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The group was happy when at last the worst of the mountain seemed to be out of the way. Ice and snow was shaken off, and moods rose drastically. The Lady loved the mountains and the alpines, but she did not enjoy traveling through them… especially when they were unfamiliar. But the small caravan of Pokemon and their leader had made it through the mountains without any major accidents, and that was the most any of them could ask for. Overhead, the Celestial and the Prophet gently soared on the breeze, thankful they didn’t have to fight against the wind or feel the biting of the ice anymore. The two spiraled up, before lazily drifting downward until they could catch another thermal back into the sky. The Lady smiled as she watched them, leaning back in the saddle where she sat on the back of the Eternal. The Pyroar seemed to be in much better spirits as well, although his paw was still bothering him from a slide down the hill in the mountains. At least the footing was better here. It was still a little tedious, but it wasn’t ice and dangerous cliff edges as it had been before. The Eternal let out a snort, shaking his head to get some of the last water droplets to roll off of the armor on his head.

“Is your paw bothering you?” the Lady asked, leaning forward slightly. The Eternal glanced back, before snorting and looking ahead again. The Lady took that as a no and rested back again. The Fanatic hadn’t left his spot on the Lady’s back, and he was currently busy surveying the trail behind them. There were enough eyes in the front, but never enough in the back he felt. That was his job. Although the two birds circled up ahead, they only seemed to have their eyes on the road in front of them or the immediate airspace. He couldn’t blame them. They hadn’t really run into any trouble yet, and since the weather cleared nobody was quite as grumpy as they had been a few hours prior.

The day was calm, clear. Cathal glided through the air with little incident- he and his queen had chased all hostiles from the area weeks ago, as they have done together for years. Now, Cathal patrolled the mountain alone, cold wind running through his fur and warm sun glistening against his scales, alone but with purpose once more. And there was something to be said for the view- from where he flew, the dragon could see even the rolling golden grasses of the plain before they changed into the harsh grey stone of the queen's mountain, her hold hidden so securely within the stone that even at this height, Cathal had troubles finding it... Luckily, he had no such limitations when it came to spotting intruders.

Veering in flight, Cathal moved to fly over the intruders, watching as they trailed through the mountain. They were not very weary- the little birds could not fly up quite so high as he, with lungs too small and wings too weak. The groundlings hardly concerned him- they cast their eyes eternally downwards, forever concerned with that they found in the dust, never worried for attack from above. Finally, taking a deep draught if thin, cold air, Cathal let out a long shrieking roar, bouncing and cracking off the hard stone, announcing his presence as he curved, descending. If they were friend, Cathal could lead the pilgrims to his queen and her hold. Should they be foe.... Well, they hardly looked to be a band if veterans.

As he lighted on the ground, serpentine body curling defensively, Cathal's cold blue eyes looked the motley group over. His lips curled slightly, showing only the hint of shining canines as he let out a long hiss, urging and questioning for an explanation.
On top of just being too small and not strong enough to fly that high, the two smaller birds were caught up in playfully chasing each other and weren’t paying that much attention, which the Lady would soon be regretting. None of them were paying a sharp eye. Most of their explorations had gone smoothly  so far; few Pokemon had been encountered, and even fewer people. The Lady and her Pokemon were getting too relaxed about it, and they were quickly going to get a reminder about the true situation of things.

The sudden roar caused all of the party members to jerk their heads back in surprise, eyes rapidly scanning the sky to try to find the source. The Eternal’s hackles raised as he stopped in his tracks, hunching down and digging his claws into the ground as he tried to squint up at the sky. The Celestial and the Prophet landed quickly, not wanting to be taken out of the air by surprise. They knew they weren’t strong enough to fight off many other aerial assaults, and if the thing roared like that then they stood no chance. The Lady raised a hand to shield her eyes as she tried to see what the source was… and rather quickly the source made himself present. As Cathal landed, the Eternal rolled his lips back into a snarl and a deep, rumbling growl rolled out of his throat as a warning to the dragon. The Celestial and the Prophet frantically flapped in front of the lion, fluffing themselves up defensively even though it was quite obvious the poor birds were terrified. Even a hint of panic flashed in the Lady’s eyes at the beast that landed before her small, ragged little party.

