady. He sat down on his haunches, swishing his silvery tail back and forth rhythmically. The Lady raised an eyebrow at him expectantly, to which the Eternal just tilted his head in reply.

“Are you done playing?” She asked coolly, hardly tilting her head to look down at the cat. The Eternal wrinkled his nose, before sneezing a few times. She let a slight sigh, before walking over to the nest the Celestial had made. “Time to wake up,” she said, nudging the nest with her foot. The Celestial shifted a bit, letting out a sleepy peep before rustling her feathers more. Her face moved further into her feathers, attempting to go back to sleep. The Lady nudged the nest again, a little harder this time. Finally, the Celestial pulled her head out of her wings, yawning before fluffing up again as she slowly woke up. She shifted as the Saint pulled himself out from under her feathers, yawning as well.

“It’s time for training,” the Lady stated, turning to walk a few steps in hopes her Pokemon would follow. The Eternal hopped up, bounding after his master eagerly. The Celestial stretched her wings out, flapping them a few times lazily before she stood up and waddled on after the Lady and the Eternal. The Saint pouted on the edge of the nest, sitting on his tail so he could watch what was going on. The Lady would train him later. He was one of the newest members to her family, taken in from someone else. He no doubt would need to be watched more carefully as well, given his clumsy nature. For now he could stay over there in the Celestial’s rugged and sloppy nest.

The Lady walked out to a clearer patch of grass, dirt and stone away from her temporary housing, looking down to observe the two most important of Pokemon. The Celestial yawned again, tilting her head back before she shook her head and raised the feathers on her chest. The Eternal made a few rounds around the Lady, before looking up at her to see if she would give him a command. The Lady took a stand off to the side, looking at her two Pokemon.

“You two have a lot of training to do. You are still children… yes… but you have a great role in the world. And it’s time for you two to learn how to protect yourselves. Later, you will have to protect others, and perhaps become leaders. Do you understand?” The Lady asked, folding her hands in front of herself. The Eternal and the Celestial looked at each other, heads tilted. The Celestial ruffled her feathers though, before giving the Lady a loud “quack!” of understanding. She sprint-waddled a few feet away, awkwardly holding her wings out to keep balanced until she came to a stop. She turned back to face the Eternal and the Lady, ruffling her feathers before preening to adjust the jewelry she wore. The Eternal looked back at his master, before bounding out through the grass to face the Celestial. The Lady straightened herself out, stepping aside to watch the two spar. It would work as a starter. She would have to train them specifically later. Training was not her strong point, but her go-to for Pokemon training had not arrived yet. She would have to do on her own until he arrived.

The Eternal dropped down on his haunches into a crouch, sinking into the grass as he planned his attack. The Celestial ruffled her feathers defensively, stretching her neck out to try to keep her eye on the Eternal as he began to circle around the bird. She unfurled her wings, keeping them out to the side as she puffed her chest up to try to intimidate the Eternal. She was larger than him but a few inches, and she intended to use that to her advantage if she could. The Eternal wrinkled his nose, trying to keep each step quiet as he attempted to shake her line of sight so he could get behind her. But the Celestial had a sharp eye. She kept watching him, flapping her wings a few times to see if he would back off. The Eternal growled, before he decided to make a sudden leap at his companion. The Celestial anticipated it despite the Eternal’s best efforts. The duck gave a powerful stroke of her wings forward, projecting her back in time to miss the Eternal’s razor sharp claws. He landed gracefully, digging the pads of his feet into the dirt to stop himself before he whipped around with the intention of striking immediately again. That caught her off guard. His paw slammed into her chest, sending a pawful of light blue feathers spraying out in a cloud as his claws passed. The Celestial let out a rather unhappy quack, flapping her wings violently to back herself up. The beating of her wings stirred up a cloud of dust, grit and grass, which caused the Eternal to sneeze and paused to rub some of it out of his eyes. It bought the Celestial enough time to recover from his attack, and to return a strike of her own. She vaulted herself into the air with a flap of her wings, landing back down to slam her webbed feet into the side of the cub. The Eternal hissed, hitting into the ground with a decent thud as the Celestial continued her assault with a fury of pecks and a battery of wings.