The Lady gripped the back of the saddle nervously as the Fanatic uncurled himself from around her back, floating just above her shoulder in case an attack was launched. The Lady pursed her lips, before raising one hand up to signal she meant no harm.  “We are simply passing through…” she began, making the guess that this wasn’t a wild Pokemon given it hadn’t straight up attacked them. They were in another person’s kingdom anyways; and the Lady should have known to be more cautious about just wandering through it.
Watching closely, Cathal's talons dug into the stony ground, preparing in case the group attacked, despite their stated intentions- after all as weak as most of them seemed, aside from the Pyroar that carried the woman, they did have numbers. Even if they were small and young. But he was small too, once. Fear can go a long way towards inspiring strength, even fear of a foe such as he.

Cathal growled lowly, whipping his head back and forth as if a fly had buzzed it's way between his ears. Communication with humans was just more trouble than it was worth... A shame the kingdom's only resident psychic type saw fit to structure himself into the library than where he was needed, out in the field in these types of situations. Letting out a frustrated huff, the dragon swiftly shook his head first one way, then the other, trying his best to convey the question- "where are you passing /to/?"

Should they be heading to join his queen, Cathal has no qualms leading them. The hold was secure- held by the loyalty of his life partner's other Pokemon. Yet the issue still stood- what if they were traveling through the region to meet a bandit band, or pirates, or any other sort of unsavory characters? Cathal could not allow them to pass if meeting with any other than his queen, unless they bore her mark. And considering they had not been warned of him, he doubted that was so. Or so he mused, trapped in his thoughts.
The party was certainly ready to defend the Lady if Cathal decided to attack. The Fanatic and the Prophet may not be that strong, and the Celestial may only be a high leveled Ducklett, but the group was ready to defend the Lady at all costs. The Celestial swayed a bit, keeping her wings out to the side to try to appear more threatening then she really was. They really didn’t want to fight this thing, but all of them were ready if they had to. Even if it was just buying time for the Eternal to get away with the Lady.

The Lady furrowed her brow slightly as she watched the dragon’s actions. She often regretted not having a psychic type as well to communicate between her and her Pokemon, or especially for a situation like this. She had figured out the most basic communication with most of her Pokemon, but she wasn’t great at reading any others. She watched his motions, lips pursed as she tried to make out what he was saying. Something about motions? She concluded that it was a follow up to her previous question. “Nowhere in particular. I came to these lands in search of a Pokemon rumored to live here. I have no other desire then to simply see it, as it would be the greatest honor to lay eyes on such an esteemed creature,” she replied.  “We hold no alliance to any other Kingdom, and are wanderers searching for our own land. We have no desire in causing problems in this place.”

While she realized that war could always break out later between her and anyone else, she preferred to keep as many allies as she could and to avoid angering other kingdoms. Not everything would be peaceful, no, but she realized that starting with empires turned against you was an awful plan. She may believe in a greater purpose and a great destiny, but she fully realized that playing stupid would ruin that.
Oh, for the love of Reshiram! The dragon's head swayed in the air as his annoyance grew. What Pokemon? Reshiram himself? If any human- or half human- was foolish enough to believe he would reveal himself to them just because they climbed a mountain... Even his queen had to do more than that! Any other creature she spoke of, Lucid couldn't think of. Still, if she searched for a land of her own, the strange woman would have to go through Tanis in any case, so perhaps his queen would have a better chance communicating.

Letting out a huff of smoke, Cathal lowered himself to lay on his scaled belly, moving slowly to keep from startling the younger Pokemon, and reached out one talons forepaw in an offer- an offer to take the strange human to Tanis. Though she could not possibly know where he meant to take her, hopefully she had sense enough to realize that he was not offering harm, but instead a ride. Though he still watched the Pyroar out of the corner of his eye- the fellow shiny's fire wouldn't hurt that much, but claws could.
Admittedly, the Lady had a bit of an ego when it came to things like that. It probably tied in with the fact that she strongly believed she was destined to become some great leader of the land and stuff like that. She had been raised that way, but one of these days reality was going to slap her in the face and maybe she’d stop being quite so sure of herself. In all honesty, the sooner the better. Maybe less damage would be done in the long run the sooner she realized that.