The Lady watched as the two returned quick and weak blows back and forth in a flurry of paw swipes, wing lashes, nips and pecks. And both of the Pokemon were quickly realizing how inefficient this was. While they most certainly weren’t aiming to maim or kill each other, they understood how vulnerable they were fighting like this. They both realized it, and knew the other had come to the same conclusion. Perhaps it was how in sync the two Pokemon were that gave the Lady so much hope in them. They were best of friends and greatest of rivals, and neither were even that old.
The Eternal was the first to try something out. The lion jumped back away from the Celestial’s beak, landing on his paws before trying to take a deep breath. He hacked a few times, before trying to breath out a mouthful of wicked hot flames. The Celestial was about to jump back to avoid the attack, anticipating flames as well! Only they were both wrong. The Eternal only managed to hack up a few measly flames, which sputtered out before hissing and extinguishing before they could even hit the ground.  The lion’s eyes widened, before he turned to watch the embers flicker out of existence in the dirt before him. His ears drooped, and he sat down with a plop in the dirt. What had he done wrong? He just stared down, suddenly caught up in trying to figure out what he had done wrong and what he was supposed to be doing.

Which was plenty of time for the Celestial to get a better grip on her attack. She had flapped her wings a few times, beating them faster and faster until she got a good pattern going. And, with one more mighty beat of her wings, a razor sharp wave of wind cut out across the grass, splitting the blades like hot knife through butter before it met the cat’s silvery side. He yowled, getting knocked back a good few feet. The Litleo hadn’t been anticipating the attack, and he paid the price for it. He came to a skidding halt in the grass, grimacing as pain flared up through is side.  The Celestial was far from mastering the attack, and it hadn’t cut him much, but most certainly stung like a whip’s lashing. He inhaled and tried to catch his breath back, digging his claws into the earth as the Celestial started to flap her wings in an attempt to conjure up the energy for another Air Slash. If she could do it, couldn’t he? He growled, before inhaling again and jumping up to his feet. What came out of his mouth wasn’t fire though, but a mighty and ear splitting roar. The sudden noise made the Celestial falter, cutting off her attack before she was knocked back by the sheer force of the Hyper Voice.  He even seemed surprised by it. It hadn’t been the fire he had wanted, but he could hardly complain right now. It had enough force to stop the Celestial’s attack and to knock her off her feet. His ears perked up, before he bounded over to check on his feathered friend (albeit he only could make one or two bounds before the pain in his side hit him like a cold breeze). The Celestial ruffled her feathers, kicking her feet a few times before she got back onto them. She looked the Eternal over, adjusting her wings before she blew a single bubble into his face. He sneezed, before playfully pouncing on her and knocking her back into the dirt.

It was something, the Lady thought. They were figuring out their attacks, they were learning to fight. They were far from what was needed, but it was a single step forward on a long path. She glanced across the horizon. She eagerly anticipated the arrival of her Pokemon handler. He knew how to train them far better than her, there was no doubt.  The Eternal and the Celestial would have to at least be ready for much harsher, rigid training.
The Lady starts her training with The Celestial and The Eternal while The Saint vaguely watches from afar. 
The Celestial learned Air Slash!
The Eternal learned Hyper Voice!

2123 Words
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Word Count: 2123

The Celestial gained 13 HP, 11 Attack, 8 Defense, 20 Sp. Attack, 16 Sp. Defense, 2 Speed.
The Celestial has earned 70 stat points! The Celestial gained 14 level!

The Eternal gained 8 HP, 13 Attack, 3 Defense, 34 Sp. Attack, 12 Sp. Defense, 12 Speed.
The Eternal has earned 82 stat points! The Eternal gained 16 level!

Trainer earned 231 Trinities.