Cathal’s approach made the Celestial and the Prophet back off, skirting to the side of the dragon so he didn’t crush them, or attack them. The Celestial seemed far less worried, but the poor Prophet let out a few stressed peeps. The Eternal growled at Cathal again, shifting his weight so he was ready to attack if needed… until the Lady reached out and gave the large cat a scratch on the back of the head. “I don’t believe he means harm. You can relax,” she told him. The Pyroar grunted, before shaking his mane out a bit and relaxing. The Lady looked to Cathal, eyeing his motion before she hesitantly got off the Eternal’s back. She wasn’t sure if she was to go with him or if he was leading the way, but she’d at least show she was relaxed enough to leave her mount. “Show the way,” she replied to Cathal, and should he want her to get on his back, she would… albeit it would be with the Fanatic strapped to her back. If not, she would return to her spot on the Eternal.
Eyes of ice still eyeing the Pyroar cautiously, Cathal reached out, carefully closing his claws around the woman- he wouldn't crush her, he had grabbed Tanis similarly in less gentle and more panicked moments, and knew how to control his strength, yet that didn't stop him from worrying for an attack when he did. Though once none came, he proceeded with more confidence, ducking his head to reach back his arm and place the human on his back, cushioned by his thick golden mane. It was a shame he couldn't fly her to Lia Fail- it was much quicker, but he doubted that her Pokemon would react well, or even that she would have the sense to know how to hold on without falling- or being thrown- off.

With a smoky huff in the Pyroar's direction- Cathal could already tell he didn't like the Pokemon, if only for the internal dominance struggle- he rose, turning and gliding across the open stone, furred tail flicking to invite the other Pokemon to follow him. Lia Fail was not too far.

Cathal has not seen the mountain from this angle in quite a long while- it was different, looking up instead of looking down. Very quickly as he walked- taking them off the obvious trail, leaping up rocks and rises, the landscape became less smooth and calm, growing jagged with cliffs once more. The stone rose like grey teeth, the sound of Cathal's talong clicking on naked rock echoing and growing into a thousand chitters. It was a perfect choke point for an ambush, however short a cut it was, but Cathal would not have come this was had he any doubts of the security of the place.

The dragon's head shook as a slush of ice melt fell on his head, growling as it slung and hit the stone walls, which had grown so high that should he even balance on his tail tip, Cathal's nose would not have reached the top, and then just as suddenly as he had climbed into the open rock tunnel, the group
Emerged into the open- and there was Lia Fail.

The hold rose tall and proud before them- from this angle, the Dragon Stone snarled down fiercely, curled around his home- the queen's stone castle. Other than that, the city was hidden by stone walls, interrupted only by intimidating watch towers. As they approached however, Cathal stopped, crouching once more and looking back to the woman on his back- the only human he would publicly and happily carry was his life partner Tanis, and this was not she. The woman would have to enter the city on her own two feet, or on her Pyroar.
The Eternal’s hackles raised as Cathal picked up the Lady, but he held his ground. The Fanatic rattled in his scabbard against Cathal’s hand, almost to tell him that if he did anything, he would be getting a sword to the hand. The Lady seemed a little nervous about being picked up, needless to say, but tried not to show any level of worry or panic. If she did, she had no doubt that the Eternal would attack, and things would just go downhill from there… and that was the last thing she wanted. Cathal seemed to be willing to take them somewhere, and that was a start for her. No matter how it ended (maiming and dying aside), the Lady knew she would be learning something from it. The Celestial quacked at the Lady as she was set on Cathal’s back, and her trainer gave her a wave. “Everything is fine. Just follow after us, alright?” she ordered. The Prophet let out a concerned chirp, fluttering to sit on the Eternal’s head as Cathal took off. The lion just glared, flicking his tail sharply from side to side as his trainer was taken on the back of another Pokemon. Oh he was not going to get along with that dragon! He could already feel it. The Celestial and the Prophet on the other hand just seemed more nervous about the situation than anything.

The two birds took off after Cathal as he took to the air, doing their best to keep up with the stronger Pokemon. The Eternal bounded behind, making sure none of the birds dropped. He could keep up to some degree, and it was now his job to make sure his entire party made it to… wherever their destination was.  The Lady kept a hold on Carthal’s mane as he slithered along, largely keeping her focus ahead to their destination. Every once in a while though she broke away to look at the surrounding area. As the terrain grew more dangerous and rugged, she gave a mental sigh of relief that they hadn’t come this way on foot by accident. This would have been a dangerous area to have stumbled into, especially unaccompanied.  The Eternal slowed his pace a bit to make sure his steps were well placed, but kept up so he could have a clear line of sight to the Lady and the Pokemon carrying her. The Celestial and the Prophet eyed the narrow, sharp walls around them, before simply landing on the Eternal when they felt it was too difficult to fly safely.

The Lady brushed some of the snow that had fallen from Cathal’s head onto her lap, eyeing the incredibly narrow walls around them. Wherever they were going, it was well protected- and sure enough, there was their destination. The Lady’s eyes widened a bit as they approached Lia Fail, marveling at the fortress. She was incredibly glad they hadn’t stumbled in there on accident, and she could only hope they were entering on good terms. The Lady slid off of Cathal’s back as looked back at her, giving him a nod of thanks. The Eternal bounded up to her with his feathered companions riding in his mane, purring loudly as he nuzzled the Lady’s hands. “I’m fine. I told you I would be fine,” she replied, giving him a pet on the head before turning to Cathal again. “Thank you,” she said, before waiting for him to lead the way.
Cathal gave a great huff of appreciation- at least the lady knew respect, that was important. She would need that- though Tanis was much more patient with disrespect than Cathal himself was. Turning his head back to Lia Fail, he strode forward once more, no longer worried about watching his back. Should they try anything here, they would surely fail- besides, what strategist was as so foolish to wait until the enemy had the home field advantage before attacking?

Before them stretched a bridge, leading to the gates of Lia Fail, guiding over a ravine of cold, hard stone. Cathal could remember constructing it, long days pulling and holding, cementing stone. The last touch before Lia Fail welcomed inhabitants. Luckily, he didn't need to call out- his fur and scales were recognizable enough that there was no need, most stationed here could recognize the queen's dragon on sight. As the wooden gate creaked open, the dragon looked over his shoulder, huffing an invitation to the group until-

"Cathal, who have you brought?" Standing in the entrance was none other than the general queen, Tanis. The half of her hair that had grown long was tied back into a messy bun, strands of sweaty brown hair plastered to her face which glistened with sweat of exertion. She wore her armor, red cloak lined with fur over that. Her dark eyes looked over the nun as she stood, hand gripping the pommel of her sword for support, by all means appearing like any common knight, her only crowning feature the large white face resting on her shoulder.

Aodhfin peered with wide blue eyes over his mistress' shoulder, clinging to the back of her armor, safe under the cloak. As he noticed Cathal, the baby legend chimera squeaked out a pleased cry, his squeaking and squirming only growing in enthusiasm as the old dragon glided forward, resting behind Tanis and craning his head to gently nuzzle the baby dragon that followed the queen so closely.
The Lady didn’t get back onto the Eternal and opted to walk instead. While it made her feel much safer to be on the lion’s back, she knew it might send the wrong message to anyone in the castle. She did, however, keep one of her thin hands tangled in his gold mane as they walked. Just to remind her that she had a Pokemon nearly as tall as her ready if anything were to go wrong. The Fanatic even rattled in his sheath to remind the Lady he was still there on her back. Admittedly she’d almost forgotten- the Fanatic spent so much of his time there when they traveled she’d gotten used to it. But the Lady and her crew most certainly were not interested in fighting; quite the opposite in all honesty. The Lady wanted to avoid fights the best she could right now. None of her Pokemon where that strong, and she didn’t have many of them. Every wound would take its toll and every loss would be difficult to fill.

The Lady tried not to look down over the edge of the bridge as they passed over it. She would never admit it, but heights weren’t her favorite thing. And after spending time in the windy, frozen mountains, she was half expecting a gust of wind or a misplaced step to send her or her Pokemon over the edge into… She glanced down. Ah yes, a ravine of razor sharp rocks. Her brow furrowed and she quickly looked ahead again, regretting the choice to look. The Celestial glanced over as well, and let out a distressed quack before picking up her pace to get off the bridge as soon as possible. Wings or not, the fall didn’t look pleasant. The Prophet followed after her as quickly as her tiny feet could carry her.

The party came to a halt as the gates swung open. The Celestial and the Prophet slid to a stop a few feet in front of Tanis, staring up before waddling back towards the Lady. The Lady tightened her grip on the Eternal’s mane. Her jet black eyes surveyed Tanis carefully. The Fanatic uncurled himself from her back, wrapping his tassel around her free arm as he came to float beside her. This clearly wasn’t someone to take lightly, whoever this was-

And that’s when she noticed Aodhfin. The Lady’s eyes widened, and a look of utter amazement came across her face. The Eternal tilted his head at the baby, swishing his tail in curiosity as the Lady took a single step forward. She let go of the Eternal’s mane, before curtsying to Tanis. “I apologize for my intrusion. We were passing through the mountains when we came across…” he hesitated, looking at Cathal, “…your Pokemon…?” She wasn’t sure if it was this person’s, but she felt it was the best to say. Her eyes had hardly left Aodhfin though, and it was clear she was in utter awe at the sight of the Pokemon.
Tanis had to stifle a laugh- she was not used to being very lady-like, but she had been told that to laugh at people was rude. Reaching up to scratch Cathal's scaled chin, to which the dragon growled happily, enjoying the companionship of his lady. "Yes, in a sense, Cathal is my Flareon. I trust he didn't treat you too roughly?" She smiled, looking over the crew of Pokémon presented before her, while their trainer was distracted. The Pyroar was a magnificent creature, Tanis would give him that, and his armor would make even her own blacksmith jealous! The others were of small enough consequence- all young, and very likely weak. At the very least inexperienced in the ways of battle, of no threat to her, her ward, or Lia Fail.

"I am Tanis Dracotine, of Adbertos. You have met my life partner, Cathal- and this," Tanis moved her hand from Cathal, instead moving to pet her dragon child's fuzz-filled head, "Is Aodhfin. What is your business in my region?" The queen was straightforward, directly to the point, and obviously a woman used to commanding respect and loyalty. Truly, she wasn't quite as harsh as her body posture and speech lead one to believe, but military training was a habit that was hard to break.
The Lady shook her head. “No, not at all. He was kind enough to direct us this way,” she replied. Which she was certainly thankful for… whether or not he had realized it, Cathal had led her to see what she had come there to see. And to be frank, the Reshiram chimera was a lot… cuter… then the Lady had expected. Of course she couldn’t complain about that at all. The Eternal watched Tanis and Cathal carefully, though he seemed much more relaxed then he previously had been. In fact, he was relaxed enough to sit down, flicking his tail back and forth. The Celestial and the Prophet waddled to rest near his feet, not really wanting to draw too much attention to themselves. Especially the Prophet, who was by far the smallest and weakest of the four Pokemon there.

Tanis Dracotine…? Ah. So this was the queen of Adbertos. The Lady was right to have been so cautious and polite. The Lady gave a bow of her head. “I am the Lady, and these are my companions, the Eternal, the Prophet, the Celestial, and the Fanatic,” she said, motioning to each Pokemon as she said their names. “I will not lie when I said my intent on traveling through your lands was to simply see the Pokemon you have on your back,” the Lady gave a gentle wave of her hand. “It may sound strange, but I felt it was an important step of my journey before I set out for my own lands. Reshiram is a revered Pokemon to myself and my followers.”
"I see." Tanis smiled, looking up at her dragon. As much as he hated patrolling, she was glad to see that she didn't ask it without reason- He would hate it so much more if there was no reason, if he thought his time was better spent on other duties. As it was, the old veteran just complained a lot. "Glad to know he was of service." The Lady's fixation on Aodhfin unsettled her- as the son of one of the only legends in the region, Tanis was fiercely protective, but not unduly so. Such a rare Pokemon? There were bound to be those with... Unhealthy interest.

Of course as babies often do, Aodhfin had no sense of danger, or caution, as of yet. Crawling over the queen's shoulder, chirping out an interest- probably not in the woman, but the big fuzzy creature beside her. Cathal had inspired a great love of large fire types with fuzz in the young dragon, much to Tanis' dismay... The curious young creature was becoming harder and harder to keep, further proven now, when she only just barely caught him in her arms with a sigh of exasperation.

"It is a pleasure," Tanis replied, only with a hint of annoyance- not with them, no, but with the baby dragon squirming now in her arms. Too many baby Pokemon, too few hands... Though the Lady's last comment caught her interest- was there a cult following forming around Reshiram? The
Watcher had mentioned none of such... And such a cult could prove dangerous, not just for Aodhfin and herself, but for Reshiram. Humans could do crazy things. "Who are your followers?" Tanis asked cautiously. If push comes to pull... Well, she had the advantage and the backbone to end any threat to her kingdom then and there
While the Lady mean the 'best intentions' towards Reshiram and any of his children, that didn't change the fact that it easily was a unhealthy interest with a rather malicious intent for anyone in the surrouding kingdoms who went against her word. She'd been raised with stories of Reshiram and tales of old, but seperation from the old traditions had twisted her faction over time. The Lady and her followers weren't as good and truthful as they believed themself to be.

The Eternal tilted his head at the chrip, snorting a bit as he watched the little dragon. He flicked his tail, before blowing out a few small playful flames towards the little dragon Pokemon as he tried to escape his owner's arms. The Lady surpressed a giggle, only smiling at Aodhfin's attempt to visit the Eternal... or at least escape Tanis's arms. He really wasn't that old. She had honestly been expecting something bigger and much fiercer. She had no doubt he'd grow into it, but for now there was something... humorous? Humbling? To see such a magnificent creature as just a child.

"My followers are people who have revered Reshiram for as long as we have remembered. Most of my followers have yet to finish crossing the sea to this new land. We believe we are to be here to bring purity and truth to these lands," she replied pridefully. Which frankly probably should have been a red flag to any sane person. "I thought it would do myelf and my followers good to see one of the great Poekmon's offspring."
Very slowly, Tanis was coming to distrust this woman. She was unsure of the Lady's intentions, and her fixation on Reshiram worried her.... As no doubt annoyed the legend. There was reason he followed the clans for so long before selecting one on which to bestow his blessing. The queen was not one for a big head- but there was something to be said for being chosen as Reshiram's "pet" human. Perhaps it was a bit prideful, but the queen couldn't help but feel a twinge of annoyance- after all, who wouldn't? She had come from common means, often having not enough to eat, to being the hand chosen ruler by a god. To be outshone by her child, barely with any experience of the world... Well, even a mother could get jealous sometimes.

At the sight and smell of the flames- or perhaps the canines from the jaws releasing them- Aodhfin let out a startled squeak, squirming around and trying to hide in his queen's hair- before finding her neck bare, hair tied up out of the way for training. Dismayed, the youngling settled for hiding his face in the fur ruff of Tanis's cloak, wrapped around her shoulders and peeking out shyly. That at least brought Tanis joy- loyalty was born from love, and he knew the lady would protect him.

Reaching up to stroak the young Aodhfin's head, Tanis chose her next words carefully, a tight smile still kept carefully on her face, "One would think that it is Reshiram's duty to do that. Unless of course he has seen you fit enough to reveal himself to you, and give you this duty?" Tanis did not trust her. It may have been habit, but it was wise. "Regardless of the case, I hope the child he entrusted to me has... Inspired you and your Pokemon. What is it you plan to do now, with your pilgrimage complete?"
The Lady had known nothing else. In all honesty, traveling over to this region was as far as she'd ever traveled, and her concept of other ideas and culture was rather off. She had been given a set of ideas and instructions, and knowing nothing else and having no other idea, set out to complete it to the best of her ability. After all, that was her purpose, right...? It would no doubt come as a harsh reality to know that it was not, nor was she a particular favorite of Reshiram.

The Eternal's ears perked up as Aodhfin tried to hide away in his trainer's hair, which earned a sort of chuckle from the lion. He hadn't intended to scare the poor little kid, but perhaps it'd do the little one some good. He was lucky his trainer had stopped him and that the Eternal had absolutely no intention to harm him, because charging headfirst into a Pyroar could have ended much worse. He moved his paws to allow the Celestial and the Prophet to move under him to where it was safe and warm, still weary about their surroundings.

The Lady's eye twitched a bit, and her lips pulled back tightly. She swallowed hard, the words clearly striking a bit of a nerve in the young woman. She took a sharp breath, pondering over her reply for a moment. "P-perhaps.." she started slowly, clearly struggling with a reply. Her eyes darted to the side quickly, before focusing on Tanis again. "I suppose we shall all see how things go, hm?" Was how she decided to finish. She was at loss for words over the statement. Trying to keep her cool, she reached over to run a hand through the Pyroar's mane. "Indeed, he has... I thank you for allowing us to approach him. We will continue northward until we find a place to call our own. Rest assure I will not cause any problems in your lands. I simply need to pass through."
"Perhaps one day you may see him in full glory. On the right side, of course," Tanis replied, feeling bold. She had high hopes for her ward, and no doubts in her mind that he would grow into a great and powerful creature, an icon for the whole region of Adbertos- no matter how he chirped and chewed on the bun of her hair now, scrabbling atop her head now that he felt reassured once more.

"Where do you plan on settling?" Tanis asked cautiously- she hoped nearby. The queen had a feeling she would want the lady nearby, where she could have an eye on her. Or pull her into control, if needed.

"Where you to travel too far north, out of my region, neither I nor Reshiram would be able to protect you. Or care to, depending. I may grant you permission to settle within my lands, if you want for my protection. Adbertos, and the wilds beyond our borders, are not like the Thorund Wilds or Aderyn. The land it not tame, and neither is the Pokemon. It could be dangerous for...," Tanis looked over the Lady's Pokemon, cowering in fear under her one capable-looking Pokemon. And he was still young, likely unused to battle. "The inexperienced."

Behind her, Cathal shifted once more, rising up with a proud air and huffing, shaking his head in agreement to this. After all, he had assisted Tanis in clearing the region of the truly dangerous ones, and they were war veterans. What hope would this little milk-nose have in defending his friends and trainer? Though perhaps the thought could have done without the pointed look of distain down at the Pyroar. Ugh, over confident younglings!
The commet made the Lady purse her lips even more. She gritted her teeth, tangling her fingers further into the cat's mane. She wasn't sure if she was more nervous, offended, or flat out fearful. She tried to keep her chin up pridefully, but it was evident that Tanis's words were most certainly getting to her. The Eternal glanced to his trainer, noting her unease.

"No doubt north of you, how far though I do not know. I have yet to travel the lands, so I don't know what they are like," she replied. Which was true. She had no desire to go directly east from the current kingdoms, and north seemed like the correct direction to go. Though she was half tempted to stick near Tanis's land, if only because she had one of Reshiram's offspring.

The Lady seemed to contimplate Tanis's words for a moment. "Settling in your lands, I feel, would be a bother to both of us. You have a point though, so I may not settle far from your nothern border. That way we all have our own space, hm?" She said, giving a slight nod. That way she was her own kingdom, but had what she hopes would be the back up of another nearby kingdom.. and one less side to worry about being flanked on. The idea took some of the edge off of her worry. She would ust need to win and keep the trust of Tanis. The Lady pursed her lips again, before giving a slight nod. "I have hopes that my Pokemon will be well trained before we set out. One of my followers should be here soon to work on that. Rest assured, they will be fine going into the wild," She replied.

The Eternal pulled a lip back at Cathal, flashing his teeth before tilting his head up pridefully. He knew he wasn't a experienced fighter, but like hell was he going to pretend he was weak! Especially not to that dragon. He would try his best at fighting and protecting his group, even if he was new at it.
Tanis looked down at the increasingly unsettled lady, her own disappointment growing. How was the first seeking to settle her lands one... Such as this? She had not even familiarized herself with the history or workings of the empire, and have presented herself to the queen, if only one of the three, spouting ignorance. That was a dangerous thing to do, especially with this particular queen- She was not as diplomatic as Lucretia, and did not hide it near as well as Syl. A dangerous queen to earn the disapproval of. "I am afraid your ignorance, my Lady, betrays your inexperience. Perhaps it would be better for you to turn back to the summer lands. No one passes Clas Myrrdin, and returns to speak of it. Such lands are outside the defense of the empire, of any three of the legends, including Reshiram. It took not only Cathal and myself to clear the lands here, at my southern border, but all of my Pokemon, from the guards to the young. I am willing to say the whole of Lia Fail numbers more than your band of five," Tanis, spurred by her anger, stepped forward boldly, sure of herself- she planned no harm, but was confident in both her swordplay and Cathal to not worry for an attack at her approach. Besides that, such an act would be treason against the empire... A poor move.

"If you were to travel north, you would be trapped between Larkin's Tail and the Guthrie plain. There will be little water source, harsh weather and less food. Despite this, there will be Pokemon. Pokemon that I have dedicated nearly a year to driving away from the southern border. Dragons and monoliths of rock, all dangerous and all willing to attack a human and her band of five. I doubt you would reach Clas Myrrdin," Tanis's sapphire eyes stated down at the Lady, judging. Challenging.

"Say instead you go east. You must take a fortnight to cross, even with good time made. Perhaps longer. Then you must pass the marshes and swamp. There is good reason my people do not speak its name. Should you avoid the poison and ghosts, the quicksand and mirages of this place, and miraculously ford The Muireadhach, you shall come to Giolla Deacair. The forest will eat you alive. The ghosts of the past will take you away. Perhaps you would reach Glennville, but after... I doubt we would hear from you again."

"Your ignorance stuns me. Every ruler must settle within the empire, unless they branch out into uncharted lands. Despite whatever broken belief you follow, Reshiram will not intervene to save you. Even I had to prove myself to him before he chose me as his champion, and gave me his child in trust. In blessing. Beyond the northern borders of the region of Adbertos, you will have no protection. I am only one of the queens of the empire, however I am as fair and follow by the laws of justice as well as the others. Settle in my lands, I will protect you with as much force and fervor as any of my other subjects. Leave the empire, I will not. And I promise you, if you're not eaten first, you'll be running back to the empire with your tail between your legs, and your Pyroar as well."
Everything seemed much easier in theory and written on paper then it really was, and sadly the Lady had not really understood that yet. Tanis's sudden outburst and step forward made the Lady shrink back, clearly frightful and weary of the queen. The Fanatic wrapped himself around the Lady's free arm, ready to attemp to parry any sword or attack that came towards his master. The Eternal got up, growling as his hackles raised. The Celestial and the Prophet even waddled in front of the Lady, though there was frankly not much either of the poor birds could do unless weak pecks counted as dangerous. The Lady's face flushed red in embarassment and frustration, followed by tight knit eyebrows and a cold, unhappy glare. She swallowed hard again. "So you may think. I have not brought all of my Pokemon and followers with me. That would be a foolish thing for me to do. N-no matter, I will make my way out of these lands one way or another. I do not fear the mountains," she stammered.

The Lost would be there any day now, or he could be there already! If he could train up the Pokemon, why, she'd be just fine wouldn't she? The Lost was a great trainer and a tough man himself. She felt confident in his ability to get the party ready to move out through hostile lands to a place to claim as their own. The thought brought a slight spark of hope back to her. She would be fine. They would all be fine. Besides, that was her purpose right?

"I'm not afraid of any of these things. I have a quest and it is my purpose to finish it. My Pokemon will be ready to take on whatever horrors and impurities wish to try to stop us along our way," she said pridefully, tilting her chin up more. "Besides, I guess if I'm never heard from again that's none of your worry then, hm?" She continud, trying to sound confident in that. She felt... fairly.. sure... Tarnis would hear from her again- and part of her wanted to make sure she didn't forget it!

The Lady continued to try to keep her calm, trying to keep a straight face and leargely failing. "We will see about that then. He may have given you over his child, but at the end of this we'll see who comes out on top," she spat, clearly pissed off at this. The Lady turned sharply around, her skirt flairing out and almost knocking the Prophet off the bridge. "You will see. I am in no need of your protection. We will do just fine, better then fine. I promise you that," she hissed, starting to stomp down the bridge. The Eternal glanced at her, flicking his ears back before glancing at Tanis, Cathal and Aodhfin. He seemed to give them a almost apologetic look, before he got up to follow his trainer. The Prophet quickly flew after the Lady after she caught her balance.

The Celestial did not leave immediately. She stood there, watching with her neck craned to watch the Lady and her crew walk down the bridge. She shook her tailfeathers, before looking over at Tanis and her Pokemon. The Celestial let out a sad quack, before waddling after her owner.
A RP done with AuntieEpipen! The Lady has not made great first impressions on Tanis- and that might come back to bite her in the ass later. Got permission to upload this early as this is part of one of my quests wheeze.

Pokemon Featured: 
NebulaFrog: The Celestial, the Eternal, the Prophet, the Fanatic
AuntieEpipen: Cathal, Aodhfin

NebulaFrog Word Count: 4,202
AuntiEpipen Word Count: 3,260
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Word Count: 4202

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